Shooting at Batman Premier Blamed on Tea Party

Insanity runs in families. The media family is filled with insane people. The shooting at the The Dark Knight Rises premier has started a liberal media feeding frenzy. Piers Morgan is calling for gun control. Some are calling on Obama and Romney to pull back on campaigning. Fat Czar Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to know what Obama and Romney are going to do about the violence. Bloomberg and other liberals haven't said much about the number of murders in Chicago — 260.

You might remember that after the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the Left went into full blame mode by claiming that it was Tea Party rhetoric that led to a lone gunman to shoot Giffords and others.

One liberal group said, “It is fair to say — in today’s political climate, and given today’s political rhetoric — that many have contributed to the building levels of vitriol in our political discourse that have surely contributed to the atmosphere in which this event transpired.”

Giffords’s father was more direct. When he was asked if she had any enemies, he said: “Yeah, the whole Tea Party.”

Once again the insane media have tried to make a Tea Party connection. This time it was Good Morning America’s Brian Ross and George Stephanolpoulos:

Stephanolpoulos: I’m going to go to Brian Ross. You've been investigating the background of Jim Holmes here. You found something that might be significant.

Ross: There’s a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea Party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year. Now, we don't know if this is the same Jim Holmes. But it’s Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado.

Stephanolpoulos: Okay, we'll keep looking at that. Brian Ross, thanks very much.

This passes as journalism at ABC. Even if this particular “Jim Holmes” is a member of the Tea Party, it does not mean that the Tea Party itself has anything to do with violence. In fact, the history of the Tea Party is a history of respectful and peaceful political action.

It’s been said numerous times that bright lights attract big bugs. It wouldn’t surprise me at all that some nut job joined an organization to give him the cover of respectability. All one has to look at is the pedophilia epidemic in the Catholic Church and Jerry Sandusky at Penn State.

Maybe Hollywood is responsible for the violence. Hollywood is a big supporter of President Obama. Two can play this game. Check out the 1986 Frank Miller graphic novel Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Beltway Confidential reports that "In the comic, a crazed, gun-toting loner walks into a movie theater and begins shooting it up, killing three in the process." So maybe it's time to ban comic books.

Of course, just maybe the people responsible for the acts of violence are the ones who commit the crimes. Now that's a novel idea.



768 thoughts on “Shooting at Batman Premier Blamed on Tea Party

  1. Stephanolpoulos should be fired. If a conservative insinuated such an accusation against a liberal on Fox News, do you think they'd still be employed? No chance. Of course, we all know that rarely do any liberal MSM "reporters" get fired for such offenses, as evidenced by their attack on Sarah Palin as responsible for the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords because of a bulls-eye target she used to illustrate the Congressional candidates Republicans should "target" for challenge in the 2010 election. Of course, the accusation was totally false, but you certainly didn't see Obama or the MSM backing off the lie.
    These liberals who are so anti-2nd amendment really should take a look at themselves and their buddies. If Hollywood liberals are so against guns, then why are they used in approximately 75% of movies produced (my guestimate?) You'd think they'd want to ban them from all productions; however, they've so pushed violence and guns over the past 25-30 years that they hardly have a leg to stand on. The hypocrisy is so thick it's choking me.

  2. Richard the Lion Heart says:

    Shame on the Obama mass media complex again!

  3. Jesus Saves says:

    The one responsible is the shooter. We are all accountable to God. Someday we will stand alone before him and answer the question, "Why should I let you into my heaven?" The 10 commandments clearly show us what God demands. WE are all guilty! Only Jesus can save us and only if we ask Him. But we each have to admit we are a sinner. Church won't save, money won't save, doing good works will not save...we're helpless...we need JESUS! This guy started brewing this up in his head. He made plans. He booby trapped his home, for crying out loud!

  4. Guns ain't the problem that creep had police issue bulletproof body armor from head to foot, he also had tear gas... and BOMBS! Holly wood does alot to glorify villains too...
    But seriously i think that some crooked cops were more to blame for this than anyone, especially since the police of Aurora had ALWAYS posted a police guard at the theater, but on opening night for a popular movie was the night they suddenly chose to not even bother with a police guard! Police labor union, anyone? Or maybe even the department for Justice itself! Now the Left wing show just how disgusting they are opposing your right to bare arms because of some nutcase so they can pass a U.N. gun ban!! SENATE WILL VOTE ON U.N. SMALL ARMS TREATY TO INFORCE A U.N.GUN BAN JULY 27th... Fast and furious flopped big time, so here is a nut case at a movie theater...
    All an effort to get manipulate people to support gun control...

