Watch the Skies Because Drones are Watching You

In the classic science fiction film The Thing from Another World (1951), there is a closing warning given to the audience by a reporter: “Tell the world. Tell this to everyone, wherever they are. Watch the skies everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies.” While he was warning about an alien invasion from space, it’s now a metaphor for what’s happening to us by our own government.

If you thought your privacy was being invaded by Homeland Security under the Bush administration when they started monitoring our phone conversations and e-mails, just look at what the current administration is doing under President Barack “Civil Liberties” Obama.

Since January, the Federal Aviation Administration has been authorizing local, state, and federal government entities to fly surveillance drones inside the U.S., and as of July, over a hundred have been authorized to do so already. Drone research, technology and production is a booming business right now in our sluggish economy. Government agencies like DARPA, university labs like the aptly named “SWARMS” (Scalable sWarms of Autonomous Robots and Mobile Sensors) and weapons manufacturers like Boeing and Lockheed Martin are developing so many types of drones, it seems they’ve got one for almost any occasion.

They’ve produced high-flying drones, low-flying drones, drones that will stay aloft at high altitude for days. They have a drone that flies as silently as an owl and one that is as small as a bird or even a bumblebee. They’ve even got one that’s designed after the maple seed, called the Samurai. They come equipped with a camera system for aerial and up-close footage, and some are weaponized for military use. The FAA estimates that in about 8 years, there will be around 30,000 surveillance drones flying above us. Yes, soon, Big Brother will always be watching us. Doesn’t that make you feel safe?

And that is the society in which our kids and grandkids will grow up. Our generation is for sure accustomed to seeing police cars everywhere “patrolling” the area or just lying in wait somewhere for some hapless creature to arrest or ticket. And we’ve all no doubt been through police “safety” checkpoints at one time or another which are becoming more and more common, where we have to give our ID, answer some random questions about where we’re going and why, be subjected to a breathalyzer test, have our cars and maybe our persons searched, etc. We’ve gotten used to seeing the “security” cameras at intersections and knowing that none of our e-mails and phone conversations are private anymore.

Perhaps we’ve also gotten used to being herded and probed like cattle at the airport. These measures are always about catching criminals or watching out for “suspicious behavior”. They’re just trying to protect us by preventing crimes from happening, and so the line of reasoning goes, “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to hide.” And if you don’t consent to a search at some random checkpoint, then you must be hiding something.

Surveillance drone technology will completely obviate the need for or even the discussion of consent. Drones are going to be flying above us, buzzing around us or perched somewhere watching us whether we want them to or not. The Obama administration’s justification for them (or any other administration for that matter) will likely be the same as the Bush administration’s regarding “warrantless wiretaps”, intercepted e-mails and other relatively benign intrusions into our privacy:  they’re just trying to keep the homeland safe through the prevention of terrorist attacks. And the way you prevent terrorist attacks apparently is to monitor everybody’s electronic and cellular communications and keep track of only the people that use terrorist-related buzzwords . . . you know, like “tornado,” “sick” or “facility,” words that only a very specific and narrowly defined group of people might use. And we already know that you might be a domestic terrorist if you’re pro-life, for low taxes or critical of the federal government. Suffice it to say, we will again be reassured by whatever administration is in power that “if you’re not a terrorist, then you have nothing to be afraid of.”

(Ter-ror-ist [ter-er-ist] n. one who opposes U.S. government policies)

They are finding out and cataloging everything about us. They want to know about our personal and private communications, what we read, what we buy, what we search for on the internet, what we believe. And now, to top it all off, surveillance drones are already here, and will be watching over and keeping track of us to an even greater extent. But it’s all about security and preventing terrorist attacks, right? Won’t you feel safe knowing that the President’s administration will be keeping tabs on us and carrying out drone attacks on those here on U.S. soil that he deems to be “terrorists”?

Big Brother is watching.



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    I’m looking forward to seeing these targets in the sky.

    • Linda Hopkins

      They can read a newspaper from 35-50,000 FT. . . . Whats gonna get to them, a rocket ?

  • Jimmie L. Stutzman

    Remember to LEAD your target… just like bird hunting. Just sayin’.


    I would imagine it would be easy to mistake these drones for geese. What do you think?
    Or enemy aircraft?

    • David Celaschi

      Common sence is another word that can be used in the same sentence along with the words” lack of” !

  • nottaobot

    Debt added by the Previous 43 U.S.Presidents from 1789 thur. 2008 219years Combined 6.3 Trillion Dollars,,,Debt added by President obama One Term 4years 6.5 Trillion Dollars!
    you think America can afford 4 more years of obama,I think NOT!

  • nancy

    It is beganing to remind me of the termanator movies. They also had drones flying around in the furture killing those who do not agree with them. If Obama stays in the office that is something I would not put past him to do.
    Keeping us safe is really up to us. Watch and learn your surroundings keep your children close trust no one use your God given instincts to protect your famliy. Trust in yourselves to know what is safe and should do or not do.In the end it will be up to us to watch and be prepared to take action for our own safety. We can’t think the goverment is on our side all the time. they are all to busy taken care of their own butts.
    Remember trust yourselfs more then others and you may have a better chance to protect your family. Be arware, learn and listen to your inter voice it may be all you have in the in.

