Bad News from Evangelical Christianity

statism A recent poll conducted among 1500 adults confirms what we have long suspected: even Evangelical Christians support statism. The polling group—Public Religion Research Institute—determined that social issues, like abortion, are proving to be less important to Evangelical voters when compared with economic issues like unemployment. Apparently the economy trumps infanticide even among those who have […] Continue reading →

National Atheist Party Convention Canceled Due to Lack of Funding

Broke Atheists The National Atheist Party was poised for its big break into the public consciousness. The Primordial Punch was brewed. The Darwinian Pigs-in-a-Blanket were all cooked. The Religion-Free Party Favors were all snuggled into their agnostically-sealed swag bags. The party was about to become a political force through their secular summit. And then the whole thing […] Continue reading →

Obama Movie Killing it Despite Negative Press

2016a Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, 2016: Obama’s America, has far surpassed industry “insider” predictions (read: hopes) that the movie would tank at the box office. Aside from being the top grossing movie last weekend, D’Souza has announced that he is expanding the number of theaters showing it, from 1091 to 1600 screens. Apparently there is more […] Continue reading →

GOP Convention Goes to Bat for Akin

gop Yesterday, the GOP Convention voted in favor of a party platform that supported banning abortion. This came on the heels of a CNN poll released late last week that showed that the vast majority of Americans favored either very limited legality or complete illegality of abortion. For once, the GOP seems to be making a […] Continue reading →

Atheism the Most Annoying Religion of All

08292012Creation I'm getting a little tired of these Atheists who are trying to cram their religion down America's throat. Just in recent weeks, we've had the group American Atheists posting anti-Christian and anti-Mormon billboards, Richard Dawkins telling Playboy magazine that Jesus is "barking mad," and now Bill Nye the science guy telling parents that not believing […] Continue reading →