  5. sovereintyofone says:

    Living in " reality "... as a young boy I would watch: Zoro, The Lone Ranger, Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, Sky King.. and one thing I knew was. After the movie or series was over, that all the bag guys, cowboys and indians that were shot in the movie all got up and went home to their families. I knew it wasn't real, it was " make believe ". As kids we'd play cowboys and indians, I didn't grow up believing Indians were evil people or the enemy, it was just a kids game we played. Now days we have this California whack jobs killing people at a Batman movie in Colorado,then tells the police " I'm the joker ". There is a new breed of man out there now that seems to have lost touch with reality. But then again when I was a kid we didn't have drug dealers and gang bangers in our neighborhoods either.

  6. says:

    anyone remember Kill Bill with moronic Woody Haroldson and Uma Thurman casually killing anyone along their joy ride thru out some state ? making killiing look sexy ?
    Well , the kid who committed those killings at Colombine was asked what made him do it ? He answered ,, watching that very same movie motivated him to go to school and kill his own class mates .
    So i also believe that what is portrayed on the big and little screen, becomes the instrument that invites itself into the minds of the very young with the deception of fame which i belive is what they are looking for because of lack of parent supervision especially in our glorified one single parent society today .
    the bob ster

  7. The democrats are desperate to save their beloved Prez. ABC, CBS CNN and NBC, have proven they have no credible news caster. And they wonder why their rating are so low. It doesn't matter if you like Foxnews or not. It's the only news station, you can go to and hear the News reports accurately. Not just the liberal side. Tea Party being blamed for the shooting! How really stupid is that? Sounds like something the insane Pelosi and Wasserman-Shultz would come up with. And to use a tragedy like this to gain voters, is immoral and desperate.

  8. United we stand - Divided we fall...
    I didn't know that Batman was a Democrat!

  9. Here are a few pertinent questions for people with a brain and who are able to actually think:
    (Apparently unlike Piers Anthony, Fat (head (in my opinion)) Czar Mayor Michael Bloomberg, obama, Hillary Clinton, and Good Morning America’s Brian Ross and George Stephanolpoulos)

    * For those so intent upon laying blame at the feet of the Tea Party, can you name even one single Tea Party event where the "actual" Tea Party members engaged in physical assault and criminal acts against others?
    * If the Tea Party is a grass roots politicals organization, which it is, then why would a supposed Tea Party motivated criminal go after innocent men, women and children anyplace, especially at a movie theater? Would it not be far more likely that such a person might turn their attention to the actual criminals working to undermine, subvert and destroy our nation from within? Some target like say, a place where a whole group of such criminals might regularly congregate? I know I'm not the brightest person, but this would only seem far more probable to me. But then, maybe I'm wrong. After all, I'm not a licensed psychologist, criminal sociologist or behavioral scientist. Just my guess after all.
    * Doesn't it seem far more likely that the very supposed members of the news media, assorted Washington talking heads and anti-gun lunatic lobby backed politicians are merely pushing their wishful thinking on the rest of us, afraid that the calm thoughtful consideration and non-violent actions of the Tea Party might be infectous, depriving them of the rabid, violent mob these scum so desperately need to push their agendas and anti-America schemes? People who want and thrive on hate, vitriol and violence, people say like the 99%ers, the violent union bosses, the rabid hate groups such as the black panthers and leaders like Farrakahn, the supposed reverend Wright, Jessie Jackson and even obama himself who is known well for his racially biased law enforcement and Justice Department. Think about this before falling into the trap of lies, political bias and hate spewed by the current regim's (aka obama's) distractors, hate baters and cronies.

  10. I may have posted this twice, but that just makes it twice as good.
    There was a mention of Chicago and 260 murders there, millions of tax dollars have been spent there on crime and now they find out all they have to do is pass a law where the honest people cannot own guns. I bet they feel silly now. Oh by the way isn't that where obama is from? Wasn't he the Senator from Illinois??
    I want to say what a bunch of dumb -sses these people are but we are the dmb ones because they have people believing this slop. Check out the statistics on washington DC they had gun laws and then they didn't , what happened?

