Obama Campaign Wages War on Troops

Overseas troops often find it difficult to vote. For one thing, they can't just drop their rifle and mail in their ballot especially if they're stationed in a war zone, which is pretty much the entire Middle East. And not only that, since every state has a different law regarding absentee ballots, filling them out properly can be confusing. And if they don't arrive in the States in time, they can't be legally counted. During the last presidential election, only 20 percent of a 2.5 million-member military were able to vote successfully by absentee ballot. Just two years ago, it dropped to 5 percent. This is why some states have laws that accommodate members of the military. Ohio has a law that allows three extra days for them to mail in their early voting ballots. The Obama campaign, the DNC and the Ohio Democratic Party have filed suit against Ohio because they say this law "disenfranchises" other voters and that it's not "fair."

Yes, the Obama campaign is just trying to make sure everything is fair. After all, they are all for a "fair" redistribution of wealth, and everybody paying their "fair" share of taxes; why not make sure that everybody gets their "fair" share of voting rights? Surely, they're going to make sure that no illegal aliens try to vote, right? Because that certainly wouldn't be fair. But does it really have anything to do with "fairness?" I think they're just afraid that they might lose Ohio because of how overseas troops will vote.

Ohio is important because it's a key battleground state. No Republican has won the presidency without winning Ohio. And traditionally, the military by and large vote republican. Obama is at a tremendous disadvantage with the military. A recent Gallup poll among veterans shows Obama trailing Romney 58 to 34 percent. In the key battleground state of Ohio, the military's vote might make all the difference in the world. So, to increase his chances of victory, he's trying to restrict the voting rights of those in the military.

That law is in place out of respect for those in the military who are serving the interests of this country. You'd think that the man responsible for sending young men and women off to fight his wars would want to show at least some gratitude for their service to this country. Those troops deserve to be able to vote in who they want sending them out to battles around the world. But the Obama campaign certainly doesn't want to give them any extra time at all, because they know that members of the military, especially those serving overseas, might not like fighting in his "overseas contingency operations" or his "humanitarian missions," and they would vote against him.

This isn't the first time the democrats have fought against the troops. In the 2000 election, during the Florida recount debacle, democrats were able to influence local operators to reject over 1,500 ballots from overseas military members. Although the ballots were eventually reinstated after a lawsuit, it cast the democrats in a very negative light with the military.

The troops are Obama's pawns that he gets to shift around on the "grand chessboard" as he pleases, and he knows that the troops don't like being treated like pawns. So he is rightfully afraid that they will help vote him out of office given the chance. But suing Ohio for accommodating the troops will only backfire on him.



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  1. Oh, sure the democrats want a fair election.. Who the hell are they fooling? Democrat are enlisting the aid of the Children, the Dead, and the Pets(Animals)... Yet, they want to throw out the military vote in the name of fairness... Listen up, People! We need to get out the vote, so we can throw out the Democrats! These Democrats are in such a sorry state that they rely on the votes of corpses(the dead), the Children(the most of whom don't really know what they are voting for! And the Pets(animal kingdom) in order to have even a chance at winning... WE SHALL CAST OUT THE DEMOCRATS WHO CARE MORE ABOUT THE OPINIONS OF BABIES, THE DEAD, AND the ZOO, then they do about YOU, AMERICA!! YOU are the tax payers who make this country work, therefore YOU need to defend YOUR VOICE at the polls! These liberals don't even TRY to hide the fact that they are in some serious shit come November! Throw out ALL the liberals Or your voice and your rights will no longer exist! To think that the Mighty and free American people would be silenced by cadavers, monkeys, and toddlers; sound like some one's idea of Hell if you ask me... That would also mean that the Democrats are basically saying that they would rather see you dead...

  2. there is not a bottom to the level of slease and lies and law breaking and destroying that the traitor obama will not take to win, i think he will be very disappointed in the election as he will get his butt kicked, if not we the people will!


  4. i wonder why obama don't want the military to vote,i also wonder why on one is talking
    about obama's mental problem.

  5. doc killdare says:

    hey dems so much for supportign the troops! guess them being overseas fighting your illegal and unconstitutional wars doesnt merit special consideration...

  6. Personally, replace ALL of the government with a contractor. Eliminate the Congress, President and Vice-President ands their staffs, every federal supervisor in every federal agency, and put the contractor in charge of everything.
    My choice of contractor is the MAFIA. They get things done! If they took over, every illegal alien would be on the next bus back to Mexico. The crooks on Wall Street, the Bilderburgers, the Tri-Lateralists, the drug cartels and street gangs would all shut down and leave town. The Mafia has a strict code of ethics that NO ONE gets to violate. The federal government would go from being a deficit cesspool to becoming a profit center.
    Radical Islam? If they think they are tough for cutting the heads off of bound victims, let's see how tough they really are when we deal with them Mafia-style...cement overshoes, a ride in a wooden box through the crematorium, a trip through a wood chipper, or a permanent location beneath a football stadium.
    No, there would not be blood running in the streets...everything is done on the Q.T.; no witnesses, no public panic, no sense of alarm....Habib just doesn't show up for work the next day.
    Give me the MAFIA....ORGANIZED crime is better than the DISORGANIZED crime we have in Washington now!

  7. Have to call a Pinocchio on this one, the challenge does not touch early voting by the military. It challenges whether or not the state can change the law this close to an election to restrict In Person voting on the three days prior to the election in November. It does not challenge the provision allowing More time for absentee ballots for deployed military.

  8. Hey Obama, I know many homeless men and women that need the distribution of your personal wealth. How about $1000.00 a month for each. With the millions that has come to you in the very recent years from the thousand dollars or so you were making per month, or less, they be very willing to vote for you would.
    It doesn't necessarily mean that you would be buying their vote, like giving citizenship to the Hispanics for their vote, it just means that they may just be happy to vote for you for only $1000.00/month.

  9. Raymond, your friends the GOP have proven time and again their dishonest tricks. So how's it feel to be a propagandist wet dream?

  10. If the Military, who are stationed over seas are not allowed for their vote to be counted,then America needs to rise up and defend these men and women who are fighting for us! Who the hell do these liberal Dems. think they are? Obama tries to change the law to suit his own agenda.What the hell is he afraid of. Does he reliaze he's going to lose this election if its held honestly.We need to stop the madness and take America back, put God before man and live like we're a Christian nation, instead of all this immorality we're living today. PS we need to run George Soros out of America. He's nothing but a communist!!

  11. To the author of this piece, you do realize that two years ago was not a presidential election, right? So you can't say that the percentage from the presidential election "dropped" since we haven't had one since then.

    Turnout and participation in "off year" elections is traditionally lower. How does the rate compare with 2002 and 2006?

  12. What a CROCK of it.
    The Administration sued and WON equal protection for ALL of Ohio's voters. They ALL get the 3 days which Kasich and his goon squad tried to strip from them.