Hey Liberals, Non-Muslims Are Not the Problem

On September 13, actress Bette Midler wrote on her Twitter page, “Who are the idiots who made the video and put it on YouTube? When do we meet them? They should be charged with murder.”

The video she is referring to is, as I’m sure you know, the ultra-low-budget anti-Islam film that the media and the White House are saying "caused" the rioting in Cairo, Libya, and other Muslim-dominated cities..

Here's the way liberal logic works: Somebody offended some Muslim; those Muslims killed some innocent people; the anti-Muslim film and those who made it are accomplices in the murder of the four embassy staff members in Cairo. This despite the following from The Washington Post:

“But senior U.S. officials and Middle East analysts raised questions Wednesday about the motivation for the Benghazi attack, noting that it . . . followed an al-Qaeda call to avenge the death of a senior Libyan member of the terrorist network.”

So it appears the murder of four American embassy workers, one an ambassador, was actually retaliation for the killing of a Libyan terrorist, not for an amateur film made by, well, we really don't know. If the blame-game is as Midler explains it, then the Obama Administration is complicit since Obama's folks ordered the killing.

What would Bette Midler’s say if an emotionally unstable woman had seen one of her movies and subsequently, because of the movie’s depressing story, committed suicide? Would Ms. Midler turn herself in for murder? Does she also believe Al Gore should be charged for the murder-suicide of an Argentinean husband and wife who, fearing the global warming Gore kept saying was going to get everybody in the future, shot their 2-year-old in the back, their 7-month-old in the chest, and then killed themselves?

Muslims in the Middle East do not need provocation. Drawing a picture of Mohammed, as one Danish cartoonist did, is not provocation. The satire publication called The Onion ran a comic of Buddha, Jesus, Ganesh, and Moses engaging in an orgy. Is that not provocative? Of course it is. But the body count was zero because Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, and Jews are not bloodthirsty psychotics.

And yesterday, more peaceful Muslims stormed yet more embassies, one of them being the German embassy in Sudan. The Muslims planted the Islamic flag at the site and set the building aflame. It’s been assumed that they chose the German embassy because German Chancellor Angela Merkel, bless her heart, gave an award to the aforementioned Danish cartoonist who dared draw Mohammed.

We know who the problem is and it is most certainly not non-Muslims. If Christians were as "peaceful" as Muslims are, every church in America with a picture of Jesus would be a smoldering ash heap.



159 thoughts on “Hey Liberals, Non-Muslims Are Not the Problem

  1. We are eventually going to have to talk about the fact that Islam is incompatible with freedom and that we can't be free and kiss butt to Muslims. We are going to have to defend our Constitutional freedoms and tell liberals that we will not allow them to take away our freedom and change our culture to appease Muslims.

  2. Every religion has three sets of followers.

    There are the Fundamentalists who firmly believe
    that only they are the chosen children of God. All others are outsiders.

    There are the Moderates who think that others too
    might also be the chosen children of God.

    Finally there are the Futurists who believe that
    all are children of God.

    When fundamentalists hold dirigiste political
    control, problems arise.

  3. Riddle me this one... Why are actors actresses, singers and song writers being listened to as authorities on civic, national, and world affairs?? Yes, there are some exceptions but just like the rest of our society, few of us are educated, trained, and experienced in those areas. Unfortunately too many of those people who supposedly are "professionals" don't get it either. After all, our current man in office has been tauted as having "diplomatic" experience. Trust me, touring foreign mosques, museums, and restaurants (oh, lest I forget... bowing to a foreign leader), do not qualify as being trained/experienced in foreign relations. We need to challenge the media via their $$$ advertisers $$$ to stop the stupidity. Bett Middler was a good singer, so maybe she can volunteer to sing the call to prayer. jus' sayin'

  4. Obama issues an Executive Order that the NFL Detroit Lions must relocate to Dearborn Michigan, the US Muslim Capital and be renamed the Dearborn Jihadists. Players will have to quit shaving at the beginning of training camp, they will not be allowed to wear helmits but will be allowed to carry automatic weapons and place IUD's on the feild

  5. Why would we expect people who live in and work in fantasy land to have other thank wonderland views of anything?

  6. Great article but Breitbart jumps on the Obama hypocrisy with an article about Bill Maher whose film "Religulous" mocked religion, especially Islam in the last 20 minutes. Will there be riots? Should Obama be forced to give back the $1M to Maher for inciting Muslims to riot? What about Obama bragging about killing Osama Bin Laden? Isn't this incitement too?

    The Left has told so many lies they look like a pretzel trying to untie the knot they've made:
    "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."


  7. Imagine
    the followers of Charles Manson - engaging with him in misogyny, rape
    and child abuse and following him on sadistic murderous outings. And
    writing down Charles' ramblings, acts, philosophy and core-concepts into
    a book, called the Corecon, blessed by Manson's "god".

    His followers, the Manslims, would then use cryptic extracts of the
    Corecon to induct and subjugate more Manslims. The "moderate Manslims"
    would merely proseletyze and induct more Manslims. The "good Manslims"
    would engage in the same behavior as their "divinely inspired" founder,

    All of the Manslims would promote themselves as belonging to a
    "religion" that was "peaceful" - usually while other members of the
    cult, er, "religion" were out and about killing and destroying in the
    name of their "god" and Manson.

  8. Mooslims are easily "set off" without any real provocation. You might cause them to riot by simply stating that you liked Fords more than you liked Chevys.

  9. bette midler is a has been hag that does what she can to get her name in the public eye one more time. She is a waste of human flesh.

  10. Bewilderedandblownaway says:

    First of all, free speech and non-censorship should always be held up, no doubt. Second, the person or persons who created the film obviously did this very deliberately to stir up chaos and anger which is already brewing, (and they were probably commissioned to do it by some who want to remain hidden and have their own agenda... and it was precisely timed around the time of the 11th Anniversary of 9/11. Third, the entire 'Western World' seems to be turning against the entire Muslim world... and it seems to be a witch hunt. 'Cause they are a peaceful people, but 'peace' doesn't mean just standing by and doing nothing while everyone walks all over you. And Christianity preaches the way of peace... and are 'peaceful' too but thousands of wars and killings have also been perpetrated in the name of 'Christianity' so like in every religion or culture, there are people full of rage, but to single out the Muslims just because of this is not fair. And this article proves that many are against them..

  11. Gringo Infidel says:

    Who is Bette Midler and who cares what she tweets?

    IMDB says she is some sort of actress/singer. Who cares what an entertainer 'thinks' or says? Just dance for us monkeys.

  12. So, what can we charge Samuel L. Jackson with for his blatant exploitation of children in his DISGUSTING Liberal video entitled, "WAKE THE F_CK UP!" ? Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor? Nah, I prefer Child Exploitation. If you haven't seen THAT Liberal travesty, look it up on You Tube. Unbelievable.