  11. My question is where did he come up with the money to purchase what is supposed to have been in his apartment? He was apparently on unemployment. That doesn't provide enough funds to do all that.
    Take for example:
    If he had:
    1) and AR-15 even those in used good condition will cost around $1,000.00.
    2) a hand gun (assuming it is a revolver), minimum $500.00.
    3) a hand gun (assuming it is an automatic), used $600.00 plus.
    4) ammo: assume 500 rounds per gun; total 1,500 altogether. $300.00 to $500.00.
    5) camouflage clothing; $150.00 appx.
    6) combat gear; add another $500.00 to perhaps around $1,000.00
    7) explosive devices (assuming he could even get them, unless he had help, or stole them, which is most likely not possibe). $2,500.00 estimated
    8) various miscellaneous items not mentioned: $500.00 estimated.
    Right now the total comes to: $6,750.00.
    This is well beyond what unemployment would provide. I am just estimating. I'm probably a little high on some, and low on others.
    But he did have a good deal of time to plan this all out. It almost looks like this was a set-up and made to look like only an immature "nut-case" could have come up with.
    Something doesn't look right, nor does the action make sense.
    Who could possibly gain from an event of this kind? Hummm? Brain-storm, and see what, and who you come up with.
    Just remember if looks like a skunk; smells like a skunk; you don't dare call it a duck.
    I don't like the possibles I've seen on the internet, nor what I'm coming up with.
    I'm really interested in what others of you out there think.
    I'll keep watching.

  12. Concerned one 60 says:

    It is very distrurbing to me to think that our future... our kids on up to age 25 are losing touch with reality like this young man did in Colorado... I am sooooo happy to see so many Christian views here on this because.... Without GOD we are nothing and have nothing...If we understand why we are here on this earth, it is NOT to kill, mame, or harm inocent people and many of the comments here are RIGHT ON track!!! Hollywood is a horrible example of not only what our kids see...but what are kids see grown adults do with one another...DIVORCE with a prenup agreement???? What are we thinking people when we show our younger generation that its ok to get married, then get tired of it and divorce with a prenup.... HOW our savior must feel about that!!! Guns dont kill people alone....People with guns kill and mame others!!!

  13. The Tea Party is NOT a political Party, when are the idiots going to understand? The Tea Party is people that do not want our country ruined by liberals, socialists, communists, facists, marxists, we enjoy our freedoms and do not want power over anyone.....

  14. markusdecarcus says:

    Ray is always on track, By now his head is probably inflating...LOL Well deserved. The lack of trolls make this a very pleasant post to read, Thumbs up to all who support our Lord and our country....:)

  15. Once again the media wants us to forget there is an underlying problem in this country that really downt have much to do with guns. I mean if folks werent trying to "protect themselves" from some invisible threat they wouldnt need to fuss about the ones around them. Guns are not the true problem the idea folks have to watch out for spies and criminals that lived everywhere ALL THE TIME is the problem. This idea didnt come out until certain groups got pissy when they heard no....just sayin'

  16. First it is the guns. Then, it is Hollywood for making movies most people want to see. Then, it is the Tea Party. BUT...I DO NOT SEE ANYONE TALKING ABOUT HOLMES "MENTAL ILLNESS." Obviously the guy is off the deep end. WHY WEREN'T THERE ANY FLAGS?
    "While in school, Holmes supported himself thru Federal student Grants." WHY WASN'T HE MONITORED?
    "Holmes took the money from the Federal Student Grants and he purchased the guns, ammo and items for the explosives. Where is the government accountability for the funds. Why did the government not do anything when he stopped the classes or made the weapons and large ammo purchases?
    So...The Federal Government is just as much guilty, if not more so to blame than any of the other entities in this article and others. The FEDERAL GRANTS GAVE HOLMES THE MONEY TO MAKE THE PURCHASES.

  17. Conservadiva says:

    Hollywood has modeled mass murder and mayhem for years. Shooting and violence go hand in hand with action films with dark plots. Video games allow children to practice shooting at nameless, faceless targets. I doubt there is anyone named Jim Holmes in Aurora, CO who joined the Tea Party. That sounds like a fabrication used as an excuse to bring it up on national TV. We should certainly complain to the network. And let's remember the facts again about the AZ shooter. He attended a liberal progressive school called the "Small Schools Workshop" that taught a curriculum written by Bill Ayers the homegrown terrorist and personal friend of Obama. Just Google that. Obama had made contributions of $ to this school network before he became a Senator in IL. So who is to blame for the AZ shooting? No wonder they tried to blame the TP, as "the best defense is a desperate offense." This is a typical tactic of liberals that has repeated itself again and again.

  18. Heck, even Colorado's liberal Democrat governor, John Hickenlooper, said strict gun control wouldn't have prevented the violence. He believes Mr. Holmes would have carried out his destruction regardless of WHAT he used as a weapon.

  19. how many people would have been shot in that theater if there had been 2 or 3 or even one concealed carry guy? The best thing that commercial public assembly places could do would be to put up signs proclaiming that concealed carry patrons ARE on the premises at all times and are welcome to be there. Would you think twice about misbehaving there?