America Succumbs

Mitt Romney's statement of fact that 47 percent of Americans pay no income tax has finally brought that piece of datum to the attention of the mainstream (although some estimates have the number at 49.5 percent). Whether that 47- or 49-percent number decreases or increases will determine ultimately whether the United States of America will sustain or collapse. It is the most important discussion for America to have right now.

The media hoped that by releasing the surreptitiously recorded video in which Romney is heard explaining this tax situation to a roomful of donors, Romney's campaign would be harmed. The unintended consequence of their ill will is that everybody now knows that 47 percent of Americans pay no income tax. So, now that this has been summoned to the forefront of the campaign, we will see if Americans are still a serious people who believe independence is a value of utmost importance, or if, led astray by that mischievous imp Misjudgment, Americans want the collapsing welfare state to continue to grow.

I don't believe we are serious. A Pew Research poll released in February 2011 and a Harris Interactive poll released in March 2012 showed that Americans by and large wish the federal government to cut spending---good---but when specific cuts are proposed, the polls showed that Americans are reluctant, especially when it comes to our most draining programs, like Social Security, Medicare, and other entitlements. No, we are not serious at all.

I became somewhat emotional this morning in preparing to write this column because I finally accepted this apparent fact. I believe that most Americans do not want to hear the truth; they do not want to accept that once that 47 percent becomes 50.1 percent, there will be no way to turn around this ship. We will sink. We---will---sink. What has made America great was not just its unique Constitution and system of government, but its people. They---we---valued liberty and individualism. These Americans, traditional Americans, are a dying breed. We are America no more.

I believe President Obama will win re-election because of our aversion to the truth spoken so candidly by Mitt Romney.

Why else do I say Americans are not serious?

"With the collapse of Communism, we recognized that markets are going to happen. But having said all that, I insist---and this I think I'm inheriting what was probably the best part of the dream of both my father---my African father, my white American mother---I think that the best legacy of theirs, my inheritance, is the notion that we collectively can decide on our fate." These are the words spoken by Barack Obama on August 11, 1995, pointing to what he views as a silver lining in the collapse of Communism, because the collapse of Communism was a bad occurrence in his eyes.

"I actually believe in redistribution." These are the words spoken by Barack Obama on October 19, 1998, at Loyola University.

"Now, what we’re doing, I want to be clear, we’re not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that's fairly earned"---and now breaking from the TelePrompTer---"I mean, I do think at a certain point you've made enough money." These are the words spoken by Barack Obama, then President, on April 28, 2010, in a speech at Quincy, Illinois.

This is who Obama is, and yet he is liked by most of America. This is the man Americans will choose to represent them for another four years.

I used to think there would be a silver lining in Obama's winning a second term: that Americans would finally see his true colors. But he has already displayed his true colors in full? The above quotes are all captured on video. But we are not a serious people. We are witnessing America's collapse and we do nothing. We still sleep.



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  1. Victor Magilke says:

    This is one of the major reasons why it is imperative that we defeat Obama. When the democrats talk of cutting entitlements they always speak of Social Security and Medicare. These two entitlements have been paid for by the taxpayer. Why not cut some of the massive benefits that the non-working deadbeats are receiving? Many of these parasites living off the taxpayer have never worked, aren't working now, never intend to work and have never paid taxes. Add to that the overpaid public service union employees with every conceivable benefit imaginable, is why our nation is having a financial hemorrhage. These issues are what republicans should be campaigning on. These parasites won't vote for Romney anyway.
    We are going the way of the Greeks. We've all witnessed the turmoil in Greece. If we continue this path of massive entitlements it will be Financial Armageddon for our nation.
    We need redemption from this financial catastrophe created by inept republicans and democrats. I believe a Romney/Ryan administration can accomplish this feat.
    The republicans need to get more aggressive if they intend to defeat Obama. I haven't seen enough activity by the republican leaders. I don't want to wake up the day after the election like I did in 2008 and find out that our country has been hijacked again by a Muslim Savage from Kenya.

    • Right On.

      • Victor Magilke says:

        Thank you my friend. Lets all work hard to defeat this communist regime. We lack the enthusiasm needed. I'm getting very concerned.

    • how do we fix it?? There are too many people with their head in the sand, they do not care and will vote for a DEM because their parents did..we are in a terrible place in our history. And BTW, the a... in the white house is not BLACK!!! He is Bi-racial and history will need to be corrected!

      • You said it wizardkar. Down in Arkansas there are, what they call "Yellow Dog Democrats". These people would vote for an Ape, if it was on the Democrat Ticket, rather than vote for a Republican Human Being.

        • They call then "yellow dog Democrats" here in North Carolina too. As my 83 year old friend, who passed away just last week, told me several times: "My Daddy was a Democrat, My Granddaddy was a Democrat and I am a Democrat." She would vote for ANYTHING that ran on the Democratic ticket,

      • He is actually the half breed son of a Kenyan goat herding muslim and an American white trash whore. Sorry I couldn't be more clear! :)

      • You're right his father was more arab than black he's not the first black president.

      • Victor Magilke says:

        Americans have been duped so many times. We have elected the wrong candidate more often than not. They don't do any research on candidates.
        You wonder sometimes what the view is like, inside their colon.