  • Yahoo Bob

    Correction: The “illegal alien” terrorist, from Kenya and points east.

  • Frank Haertlein

    Do you know why Warner Bros cancelled prescreening premiers
    of the new batman movie Dark Knight after the movie theater massacre?

    You won’t see this in the media but it’s true (see

    Warner Bros canceled the film’s gala premieres, suspended the marketing
    campaign for it and decided to not report box office figures for the movie
    until Monday July 23, 2012.

    Warner Bros. instructed cinemas to stop showing a trailer before the Dark Knight Rises screenings because it contained a scene involving the
    mass shooting of a movie theater audience with automatic weapons.

    Americans are now so brainwashed and stupid we don’t deserve freedom anymore. We have to be watched and regulated until we are controlled to the point where you can’t do anything unless it’s approved by some government hack.

    • samtman

      I think that Warner Bros. did the right thing keeping the movie on a low tone, you can still see the movie in theaters now, but they did not want to make a big splash with it to keep copy cat machine gun owners. perhaps, people like you a chance to repeat this killing.

      • Linda Hopkins

        There you go again ! . . .Spoken like a true progressive communist ! . . . Do you have a pointy head like most other procoms ? . . . I can usually pick you guys out at the supermarket due to the sandals and the pointy head, mostly hanging out in the fruit section.

  • Allan Holtz

    Would it not be cheaper, less invasive of our personal privacy and more effective if instead of employing drones to watch our every move, the government instead encourage all of us to practice our 2nd Amendment rights? The Founding Fathers had the right approach!

  • Allan Holtz

    I believe one of our Founding Fathers also said something to the effect that “a people who are willing to give up a little liberty for more security will end up with less of both and deserve neither. Powerful true words.

    • samtman

      The people who said that were also the same people who owned slaves and intentured 7 year white christian slaves. Those words were only for the rich Landowners, who were also the only ones who could vote.

      • Linda Hopkins

        So because they had “indentured” servants, which was the code of the day, they had no other valued viewpoints ? . . . There’s always the “one fly in the oatmeal” that nulifys anything you disagree with, isn’t there. . . .They were very wise people, our forefathers, and by their insights we are protected from the progressive mindset even to this day ! . . . THAT is why the constitution needs to be trampled on to get your way !

      • fed up!

        was not a bad idea….those that profit from welfare shouldnt be able to vote….only free citizens!

  • Kukye

    The problem is easy to solve.

    Grow lots of trees around your property
    Learn to camouflauge everything.
    Cover your entire property with camo netting.
    Cover everything with roofs.
    Throw camo netting over things or events when they happen.
    Make high nets around your property.

    Lots of ideas. I”m sure you can come up with some more. Learn to NEUTRALIZE.

    • David Celaschi

      You need to talk with some one of highier concepts of ideas!

  • driller

    shooting these seem’s like our thing to do,but you can bet the government will make it a capital offense (shooting an officer and such) this need’s to be nipt-in the-bud on the ground and NOW, also support to deport illegal’s anchor’s and all save the UNITED STATE’S from these terrorist they are the reason all these law’s are coming into effect. thank you.

  • RonMar

    This is the most dangerous violation of human rights and freedom that Obama and his tyrannical, despotic, evil regime has put into effect, abrogating the U.S. Constitution. Drones can be taken over by hackers, as has been proven, and used by anyone with the minimal skills required to do so. People with guns and little compunction not to use them dangerously will be shooting at the drones in attempts to bring them down. Some are likely to succeed with a resulting crash God only knows where. This horrible practice of domestic terrorism must be stopped ASAP by legal means of course.

  • TPM4

    they will make great target practice shoot them down america let the comunist traitors know we will not tolerate this

  • sovereintyofone

    Welcome Comrades to 1984. With todays technology the government can watch and listen to everything you do, say and type in an email. They know everything about you right down to the brand of toilet paper you use (RFID chips in the packaging scanned when you buy it).
    Even the way we talk to each other, in the book 1984 they had ” New Speak and double talk” today we have ” Political Correctness “. You can’t say s…t even if you have a mouthfull.
    Our news and current events are censored to fit the governments propaganda machine (MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and yes now even Foxnews ). Our God given rights, The Constitution of the United States, and Civil Rights are under attack daily to be taken away from us. In a few days our 2nd Amendment will more than likely be handed over to the U.N. and slowly but surely be done away with. Once we lose that, then there is NOTHING left to protect the rest of the Amendments and any of our civil rights and freedoms. The government will control what ” rights ” you have. ” You have the right to remain silent ” while we the government do as we wish with you. Healtcare, your income, personal medical information, what you spend and where you spend it, what you say and do, yes Comrades Big Brother is watching you.

  • klem B.S.

    this a good read and we all know that all of these invasive actions are unconstitutional. another eclipsing note i have noticed is that most if not all of the terrorist and their attempted attacks are backed, trained and perpetrated by the same shadow gov that has placed us under their “protective” eyes. i think we would be better off by buying a gun and defending ourselves. what do they say about when someone wants to help you? hey spare me the trouble and anxiety.

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