U.S. Citizens Detained for Smuggling...Chocolate Eggs

Justice prevails: two Seattle men were detained for a few hours by U.S. Customs when they tried to smuggle …chocolate… into the United States. That’s right. These menaces to society were trying to bring [gasp] Kinder Eggs into our fair country. Everyone knows those particular treats have little choking hazards inside them: choking hazards disguised as toys! How diabolical. And the worst part is, these confectionary terrorists were going to give these chocolates to… their… kids.

It’s a good thing  Nanny Guvment is there to save us from ourselves. Otherwise, who knows what terrible things we would do. We might smoke something other than weed in the San Francisco great outdoors. (It’s okay. It’s for my chronic hiccups.) Or try to purchase more than sixteen ounces of soda in New York.

It’s amazing the extremes the civil government goes to protect us. I feel like I’m reading The Onion anytime I see an article on the TSA (TSA agents make fun of deaf man, eat his bag of candy in front of him while he cries… yes, befuddled brain, you did just read that). I wonder how far it will go. I just got another speeding ticket recently. I was driving the speed of traffic safely, of course. I am without a doubt positive that the most dangerous things  about the whole scenario were the cop speeding recklessly to catch up with me, my rapid deceleration onto the shoulder, and my white-knuckle re-entrance into speeding traffic. The rather polite officer told me he was just doing his job… that there had been a lot of wrecks on that stretch. I wonder why.

But the real story here is not that government officials are too involved in our personal lives and choices (which they are), that their remedies are usually worse than the disease (which they are), or that we don’t seem to know what’s good for us (which we never have). The real story is the fact that we as Americans just don’t want to take responsibility for our actions, so the entity that has taken over in that capacity, the civil government, feels it has the right to take away our right to choose. You know: “Fun, fun, fun ’til her daddy takes the T-bird away” kind of stuff. They gave us the car, now they want to tell us how to drive it. (Well they didn’t give you the car… but they did take yours and give it to an Obama supporter in Roanoke.) We’re being treated more and more like nursery babies because we have allowed, and even asked, the civil government to take the responsibility for the bad things that happen to us (or that we bring on ourselves).

It’s difficult to live free. It’s not secure. In a free society, if you screw up, you have to pay for it. If you do stupid things and hurt yourself and others, you have to bear the brunt of your folly. Most people in our country say they want to be free. But they really don’t. They might shed a few tears when they have to get their diaper changed and the cold air hits their little bum-bums, but they like their security blanket. Our country is no longer well-peopled with the kind of noble souls who agree mutually to pledge life, property, and sacred honor to the cause of liberty. And until we have those kind of citizens in large supply again, Big Mother’s gonna make sure to put rubber bumpers on the sharp corners of our ornamental rights.



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  1. New bumper Sticker! Politicians will not kill Social Security,
    Growing unemployment and welfare will
    Obummer for 4 more years, NO THANK YOU, I want to keep my S.S.!

  2. The United States was formed "One Nation Under GOD"! The true "WORD OF GOD" reads, if you rebuke me, then I will rebuke you, and your prayers will fall on deaf ears! You DO NOT elect somebody to the position of president, who don't forget who took his Oath of president, on a HOLY BIBLE, that lied about his faith and has "MOCKED GOD" and "BLASPHEMED" the WORD OF GOD! More people are being baptized today in the name of Jesus Christ in Christian churches, because people are realizing that natural disasters and drought (26 states in severe drought) are punishments from GOD! If the scientists are correct about the 2012 alignment, there is going to planetary disasters, that humans have not experienced, since the destruction of the dinosaurs!

    • GOD will destroy man, before he lets man destroy his creation - our planet, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the land we live on! Vengeance is mine thus saith the LORD Thy GOD! The wages of sin is death! Not an earthly death, but a death in eternal Damnation! Obummer has brought a curse to our Great Nation, and GOD is slowly dealing with us! First casualty of the drought is the dwindling water supplies; Second casualty the corn crop! Corn is used in almost everything including feed corn for livestock! Third Casualty, Livestock - no water no feed eventually no calves, piglets, lambs, no chicks, no baby turkeys - result no meat! As food supplies dwindle and mass destruction of a GODLY kind, we will die either of starvation, or by numerous global disasters, and Christians will be prepared to go, because only good things happen to those that stand on the promises of GOD, and believe in his son
      Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I am a sinner, but asking GOD to forgive me is a lot better than not knowing GOD or having faith in his son, Jesus!

  3. remove these people bring personal lawsuits againsr thm and fina=ncially destroy them the more suits started the more attorney fees they will have to pay thousands and thousands

  4. We need to fire and exile the nannies of government... Stay in touch with your governors, representatives and senators.. Keep the political pressure on them and make sure they stay on the Right side of the isle, and make damn sure they don't buckle under media pressure... I WANT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. PSST, The Onion is satire

  6. Fudge and Furious?

  7. Don't expect a goddamned liberal to learn from experience.Their only consideration is "THE NOW!" I fear for the future of our nation in any recognizable form.If we continue to tolerate this treason,there's no hope.One Positve thing: is that when permanent martial and/or Sharia law takes over,the first thing they'll do is KILL ALL THE LIBERALS!