      • Correct, wizardkar, he is a MULATTO. NOT black. Except when it;s convenient to be black to get votes. He'll do ANYTHING to get votes. Ask the old white men in Chicago's bath houses what he did for them LOLOLOL.

    • Total agreement here. The operative words you used are
      deadbeats and parasites. However, you left out leaches, sponges, bums, loafers, moochers and one of my favorites cockroaches.

  2. True that the truth hurts. Who wants to give up social security; somthing that we have contributed to from our sweat. This is something we earned. It's the free giveaways that bother us. Will he be reelected? Maybe. It's not a done deal just yet.

    • YES !!! SS AND MEDICARE are supposed to be our "savings accounts" that we paid into every time we got paid. They are NOT entitlements. I get so damned mad when some jerk calls them that !!!!! I am on both, and I am not on entitlements. I get very little for SS, as I am a woman who didn't work her whole life, being as I was married & didn't work sometimes. But I damned SURE paid in when I was on someone's payroll !!!!!

      • Then what do you think about Obama putting milions on SSI because they used up their 99 weeks of unemployment? OMG. Obama Must Go!!!!!

      • Victor Magilke says:

        You are right on. They are not entitlements. They have been paid for by the individuals. Its the deadbeat minorities and the illegals that are getting a free ride.

    • I agree, but don't forget that when you go on SS you use up all the money you paid in after 3 1/2 years. That's why we need to drop the druggies and unemployed that get SSI.

      • We pay into SS just as we do our insurance policies, but the problem is the fed borrows it and put's in IOUs. IOUs can't be spent. What should have been done is make it mandatory that when a person first starts in the work force, save the 6 1/2% of their pay each pay period like SS in a savings institution, the person would retire a multi-millionaire at retirement age, that is, counting interest and compounding of interest. Now the feds think we should be grateful that retirees can draw on the average $1000 a month. The federal government wants to keep us poor and dependent.

        • You are so right. But your employer puts 8-1/2% into your account also. When Bush wanted to save SS by alowing us to put a small part (10% to 15%) of our contribution into other investments the left screamed bloody hell and scared the seniors so much the plan couldn't even get considered. Now BHO cut the contributions by 1/3rd in a transparent attempt to hasten the fall of SS so the Dems can control the senior pensions and make seniors beholding to them as captive foters.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          If they cut off all the free entitlements to the non-working parasites they wouldn't have to borrow funds from the SS trust. It would be solvent.
          The inner city minorities have more entitlements than the Greeks. Most of them are on welfare, medicaid, free housing, food stamps, free utilities, free education and hosts of other benefits. They aren't concerned about jobs. They don't need one or want one. They draw moore money staying at home than the average hardworking blue collar worker.

      • I don't agree with the 31/2 year thing but what about the SS congress gets.
        They are the ones that get away with murder.
        I worked 38.5 yrs and saw 65% of my check go up in taxes, only to come home and pay the rest of the taxes from property to the things I need.
        Now SS taxes me and the talk is entitlements.
        They should have never taken anything from me from the beginning.
        Congress took our money knowing full well the Baby Boomers were going to retire.
        They gave us an IOU and they had better make good on it.
        The problem is that congress want to do things at our expense and not theirs
        to fix it.

    • Honestly though, wouldn't you be OK with giving up maybe 8% monthly if you KNEW it was going toward our real debt? I would, and I'm disabled.

      • No I wouldn't...not because I'm evil but there is more waste in one appropriation bill that would be better spent.

        • Ginjit you are correct. Where will it end if only the "caring" Americans continue to sell their blood for those who refuse to stop being users? That 47+% count on us giving up our lives so they don't have to work. We must all, that means ALL of US join efforts to "get out the vote" as well as stop texting long enough to badger (if it takes) our state Legislators AND our Congressmen to stop the bull.... Remember this, our tax dollars pay the democrats and the republicans. Write-email-call-fax-and text 'em ALL to make the right changes before we, the American people cut their water off. They all work for U.S.(A). We must not let our votes be divided. Yes, Ron Paul is a great American. However he stands ZERO chance of winning. Your vote for him is one less than Romney will get. That means one more for Obama. Please spread the word. There are only two ways left to vote. One will use the next four years to turn America into a socialist third-world country as his dreams fortold. What do YOU want for your families and friends in the future???

        • Bravo, Bravo

        • Ron Paul???? Not me....

        • It was the point, not necessarily the man.. Don't vote to show disapproval, vote to remove the standing president. Ron Paul has many good ideas however. We don't need our military and civilian forces spread all over the world protecting countries that hate our guts. Bring 'em home. We are in desperate financial times, why send borrowed money over seas? We need accountability in Congress (duh). He had that as a top issue. Agreed, there were some things but ... Anyway the point was not just Dr. Paul, it was the idea of splitting the vote (or not, actually).

        • Understood....

      • I don't think most Americans would object to more taxes if they could control how their money is being spent. Its not the taxes they object to, its how their hard earned money is being wasted by both parties.

  3. True that folks have paid into SS and Med. but someone will not receive it...the generation working now as it will bankrupt the country and no one will get it. The left is trying to collapse the's obvious to anyone who knows anything about economics, then they envision building a communist utopia...

    • Don't blame SS and Med for the irresponsible acts of our governing bodies.
      The reason SS and Med are in trouble, is because our government has robbed it to use in other places, because it was doing so well, it burned a hole in the gov's pocket -- even though they were supposed to be unable to touch it.

