Obama Admits Desire for More Poverty, Finds Success in "Obama Phone" Woman

drudge-video-sg-460x307 God bless guerrilla journalism. Conservatives are doing yeoman work in reporting on videos from the past that reveal more about liberals and Democrats than any liberal journalist could ever dream of revealing about conservatives and Republicans. There was the video unearthed by Breitbart of Eric Holder, in 1995, explaining that he believes the American government […] Continue reading →

America Already has an Anti-Blasphemy Law

pakistan The Muslim world is pressuring the United States to pass anti-blasphemy laws. What they really want is no critique of Islam. We’ve seen Islamists attack anyone who has anything negative to say about the so-called prophet Muhammad and the Islamic faith. American Muslims are joining with international Muslims to test the limits of the First […] Continue reading →

The Message to Republicans if Obama Wins

obama01_16773717 Bill Schneider writes for Politico that the Republican Party is clinging to an old-fashioned, outdated America, and concludes joyously that it is doomed to obsolescence unless it embraces change. "Republicans still haven’t figured out how to compete in the New America," he writes. "An America that is more diverse, better educated, more tolerant and more […] Continue reading →

Obama: Courting Muslims, Promising to Censor Christians, & Accusing Free Speech of Terrorism

0925-obama-united-nations_full_600 Obama’s speech to the United Nations might arguably be described as a “false flag” attack on free speech. He blamed individuals exercising their free speech (as far as we know) who said things that offended Muslims. As one writer pointed out: President Obama’s address indicated he doesn’t grasp, or doesn't want to grasp, grievous threats […] Continue reading →

Replacement Refs and Presidents

refs Three weeks. That’s all it took. The NFL has reached an agreement with the referee’s union and the “starting” refs will be back on the field tonight for the first time this season. The replacement refs that have been filling in for the striking ones have heard no end of criticism for their job performance. […] Continue reading →