  8. I also got a ticket for exceeding the speed limit. This was in California and i was driving at the speed of the traffic. Only thing was that I had Texas license plates. Therefore I was targeted. BTW, I was raised in CA, close to the area where I received the ticket, so I am very familiar with the speed of traffic. The officer was "just doing his job".

  9. time2abolish says:

    Folks, the key in all this is "U.S. citizen" what the government recognizes as a U.S. citizen and what you and I recognize as a U.S. citizen are two completely different entities. In the eyes of the government a U.S. citizen is a corporation and a creation of the government itself. via the fourteenth amendment. In the eyes of the American people a U.S. Citizen is a living breathing creation of nature and nature's God who has been endued by his creator with certain unalienable rights, and who has by the grace of God been born within the geographical boundaries of one of the 50 United States of America. What this actually makes you is a state Citizen of one of the 50 Sovereign Republics bound together under one Constitution for the United States of America.The government sees the former "corporate US citizen" as it's creation, and therefore has no God given Constitutionally protected Rights. This is how they make literally hundreds of thousands of statutes for you to obey without regard to the constitution. As far as they are concerned the constitution only applies to living breathing creations of God, and they do not recognize you as such. This is why anytime a lawsuit is filed against the government, or some government agency or officer for said agency or officer having violated the constitution, 9 times out of 10 the court will rule the plaintiff in the case had "no standing" to file the suit. The way they do this, is you have unknowingly declared yourself to be one of these corporate citizens and you did it under penalty of perjury. Have you ever filled out an application for a passport, or a bank account, or registered to vote? if you did, you were asked the question, Are you a U.S. citizen, or a U.S. person? If you are like most people you, with a grateful heart, answer yes. Never knowing that you have declared yourself, under penalty of perjury, to be the statutory or corporate citizen they are inquiring about, and not the natural person you are thinking of. Now if you think this is all a bunch of bull, then get yourself a third edition of blacks law dictionary and look up fourteenth amendment, distinct, person, and corporation and see what you find. You can also go to the We the People Foundation's web site and see how the courts ruled in their suit. The truth is, until you break the presumption that you are a corporate entity the courts and the government are going to recognize you as such,and since corporations do not have God given Rights, they do not see that they have a duty to protect that which you do not have.

  10. The Lone Gunman says:

    Minkoff has a great point! People get the government they deserve, and right now we have a population that (judged by what it allows politicians at all levels to get away with) is lazy, weak, and childish. No wonder Washington is more socialist today than at any other time, no wonder people like Pelosi and Obambi get elected. It is sick and wrong, and I wish all the people who are too lazy and childish to appreciate the freedoms they have and take care of themselves would confine themselves to the New England cities, where they can be dependent in urban hells of their own creation, and leave the rest of the country to people who actually appreciate what our founders did for us, and the legacy they left us in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

  11. Our government needs to police the borders, they are more dangerous than the airplanes. We sure could use some help in CA o fraud in Welfare, S.S, illegals and Refugees. Probably balance the budget in CA if the government cut out all the fraud. Billions of money down the drain with illegals not paying taxes and sending their money back to home country.

  12. The rapture is on it's way...setting up for one world order currently underway!

  13. servant1jkb says:

    The more news the Lib generate, the more I come to believe that to correctly spell the word Liberal is this way. . . . . TRAITOR!

  14. "Kinder Eier", the chocolate eggs in question, are cool. They are from the same company that makes Nutella IIRC and have little toys inside. If the EU doesn't ban them, they must be OK as the EU bans every little thing. Stupid government. Kinder Eier should not be banned in the US.

  15. Government will remain "OUT of CONTROL" , While good men say "NOTHING" and do "NOTHING" to stop it. That is just "EVIL".

  16. Joe Bullock says:

    Well written Mr. Minkoff, very well written. I wish it were a story and no more.

  17. Washington76 says:

    FAA Has Authorized 106 Government ‘Entities’ to Fly Domestic DronesBy Terence P. JeffreyJuly 20, 2012


  18. A word for the government: He (government) that speaks out of both sides of its mouth will find that what they say will collide at the most inopportune time. For this administration, let us hope that this collision comes ons November 9, 2012 so that on November 13, the world will know, without a doubt that many of us have been right about what we have said ab out this administration. and this administration will have come to an END before it can do any more harm to this nation.

  19. I guess those 12 illigals taking flying lessons didn't have any chocolate!

  20. How dare they arrest a law abiding citizen just for speeding?