      • Do you think for an instant that congress will forgo any pot of money that they can possibly get their hands on in order to buy votes? They are now, and have been for decades, talking about taking over all retirement accounts and rolling them into SS. Even an individuals savings won't be exempt from anabolism. There are ways to prevent these disasters but I'm not sure if we can do it short of conflict. Term limits would be a start and disenfranchising of non-taxpayers would be a real help.

  4. Yes. The great and wonderful experiment called America is now coming to an end. Thank you all for participating.

    • Unfortunately, you are correct.. They will be coming for our guns starting Nov. 7, 2012 if this ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA wins..
      and I might just be sneaking into Russia at that point!!!

      • They can have my guns as long as they agree to take my ammunition first! You'll find my corpse with a K-Bar in my mouth, Empty Thompson in one hand and empty coach gun in the other. And probably a few ewmpty pistols.....just sayin

        • Tom, good plan. But just a reminder that Homeland Security gets a copy of everything written here. Ain't it great to live in the Land of the Used To Be FREE?

        • Victor Magilke says:

          I don't care if Homeland Security gets a copy of what we write. There is no way Americans will surrender their guns to a dictator like Obama and Eric Holder.

        • Just sayin'. You might have a better chance if you were a little more stealthy. It's gonna take a whole lot of Patriots to clean up this mess.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          You are right. They are out there. The chore is getting them involved. I try everyday. I've been involved in political campaigns for many years and its frustrating sometimes to educate people on the importance of spending a little time to make sure the right candidate is elected. I've won, but I've also failed several times.

      • Victor Magilke says:

        There is no way the Obama government will be able to confiscate our guns. This will cause the bloodiest revolution in history.

        • That's what they said in early Nazi Germany before Hitler sweet talked the people into believing they no longer needed guns. Besides, now we have the U.N. "peacekeeping" force to assist Homeland Security.

    • Hawg. It was good while it lasted, wasn't it. Ubtil then keep the shiny side up.

  5. Don't give up the ship! We will still fight for America.

    Have you seen the defaced Obama version of the American flag....He has removed it from the above site but left his version of the flag and our country...This version shows his logo sunrise where the stars are...He is not only showing us he owns the USA but he is also showing muslims he is indeed their madha who is the sunrise in the west according to their prophecies..

  7. People who are retired paid into the SS system and the fica was matched by their employer! However, we could do away with Welfare and Food Stamps EXCEPT for those people who actually need and deserve it no more handouts to those able to work and no more payment to those lose women who decide to have baby after baby and we the people pay for it, we could totally eliminate FOREIGN AID, have no more BAILOUTS, Washington must establish a BUDGET and live by it like we the people have to do, Deport all ILLEGAL aliens and HEAVILY RESTRICT any foreigners entering our country, TAX all imports more heavily, Reduce serving politicians wages to be more in line with the private sector and NO RETIREMENT BENEFITS other than what every other retired person gets that don't have a retirement plan, in other words they draw SS benefits only when and if they qualify and no Insurance policy paid by the people, do away with all Government Unions, have all Hollywood actors, directors and anyone associated with movies pay at least 50% of their earnings in taxes, No private offices or residences for the Representative and Senators, rather build them a barracks where they can sleep and eat together whereas they can get to really know each other better and perhaps represent WE the people better and let their offices be cubicles next to one another and resitrict them to no more than two people on their staff that must use the same type office spaces and must therefore live close by Washington so as they won't have to travel too far and must supply their own home or place to stay AND oh yeah, DRILL BABY DRILL. Just a few ideas to reduce the drain on the working people and help reduce the debt...I'm sure others can come up with other suggestions.

    • I wish I could give you MORE than 1 "UP" vote! You have addressed the problem in exactly the same fashion as I have told friends and family that I would.

      • I agree with you. He addressed many of the problems that keep me awake at nights. He would get my vote for congress.

    • We need to take away the politicians right to vote themselves raises whenever they want even if we're in a recession.

    • Great commentary Barto. I couldn't agree with you more. Its as though I wrote it. You and I are definitely on the same page. I especially agree with the 50% on the Hollywood crowd but I would include the entire entertainment industry. For a football player, like Payton Manning, to receive 95 million dollars to play a game when people are starving, is a crime. I read an article about athletes. The two stingiest multi-millionaire athletes are Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Most waiters/waitresses hate to serve them. They have been known, after a lavish expensive meal, to leave without leaving the waiter/waitress any gratuity. Two selfish pricks.

      • It's none of your damn business how much Payton Manning or anybody else makes. It's their money, they earn it. Does in make you feel better about yourself to demonstrate jealousy and envy in public? It just makes me gag. BTW, there are NO "starving" people in America ... NONE. Don't believe it? Name me three!

        • Victor Magilke says:

          I was responding to Barto' excellent comment. It didn't concern you!
          I guess your are a big fan of Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Michael Vick! I'm entitled to my opinion the same as you are.

        • You ARE entitled to your opinion. You are NOT entitled to anyone elses money. I reiterate, what they make, "is none of your damn business". And what's it to you whether or not I'm a fan. (Actuall I'm not.) There you go again, making value judgements base on jealousy and envy. The BIG problem is that when you finish redistributing their income, you may come after my pitiful earnings next. And since there are NO starving people in America, redistributionists will come up with some other BS reason to take what productive Americans make and pass if out to deadbeats who have done nothing to earn it. I know, I know, you think I'm cruel and cold hearted. But wait until someone else decides you have too much and wants to take it for some mooching parasite just to buy votes. Don't come whining to me. I may be a redistributionist at that point and be envious of what you have and want to take it, all of it.

