In Government, It Pays to be a Dropout

Here’s the good news: High school dropouts get paid more money. Here’s the bad news: you get to foot the bill. The Congressional Research Service conducted a study recently that found that the higher the education level, the less money an individual will make working for the federal government than they would in a comparable private-sector job. Apparently in government work, it pays to be uneducated—literally.

However, before you get too down on the fed for subsidizing inefficiency and rewarding sloth, consider what Dr. Gary North—aka The Tea Party Economist—has to say about the issue:

This is good news for defenders of liberty. It means that the Federal government will absorb these short-sighted people who had no academic abilities. This removes them from the private sector. So, the federal government will be even less efficient than it was before it hired these people. This is good. It costs a little more, but it pays. Compared to the general waste of the federal government, this is chump change.

In other words, according to North, it is money well-spent to keep these individuals on the public dole and far away from private enterprise. This not only keeps the talent pool for the private sector at a higher level, it also increases government inefficiency. If you can’t beat ‘em, make ‘em so bloated with inefficiency that they can’t move without great difficulty. There’s always a silver lining, you just have to look real hard for it sometimes.

As I pointed out above though, it certainly appears that government doesn’t value higher education, because the pay structure reverses when the individual has a professional degree or higher. That is, federal government doesn’t seem to value doctorates nearly as much as the private sector; and for this, says Dr. North, they are to commended:

The better your formal education, the less you are appreciated by the FedGov. This shows an awareness of economic value that surprises me. Conclusion: when hiring inefficient people, the FedGov goes after the less expensive ones. Governing philosophy: “If we are going to pay people to get nothing done, let’s hire them cheap.” I can’t argue with that!

And neither can I. Score one for the Feds. As they say, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn occasionally. This appears to be one of those instances where even the private sector can learn a lesson from the federal government.

I would also remind readers that the vast majority of these Ph.D. holders have more than likely acquired loans and grants through the federal government, which only goes to show what the Fed really thinks about education. They are more than happy to earn money off of you while you are paying back years and years of compounding interest, but they are not particularly inclined to consider you for employment. Remember that the next time somebody tells you that “Education pays”!



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  • Batch

    Government does not want anyone smarter than themself. That is why they hire idiots. They then are always look up to. If your boss viewed you as a compotition. Shutter the thought. Just look who we have as idiot and chief. BO, smells in every area.

  • Nancy Law

    So that’s why GOVERNMENT employees are so DUMB! They’re high school drop outs!
    Leave it to GOVERNMENT to PUSH college and yet GOVERNMENT won’t pay them properly and HAND YOU THE BILL for OVER PAID HIGH SCHOOL DROP OUTS!

  • Talluluh

    We only have to look at who is running the govt. nowadays to know this is true!

    • Victor Magilke

      It sure isn’t white people running the government. Talk to any government agency and you will be talking to a black 90% of the time.

  • Talluluh

    Did you all know that statistically it is is poor people who vote for democrat,s?

    • Victor Magilke

      It is accurate because all blacks vote democrat. Most poor white people in the south vote republican. All your white blue collar workers in the mid-west and the west vote republican.

  • ARMYOF69

    The TSA is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of this.

  • Bill Weston

    The catch is that governments pass laws and regulations that affect everyone. And bureaucrats, the “dropouts” described here apply them to the “private sector”. Add a lack of intellegence and motivation (ignorance) plus some envy, perhaps, and government becomes a stumbling block and a heavier burden on the whole society. Like computers, legislators make decisions based on information. Thus ” garbage in = garbage out.” And we wonder why our civil government is in such bad shape. Therefore, the concept described is a bad deal for america. “Business as usual” on capitol hill and in every state capitol in the land has to change and soon. The private sector demands quality production and so must the people demand the same from our government. I hope that Dr. Gary North had his tongue frimly in his cheek when he made the described observations.

  • ukulani

    One of the reasons we need smaller government!

  • Victor Magilke

    We have some liberal trolls on here.
    Beware of Raymond. He is an anti-Catholic trying to divide us by religion.We can’t allow these liberals to divide us. This election is too important. We need a united republican party.
    Raymond wrote, in response to Victor Magilke: Are Roman Catholics Christians?…This just one of his many posts claiming that Catholics and Mormons are not Christians. Don’t listen to his rubbish.

    Raymond is a liberal troll payed by the Obama camp. He is attempting to divide our party by religion. Read his posts on The Daily Caller.
    Your plan to divide Christians isn’t working Raymond. You claim Catholics and Mormons aren’t Christians. We found out the Liberal on HE attempting to divide our party by religion, as you are, also claimed to be Irish, but we found out he was working with you for the Obama camp in Chicago at Rahm Emanuels headquarters. How’s the weather in Chicago? Why are you people ashamed of your lineage?

  • Greg137

    Liberals need dropouts, because they are useful idiots.. Remember, people they are enlisting the stupid into the ranks of the Feds, and liberals can’t figure out why they aren’t popular with the people??? Or why NOBODY trusts them to handle the economy or why nobody wants Obamacare??? Liberals claim to be the smartest people in the room, but the real truth is Liberals ARE stupid!

  • rhinotwo

    I hear so much about the poor and the poverty level but I never hear what is the poverty level. I mean if you have a cell phone, good transportation, flat screen tv and on and on. Yes there are poor in the U.S. but If you are not out begging for a bowl of rice everyday then you are better off than 2/3 of the world’s population. Helping the poor is a noble things to do but to reward laziness is another.

    • Victor Magilke

      Amen to that. You are right on. My wife and I are more charitable than Biden and most liberals, but I agree, I don’t believe in rewarding laziness.

  • rhinotwo

    Poverty in the country is mostly used as a political tool.

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