Environmentalist Hypocrisy and Excessive Carbon Footprints

Shortly after Al Gore’s blockbuster hit An Inconvenient Truth, a mass-forwarded e-mail went viral (which Snopes confirmed to be true). The e-mail described in detail two different houses and asked the reader to guess which one belonged to an environmentalist. The first house that was described was a 10,000 square-foot, 20-room mansion heated by natural gas.

Besides the 20 bedrooms, it had 8 bathrooms. It also had a pool and a pool house.According to the e-mail, the average electricity and gas bill ran $2,400 a month, and the amount of natural gas consumed by the mansion was over 20 times the average American home.

The second house that was described was a 4,000 square-foot, 4 bedroom house that incorporated every “eco-friendly” feature that current home construction offers. The house used geothermal heat pumps that drew ground water from 300-foot deep pipes, and this water was used to cool the house in the summer and heat it in the winter. This system used no natural gas and used only 25% of the electricity used to power a conventional heating and cooling system.

Rainwater was collected from the roof and funneled into an underground 25,000-gallon cistern. Wastewater from the showers, sinks, and toilets was sent through water purification tanks underground before being sent to the underground cistern. This cistern water was then used to irrigate the property around the house.

The e-mail’s surprise ending revealed that the first house, the gas-guzzling mansion, belonged to none other than Nobel Peace Prize-winning documentarian, Al Gore himself. The second house, a paragon of “green” efficiency, belonged to George W. Bush. Obviously, the point of the e-mail was to point out “an inconvenient hypocrisy” of the left.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service is an agency of the USDA which works among other things to solve the problem of “anthropogenic global warming.” On their website, they say that even though agricultural sources account for only 6% of all greenhouse gas emissions, farmers can and should still do things to curb their emissions and help to “solve” global warming. You’d think that the NRCS and our government would want to set a good example. (Or not.)

The Government Accountability Office reports that the NRCS operates over 9,500 vehicles for its 11,600 employees. And even though the NRCS has reduced its fleet in recent years due to budget cuts, the USDA, its mother agency, has actually increased its fleet by a couple thousand vehicles in the past few years. Including the Postal Service, the U.S. Government owns and operates over 650,000 vehicles.

When you include government buildings, our government has a “carbon footprint” of 123 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. About half of those tons are apparently not subject to reduction targets because they’re generated by our own Department of Defense. Our government doesn’t have to try to reduce those emissions because President Obama, another Nobel Peace Prize winner, has to continue fighting his wars overseas.

The government wants us to reduce carbon emissions by using public transit, buying the right cars and using “alternative” fuels. Some states have even introduced “carbon taxes.” Maybe a good way for them to set a good example is not to continually add bureaucracies to themselves that end up wasting more money, resources and energy. It looks like the only man-made “greenhouse gas” that needs significant reduction is our own over-bloated federal government.



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    What most democratic party voters don’t get is even though they support the liberal agenda it is because of the ME generation…

    I don’t want anyone to have guns because, they could shoot ME when I break into their house to rob them. I want others to pay more in taxes especially the rich, because I do not want to work and pay taxes and how will they pay for ME and my welfare check if they are not taxed. I think others should pay for my medicines and hospital care It is the governments responsibility to take care of ME and my medical needs. It is best for ME not to have a job because I can get more benefits by not having one. Overall the more government does for ME the happier I will be… I do not have to work for what I consume, I get all these free benefits. free education, free medical, free housing Life sure is great.

    You taxpayers out there you have to keep working to pay for all my free stuff…..after all this is for ME and my family and I am entitled to it. …. I voted for Barack Obama who has made all this possible for ME…I can not understand why anyone would vote against him after getting all these benefits from him…..I think republicans and conservatives are stupid when they could just do what I do and not have to do anything to get it…just sit back and collect all this FREE stuff…..America is great.

    these comments above are some that I hear from some of the liberals…they really do not understand

    • Huapakechi

      This “understanding” has been educated out of them thanks to the publik eddykashun sistum. Abolish the department of (indoctrination) education!


    Al Gore first false prophet of global warming doom, and Hypocrite …less for you and more for him he will become rich on this false religion and the stupid liberals fall for it every time

  • DCW16

    Does anyone actually believe that . . . if we sat at home in the dark, rode our bicycles instead of driving our cars . . . that is would rain in Nebraska?
    This is patent Insanity . . . but billions of our tax dollars have been invested in this nonsense. Fat Al made 100 million from his dumb movie . . . which was not allowed to be shown to British school children because a Judge proclaimed is contained NO SCIENCE.
    Yet enviro groups like Greensleeze raise 100’s of millions promoting this scam . . . showing poor Polar Bears . . . whose population has increased by over 60% in the last two decades.
    1000 years ago Vikings were living in Greenland . . . farming and raising animals. Today they are not there cause it is too friggin cold.
    10,000 years ago there was a mile of ice in Minnesota . . . don’t think it is there today. Maybe someone should check . . . LOL

    • Huapakechi

      Nope. I just looked outside. No glaciers here. Makes for bad sledding.

  • David Lakatos

    Global warming is man made.A man made con job to make people pay more for everything.

  • RFRider

    It’s all in do time. Eventually we will have better ways of going to the wind and solar ways, unfortunately now is not that time. As for Gore, he made so much on the internet that he had to spend it somehow, a nice big energy consuming house was his way to get even, with what I don’t know but it sounds good! As for G Bush, he knows what the earth, that which God made us along with the plentiful bounty which is in it and amongst it for our use, is using it efficiently and wisely. Will the liberals and Eco-lovers ever give him credit, NO! They will however praise Lame-bama for his wasting of our money on failed ventures that Bush refused to give too.

  • Washington76

    Carbon and Life
    -It is hard to overstate the importance of carbon; its unique capacity for forming multiple bonds and chains at low energies makes life as we know it possible, and justifies an entire major branch of chemistry – organic chemistry – dedicated to its compounds. In fact, most of the compounds known to science are carbon compounds, often called organic compounds because it was in the context of biochemistry that they were first studied in depth.

    -What makes carbon so special is that every carbon atom is eager to bond with as many as four other atoms. This makes it possible for long chains and rings to be formed out of them, together with other atoms – almost always hydrogen, often oxygen, sometimes nitrogen, sulfur or halides. The study of these is the basis of organic chemistry; the compounds carbon forms with metals are generally considered inorganic. Chains and rings are fundamental to the way carbon-based life forms – that is, all known life-forms – build themselves.

    -Silicon is capable of forming the same sorts of bonds and structures, but opinion is divided on whether silicon-based life forms are a realistic prospect – in part because it needs higher energies to form them, and in part because whereas carbon dioxide (one of the main by-products of respiration, a process essential to all known life) is a gas and therefore easy to remove from the body, its counterpart silicon dioxide (silica) has an inconveniently high melting point, posing a serious waste disposal problem for any would-be silicon-based life form.


    Is there no way to capture the heat or the cold around us, as temperature changes?