        • Go to Appalachia , travel around and when you return, let me know what you saw!

        • What the he!! do you know about Appalachia? I guess you read about it in some left-wing rag. One more time dufus, "name me 3 starving people".

        • I actually have relatives that live near there and have seen first hand what poor and unacceptble conditions some of these American families face day to day AND their pride sometimes prevents them for asking for help AND they need it more than those in so-called ghettos. HELL no I didn't read about them in some left-wing rag because the LEFT WING don't give a damn about these AMERICAN people but rather help those in FOREIGN countries! If you would visit this area you could name a hell of a lot more than 3 people when you returned. Their "grubby" hand is not in your pocket because it's obvious you too don't give a damn about these starving AMERICANS, especially the children so keep your grubby hands to yourself and let your tax dollars go to help those here in the U.S. that are too sorry to work or those sorry women who keep having baby after baby which your tax dollars support AND which you may be surprised to know have more income than the average working person....that is if you actually pay any taxes!!!

        • You still don't get it. It's like talking to an Obamaite. You have "relatives that live NEAR there" and that gives you license to spend my money? Since it's "tax money" you think you get to say how it's spent. First it's your grubby hand. Second, there are NO starving Americans. None. Otherwise, one last time, name three! And I am against all social programs for the "needy". What they "need" is to develop their own senses of self reliance and personal responsibility. Then they wouldn't be "
          too sorry to work " and "those sorry women who keep having baby after baby" wouldn't be doing so. But as long as there are self righteous, bleeding heart idiots like you to make excuses for them, they will never even need to try to take care of themselves. Finally "dufus" (and you are one), if I didn't pay taxes, would I care how you try to squander my tax money.

        • Hey "crazy one". You surely have a right to the money you earn, as we all do in this wonderous nation. That is how America became the greatest nation in the world. Just maybe people should understand that the "sports-players" only get that much money because people are willing to pay them. How else could sports command such prime time on televison, even preempting the shows many people would rather see. It is interesting to suggest NOT having golf tournements, football, basketball or baseball games televised. All it would take to lesson the "huge" salaries is for no one to watch the games. (Not gonna happen). So, how do we have it both ways? We don't. Either we citizens stand up for something or we give up and let it be what it is. That goes for the guys and gals in Washington D.C. Same as the games. These people are paid by OUR TAX dollars. Don't like what they do? Don't pay 'em to do it. Sounds easy to me. But it won't happen if all we do is alienate each other. That is what they want. If color is against color, family is against family, faith is against faith (you get the picture), they win. Just imagine if Americans like you and I, all over this land could somehow join up with a common cause. Work through a grassroots group (to build strength) with a common goal. We could take our country back to prosperity, trust, equality, and even jobs for all who are willing to give up the gov't teat and work. Dang, I believe that it could happen. Jus' sayin'

        • I get it, you really are "loco" and therefore I realize it's useless to try and reason with you....I just hope you are never "down and out" and need help for I fear you will be left out in the cold and perhaps then and only then you will awaken from your self-induced stupor. I am not a "bleeding heart Liberal" like the Democrats, I am actually an INDEPENDENT voter who votes for the person not the party line. Call me a "dufus" if you like but it appears you are the one who is brain-dead or confused for I don't get to SQUANDER (spend) your tax money, your friendly elected Government officials get to do that, so thank or blame them for any mis-handling of your tax dollars. Have a nice day!!!!!!!

        • I'm not loco I'm just aware. If you are waiting for me to be "down and out" forget it, you won't live that long. See, I am self reliant and accept personal responsibility. You advocate "helping" people you don't even know because you think it's "good" and compassionate. Actually, it's stupid and naive. I'll tell you one more time, there are no responsible starving people in this country. Every time you support any politician who advocates welfare type programs you are SQUANDERING my money. Where in the he!! do you think the funding for these programs come from, Santa Clause? At least you seem to have your political head screwed on straight. You support Romney instead of Obama. It's a start. Now, after we gain overwhelming majorities in congress, we can begin to throw out the RINOS and bleeding hearts in all gov't. I think I also have made you think more deeply about "social programs" and the their futility. Job accomplished. You have a nice day!

    • You had me until "
      people who actually need and deserve it". How do you determine that? You ask them? The answer sill always be "Yes, I need, give me, do for me." All responsible people are capable of caring for themselves and do not need gov't programs for their maintenance. Genuine, short term need, can always be met through charity not redistributiion.

      • There has to be realistic criteria established and followed by an entity other than the Federal Government.....believe it or not there are actually some people who need help with food, clothing and shelter AND it's better to see genuine Americans in need get the help rather than a FOREIGN COUNTRY, especially those that wish to do us harm! I am not for redistribution that OBAMA wishes for but I do have a heart for those that can't fend for themselves, especially the elderly and children. In my humble opinion, you can't totally be heartless and be a true American. Please vote in November for the return of America to WE the people!

