Jennifer Granholm Revs Up Emotional Democrat Dolts

Wow. Just, wow. I have no words.

I may be late to the party, but I just watched a short clip of a speech given by former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm at the DNC. It is kind of like watching a huge car wreck: it is gut-wrenchingly awful, but I just can’t take my eyes off of it.

The sad sacks in the audience have so completely imbibed of the Obama mind-altering elixir that they are no longer in control of their own bodies. Their mouths drip praise for the man who supposedly “saved the American auto industry.” It looks like a better-dressed (sort of) Grateful Dead concert. The only thing missing is Mitt Romney burning in effigy, although this was certainly implied. What exactly do they put in that convention punch anyway?

Some things are better left to speak for themselves, and this is surely a candidate for that category. I can’t add much in the way of commentary that this video doesn’t say on its own. Watch and enjoy (and then weep and pray for any Democrats in your neighborhood).




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  • Gary Alan Adkins

    She has no future as an actress! Pitiful display!

  • Gary Alan Adkins

    Drag Queen?

  • Alex Picard

    I don’t weep for the morons that support this garbage. I weep for the people who these people take advantage of and oppose their rhetoric.

  • misskitty2u

    The DNC was more of an entertainment factor than anything. Quite the stage show.
    Did all of these speakers have to attend Democratic/Liberal training before the DNC?
    One tried to outshout the other. It wouldn’t have mattered if they were up there shouting their ABC’s. The crowd wouldn’t have known the difference. All they heard was the demoniztion of the Republicans. No platform just ranting and raving.
    I guess that’s part of the prerequisites. The louder you shout, the more sheeple you’ll attract. As long as they sounded more like Rev Wright than a poised speaker with an actual speech….they were okay with them!

  • Ray

    We’ve just witnessed how pathetic the Dem.s really are! I’ll bet that over half of them are on the govt. dole! Probably closer to 90%!!! We need to squeeze this down to a size that we can all finally live with! This woman is a real zero!

  • keepersleeper

    Was Granholm orgasmic? She’s hysterical (I can’t stop laughing)! I believe a lot of these women fantasize sleeping with the president…Geeez!

  • keepersleeper

    Once you get past Granholm’s hysterics, it’s sad, isn’t it?

  • keepersleeper

    This has been a long and painful presidency to experience and it has many of us on edge. Perhaps, we all need to take a break, breathe deeply, calm our nerves, maybe reduce our time in front of the news channels and be resolute in voting Obama OUT in November…DONE!

  • CoffeeNerves

    Wonder if Granholm has had a mental health evaluation lately. I saw another Howard Dean moment in her histrionic rant.
    What a bozo!

  • A.J.

    OMG…She talked more here than the whole time she was Gov. of Michigan. Bigger audience, I guess. Michiganders didn’t want to listen to the Canadian from California anyway. She does look better, though. Must have finally got those big moles removed. She was cuter though in that “Dating Game” clip form ’78.

  • PITA, JR.

    I’m speechless! Too bad she wasn’t smart enough to be speechless too! What a bunch of IDIOTS!!!!!!! Can anybody be this STUPID??!!

    Can’t believe they R praising someone who is taking us over the Cliff and trying to “eliminate” the Seniors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? A government who is trying to make EVERYONE subservient to a power-grabbing, money stealing, administration! Obummer is an imposter and should take his family and fellow thugs and go back to KENYA where he was born.

  • ggb

    One more battery and you would have a working dildo……

  • Amishron

    She needs to pull her finger out of ass so that her little pea brain can get some air. It is once again people like this who have been indoctrinated in socialism that will believe in the anti-American muslim in the White House just like the Germans did with Hitler.

  • Kathleen Craigie

    No thanks… I am going to take your word for it and skip the video…. I saw MORE than ENOUGH of the DINGBAT Dem convention as it was…..thank you very much. I LIVE in Michigan. I don’t need to see more of this woman……………or any of the Kool-Aid Left for that matter!!!

  • James

    I can’t BELIEVE the blindness of these people !

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