        • If you want to "help" people in need then by all means do it. But, you have no right to require me to. I am more in "need" than anybody you know but I still continue to take care of me and my own. See, I have senses of self reliance and personal responsibility. If there really are "those that can't fend for themselves", let them rely on charity. There are so few people that are actually helpless, charitable organizations are more than capable of caring for them all.

        • If the Government of the U.S. did away with FOREIGN AID to those countries that are our enemies or wish us harm AND instead used JUST SOME OF it to help here in the U.S., that along with Charitable contributions could solve the problem of those in need. How many people do you think really contribute to charities? Most of it comes from Corprations, companies and wealthy people who care about their fellow citizens.... I know I don't give much, but do what I can, what do you do?

        • What the he!! do you care what I do? First, it's none of your damn business and secondly; you want the gov't to take care of "those in need" anyway, so I don't need to do anything (even though they steal my money (taxes) to fund programs that I oppose). Does it make your self righteous bleeding heart feel better if I give to deadbeats who mean less than nothing to me? well, don't hold your breath. I ran out of "compassion" decades ago when I discovered deadbeats were better off than I was and they didn't have to work for it like I did. BTW, I don't care how much you do or don't "give". Just stop trying to force me to give to domestic social leaches. (I can see we agree on foreign leeches.)

        • I personally don't give a damn what you do or don't do AND I am not suggesting the Government take care of those in need BUT rather use our money they spend helping FOREIGNERS to help people here in the U.S. (help your own first). I sure as hell don't want DEADBEATS (those that are able & capable to work but don't) helped with our tax dollars just as I don't want those women who have baby after baby to get more welfare, helped either. I still have "compassion" for those who are trying to help themselves and their families but can't seem to get ahead...I feel sorry for you if you have NO compassion at all for your fellow American who is really trying. I am in no way nor can I try to FORCE you or anyone else to give to anybody, that's up to each individual's wishes whether to give or not to give! Have a great life.

        • Barto, we have (and have had) a great system for helping people. It 's called churches. The Salvation Army is one of the best and misunderstood faiths in the world. I am not affiliated with them but contribute and respect their people. Community volunteer groups also help. Before retirement (and b4 national leadership set a new standard), the utility I worked for sought local groups during the year (S.A., Good Will, United Way, etc) for names of people who needed help. We employees and the company donated funds and food to the cause. It worked. What if each community had a tax supported group that did that, taking it away from the Fed. Gov't. It could work. It has in the past. Pres. Reagan (as gov.) had welfare recipients give 8 hours a day to the state, even if it was sitting in the office. Amazing how many people found jobs... It has been done. We have to take back our nation from the Government, pure and simple. jus' sayin'

  8. Obama is a proven Muslim and his sole purpose is to destroy America as we know it.
    If you don't think this affects you, get ready for Sharia Law.

  9. Social Security and Medicare are NOT "entitlement programs", at least not in the sense that Welfare and Medicaid are. Social Security and Medicare are GOVERNMENT OBLIGATIONS... to WORKERS who have paid into those programs their entire working lives (since 1935). Even AFTER retirement, when one begins drawing Social Security, there is a deduction taken from Social Security checks for "Medicaid". The recipients of Welfare and Medicaid, who have NO investment in either, are supported by the taxes of those same WORKERS! Most welfare recipients think they are in "the family business" of getting something for nothing, and many are 5th and 6th generation welfare recipients. Those are the true "entitlement programs"! Their belief is that they are "entitled" to taxpayer support, simply because they are here, and that belief is reinforced by the acts of our current socialist administration.

    • Victor Magilke says:

      You are right on Gil. The SS and Medicare recipients have payed for these benefits.
      Its the welfare medicaid, free housing, food stamps, free utilities, free education and hosts of other entitlements that the minorities receive and haven't paid a dime in taxes that people object to. They receive more money in benefits sitting at home, drinking wine on their front porch than the average hard working blue collar worker does. We need Change back to what America was before the FDR and the LBJ socialist movement.

    • Those programs ARE indeed entitlement programs. They have become entitlements BECAUSE our government performed a criminal act and stole them from us. Our Congress has made it so, and THEY control the government. We, the people have voluntarily given up our freedom by not being involved at all levels. We take vacations. We buy expensive toys. We let other people run our country. We continually give them our rights. We always think some "other" guy will protect our rights while we waste away our lives. Just remember, to the "other" guy, YOU are the other guy. Believing the politicians will protect us is like leaving the foxes in charge of the hen house. Either we get up off our butts and do something or we stay home and whine while watching our rights, our retirements, our bank accounts, our very air be taken by people who would drop us like cattle processers drop cows. Bang... NEXT. That simple. Understand this; the banks are subject to control by the federal government. Where is your money? Foreign accounts??? Don't forget, the best computer hackers work for.... yep, the government. Wake up America!!! The only control is with honest, moral, and ethical people. The ACLU and other ultra liberals have about kicked all that down the sewer. so, who is left in charge???

  10. As I have said before - If the Federal Government would add up ALL of those I.O.U.'s for the Money they "STOLE" from the Social Security Fund and pay it back, the Fund would be sustainable for years. It should not take long to return the money. Stop sending all of those millions of dollars in freebies to these Countries that are trying to kill us and put it back in the Fund. Obama has been sending millions of tax dollars to Kenya, his home Country, for years so they can build their own fresh water plants. Do they have any new plants - Haven't heard of any and they still do not have fresh water. All of THAT money must be going to "OBAMA Family Members Inc.". Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  11. John Patrick Henry says:

    There will be no silver lining in Barack Obama winning a second term, the economy will be killed permenantly by Obama-Care, the nation through indebtness will become a slave to Communist China, workers of this country through "card check" forced unionization will be forced to surrender a portion of their hard-won treasure, not to mention liberty to union bosses. More tyranny will result if Obama gets re-elected for he rules by excutive fait what he can get passed through congress, freedom of speak on broadcast and internet outlets could be silence by a "so-called" fairness doctirine. This election is not just another election, but a last stand against evil and the Democrat politicains that support what he is doing.

    • Victor Magilke says:

      Four more years of Obama dictatorial rule we will be no better than a Banana Republic. So many people will be leaving, Canada will be forced to close their borders.
      We could pay Mexica back and abscond their.

      • Mexico has very strict laws against foreign nationals in their country, AND they enforce them (unlike obamaworld). We can not own property there. We can not speak out/protest their government. We get NO aid or support in Mexico as non-citizens. You know, all those things any self respecting government would enact and enforce. In another term of Hobama we won't be U.S. citizens any more. No land, no ownership, no freedom to travel. We will live in Tenement housing in gov't controlled locations and travel by mass transit only. Find and read AGENDA 21 and you will see. There IS a plan and we will be the sheeple led to slaughter. No hype, no sensationalism, just what is in the United Nations World Order plan. LOOK IT UP.

  12. Completely blithe to the fact that millions of jobs went to communist Red China beginning with GW giving the PRC "most-favored-nations" trading status. Those "entitlements" that Chris Graham is so alarmed about, are keeping people alive, housed and/or fed, and we should see that as a BAD thing? What makes you think your taxes are covering those items? Taxes just withdraw dollars out of circulation to keep their value artificially high, while trillions more are given to Friends-of-Fed who are so flush, they devalue them; but you're quite sure the poor and unemployed are to blame. Kindly recall that it was people like Paul Ryan voting for pro-globalist treaties sending jobs overseas, that killed the US economy. You are seeing the end result of policies over 40 years old. Also, aren't you over-rating your own self-importance a bit? Are you an accountant or has the Fed ever been audited, or are you just repeating something you heard and looking to export your misery? I'm sure your tax dollars are going to many things you don't like, but was every dollar ever printed, yours, or destined for your wallet? Is your name on the dollar bill? I think not. Anyway I've never seen the politics-of-envy played so viciously and brazenly as Romney/Ryan, pitting Americans against each other to get elected, even without revealing any plans HOW they expect to get Americans working agains; all they can talk about are cuts. Meanwhile IF they're elected, they will receive govt. benefits the rest of THEIR lives.

    • Not that your thoughts are bad, but check your history. Truman had suspended F.N. status then Jimmy Carter renewed it. Then each following President renewed it. Bill Clinton campaigned against it and then actually granted the restoral of China (announcing in 1993 that he "delinked human rights from qualifications" to most favored nation status and reinstated it.. Just as he also signed in NAFTA and CAFTA. Clinton, the poster child for giving away our jobs to other nations, with a smile. The doggone facts keep rising up to bite us. No wonder hObama is having our history rewritten (see AGENDA 21).

  13. The American system of "helping those less fortunate" than ourselves is a good one. It is good morally, Spiritually, and ethically. The problem is that those who take that help have lost (for the most part) the reason for help. It should be to help them move up, or back up as they are able. Unfortunately it has become a way of life for a majority. Users. That's what I heard them called. Well, maybe so. I see the long term people living off the sweat equity of others as leeches and parasites. Most of them have learned it from their parents, friends, and the government. Being rewarded for exploiting a system that was meant for short term support. Lest we forget though, those gov't designed systems have been 'tweeked" to penalize those who would try to raise themselves back to independance. The system has become as a dealer to an addict. The process itself has been redesigned by liberal policies to make our citizens slaves ot that gov't, ensuring votes and loyalty. Those of us who worked 40 50 and more years paying in to the Soc Sec./medicare systems earned our retirement. Yet with the Fed. Gov't stealing those funds, we too have been raped into submission. We too are forced into slavery while the leaders of our "free nation" reap the benefits of our life long earnings. With no remorse they stole our earned investments to use elsewhere. They, without caring, crippled this aging generation for their own egotistical glory. And, now we vote 'em back in. We feed the flames of their ego. We LET them continue the political orgys and $1000 dinners and "fact finding" trips to other countries on OUR tax dollars. While we can't vacation, we can't get proper health care, we can't even get real contact with those spending our money on their fanciful lives. Yes, I agree, we as a people are nothing more than their nickname for us. We are "sheeple". being led to the slaughter still in awe of those wonderful people who protect us on the way there..

    • I saw that the gov't released the cost figures on BHO's "date night" with Moochelle to NYC last year. $2,000,000. This leads me to wonder how much all the other vacations have cost us. I recall several times they had to take two separate fleets of planes because one wanted to go a couple of hours earlier. Absolutely no care for the taxpayer working their butt off trying to keep above water, these two think they are Potentates or even Czars.

      • Victor Magilke says:

        The cost to feed Michelle Obama has cost taxpayers more than high income middle class workers make in a year.

    • Heylottylotty, Excellent comment. You are spot on and a scholar. I am fed up with both parties. They waste our money by the billions without a thought of the suffering American people that could use help. The lavish lifestyle of the Obama's on taxpayer dollars is like Royalty. Congress isn't much better, they also waste our tax dollars and there is no oversight to their wasteful spending. I'm for a patriotic third party that will stop this robbery of the American people. After the election, I will work as hard as I can to help an honest third party movement.

      • Thank you for your kind words. We (Americans) need the interfacing of like minds as well as the challenge of other opiions (sans abuse either way). Thoughts of a "third" party are understood. However it hasn't worked in over a hundred years. What I would suggest is rehauling the party that already more closely will protect American survivability. Do we (as a nation) want to change the basics on which this country was founded? OR, do we want to stay within those constitutional bounds and change the day to day struggles of the American people? Do we want the control such as China has or the freedom this country ALONE has given its people. More freedom already than England, Australia, Canada, Israel, and Germany. The government has worked their magic (AGENDA 21) on our educational system over the last 20 years to confuse the differences in the world making us all "one big happy world government". We are the last nation to guarantee the chance of land ownership to it's citizens. With GM's move to China they are giving China the new plants they are financing (no non-gov't owned business or property). The people never own their homes, farms, even automobiles. They are "allowed to use" them by the great Peoples' Party of China. This isn't taught to our youth in grade school or the Universities. One big happy family (sit in a circle and aahhhhuuummm). But I digress, may I suggest we fix what we have rather than add another to further divide. EDUCATE the masses like the TEA Party and AFP and AGENDERS, and others are seeking to do. Help get us back to the Christian principles the USA was built on. Whether a "believer" in God or not, the tenants are sound morally and ethically. We all need a foundation (base line, if you will) to live by. Why not one that allows peaceful coexistence rather than "my way or the hiway"?

  14. So, you are giving up? Way to demoralize the troops. Yes SS needs reforming. It has been expanded far beyond the original intent. Return it to a retirement fund and it will be salvageable. I paid into it all my working life. I expect to get something for that effort. Yes, it would have been better had it not been created and people did their own retirement planning but that didn't happen so we're stuck with it. What needs to go away is welfare and it's associated programs. Get people back to paying taxes, not taking them from the rest of us. It's better for them, it's better for us, it's better for the country. The only ones it's not better for are the Democrat (and too may Republican) Socialists. The Constitution says " PROMOTE the general welfare..." not PROVIDE it.

    • And first get the drugies and unemployds off SSI. That would save $billions from going out to bums and crack-heads that don't contribute a cent.

      • Victor Magilke says:

        Don't forget the illegals. They are also receiving SS Benefits.

        • Agree with both of you. And prisoners.

        • Many of the prisons are like summer camp. I thought criminals were supposed to be punished for their crimes, not rewarded.

        • So, make them places no sane person would want to end up at. No "free" health care, make the families pay the costs of incarceration. Execute all death row inmates. Sentence all murders to death (along with the most violent criminals) and carry it out with dispatch. I'm sure you can think of other things.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          That might be a little radical but it would be a good deterrent. LOL

        • Maybe so, but things have gotten so out of hand that radical is what's needed to right the ship. Remember, "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice." And, if we started doing such things with regularity and conviction, crime would go down. I personally believe that government at all levels keeps crime at a level just below the general public's level of intolerance. Part of that is so they can keep their jobs and get increased funds for "crime fighting" and part is just laziness. Show me a bureaucracy who's primary mission wasn't to grow itself. It's already been proven that states that have concealed carry have lower crime since the scumbags don't know who is armed and who isn't.

        • You are right on. I lived in a small city, a suburb of Atlanta, Kennesaw GA. Its the law in Kennesaw, every homeowner is required to have gun. They have zero crime. You don't see the Atlanta black inner city street gangs roaming their streets.

        • I remember hearing about that. The media went catatonic, filling their rags with dire predictions of "High Noon" shootouts and such. So predictable. I love it when they get slapped upside the head with the truth. But they are too dense to see it.

          I used to live in South Carolina so I am familiar with the Atlanta area. Haven't been there in awhile, though. Very gun-friendly areas (outside the big cities). I also used to live in California where there is rampant anti-gun sentiment. Used to get in arguments all the time with nutjobs I worked with. "Why do you need a gun, etc.?" Fortunately, my boss there is a hunter. He appreciated the pics I sent him of the deer my wife and I got after we left the state.

          I now live in a gun-friendly area but a nearby big city requires handguns to be registered. Not doing them much good as there are almost daily shootings. Liberals will never get it.

          Sorry, didn't mean to ramble on.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          I know you are glad to be away from the CA freaks. I'm happy for you living in SC. I traveled SC for years. I have one friend living there. He loves it.

        • I loved Ca. Lived there for many years. The climate was great, the scenery was fantastic; the mountains, the ocean. Did a lot of skiing and scuba diving. But now the lunatics are running the asylum and it just became too ridiculous so we left. Nero (Brown) fiddles while Rome (Ca) burns. As a friend of mine who still lives there said, "We elected Brown but defeated the initiative to legalize marijuana we needed to deal with it." We left just before the election. I lived there when that nutjob was governor the last time. What a mess.

          By the way, I don't live in SC anymore either. I still have family that does. I also liked SC even though it gets a bit hot and humid. It's still a great place to live. I went to high school there. The moving around was largely due to both my father and myself being in the military. My wife finally convinced me we needed to move to her home state to be near her family so I quit my job in Ca and we moved. Still miss Ca but I'm glad we managed to escape intact.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          I've been to CA many times. Its one of the most beautiful states in our country. I have relatives there that would like to move but because of their business, they can't afford to leave. I was also stationed there twice when I was in the military. As a young man I enjoyed Tijuana.

        • I bet you enjoyed Tijuana :). I lived in the northern part in the Sierra foothills. Spent a total of about 27 years there over different periods. We actually managed to make money on the sale of our house which helped us afford to leave. Ca is very beautiful with varieties of climate and terrain to suit most anyone and I enjoyed it all. But the libs have ruined it.

          Here's an example of their lunacy (this is actually in Oregon but the mentality is the same): there is a coastal bed and breakfast, can't remember the name, that has a policy against SUVs. If you arrive in one, they will tell you to leave. It's on their Web site. I suppose if you showed up in a pickup, which gets the exact same mileage and presumably damages the environment just as much, they will let you in. It's only SUVs that are singled out. Is that nuts or what? For the record, I drive an SUV (Ford Expedition). A very versatile vehicle. This was a few years ago so I don't know if the policy is still in effect.

        • They are definitely different. Many of the CA residents are moving to Montana and Oregon, neither state wants them.
          We had a blast in Tijuana when I was in the Marine Corps. I wouldn't want to go there today. I did take my wife, three oldest sons and their wives to Cancun a few years ago. We even went on a tour and to several night spots. It was kind of stupid with all the problems they're having. Those drug Cartels play for keeps. We had lots of security at the Marriott but the Cartels have their own Army so I don't believe our security would have been much help.

  15. Victor Magilke says:

    When politicians talk of cutting entitlements they always speak of Social Security and Medicare instead of cutting some of the massive entitlements that the non-producing inner city dwellers receive. The latest poll reveals that 47-49 percent of Americans pay no taxes. We are on the same path of Financial Armageddon that Greece is. Its time for some real Hope and Change. You can bet your sweet bippy that the inner city dwellers that have never worked, aren't working today and never intend to work will say government isn't doing enough. Why should they work. They have more entitlements than the Greeks. Most of them are on welfare, medicaid, free housing, food stamps, free utilities, free education and hosts of other entitlements. They receive more money in benefits sitting at home, drinking wine on their front porch than the average hard working blue collar workerpe and Change back to what America was before the FDR and LBJ socialist movement.

  16. If we stop all the freebies to undocumented aliens we'd save a fortune. Why do they get a free ride it's not right?

  17. This author may not be serious either! He is relying on polls in the lamestream media isn't he? We can trust the so-called main stream media because they always mess with the results! Opinion polls are just that! They are opinions that shift from day to day.. You wanna cut government? Start with the slush funds, and the ghost offices! Remove government employees who aren't neccessary replace them with machines... Then take the funds away from government unions, then put Social Security into a private fund, and let the poor folk save their money in it! Cut Congress's salary, and then cut the presidential salary! REPEAL OBAMACARE! Thake the department of education and put it under the direct control of the States or get rid of it! Get rid of the EPA completely(no one wants dirty air or water and to assume that some one would is stupid) We don't need an EPA! If we had a legal limit on stupidity we would not even have an EPA! We more than likely don't need a Labor department, and if we did; we would reduce it, and put it under the control of the STATES! We can shrink the FDA as that department could stand to lose a few thousand pounds of red tape! Shrink the department of health and human resources or get rid of it... To live healthy or unhealthy lives is our choice, and there is a lot of open debate on how to live a healthy life! Those measures could do a lot to reduce Federal spending...

  18. I will never accept that social security is an ENTITLEMENT, regardless of what the government feed you. I have paid into social security for more than 40 years. That is not an entitlement, for me that is described as a BENEFIT. The other 'entitlement" I am receiving is my USN retired pay and after serving 28+ years, I also include that into the BENEFIT side of the ledger. Social security is only an ENTITLEMENT for those receiving benefits that never paid in and are using the program the way it was NEVER intended to be used. Politicians bastardized the program back in the 60's and have since cleaned it out. We must revisit all programs, including military retirement but the way Paul Ryan has suggested. Pick a point (Medicare 55 yo) and stabilize the program and revise and renew for those after.

  19. I will gladly give up my SS benefits if it means eliminating all other entitlements also; especially welfare and food stamp and other unearned benefits. If some people can't (or won't) care for their children then take them away and put them in foster care or put them up for adoption. Let the deadbeat parents go on charity or die, it's all the same to me. Oh no! Does that sound cruel and heartless? I don't care! I lost all compassion for these social leaches decades ago when I realized that no matter how much we give them, they demand more and now its a "right" and and "entitlement". It will never end until we simply cut them off. That will motivate them to provide for themselves and develop senses of self reliance and personal responsibility. After all, aren't those the virtues that once made this county the greatest in history?

    • SS is not an entitlement, at least the retirement part. I paid into it all my working life (and still am) so I expect to get it when I retire. People should have been managing their own retirement, not relying on the government via SS, but it's there, we are paying into it so I expect to draw from it. I agree, eliminate welfare and its associated programs. People managed to survive long before the government got involved and created generational welfare and destroying the family unit.