Obama Admits Desire for More Poverty, Finds Success in "Obama Phone" Woman

God bless guerrilla journalism. Conservatives are doing yeoman work in reporting on videos from the past that reveal more about liberals and Democrats than any liberal journalist could ever dream of revealing about conservatives and Republicans.

There was the video unearthed by Breitbart of Eric Holder, in 1995, explaining that he believes the American government needs to find a way to "brainwash" people into being anti-gun, which, when considering the murderous Fast and Furious scandal Holder and his boss, Barack Obama, were involved in, is by no means an insignificant find.

Recently video was discovered of Barack Obama, in 1995, bemoaning the collapse of Communism and speaking very favorably of collectivism.

And in still a third video we hear Barack Obama in 1988 express his unwavering belief in the redistribution of wealth ("[T]he trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution? Because I actually believe in redistribution....").

Now, in that last video, Obama also says the following:

What I think will re-engage people in politics is if we’re doing significant, serious policy work around what I will label the ‘working poor,’” he said, “although my definition of the working poor is not simply folks making minimum wage, but it’s also families of four who are making $30,000 a year. They are struggling. And to the extent that we are doing research figuring out what kinds of government action would successfully make their lives better, we are then putting together a potential majority coalition to move those agendas forward.

What Obama is expressing here is his desire for the government to redefine what "poor" is, to expand the definition to include more people, because this will "re-engage" those people--whom he calls a "potential majority coalition"--in politics and get them to vote (they will see that they are getting lots of benefits from the government by being on welfare and will accordingly vote for Democrats). Obama wants these people--poor people--to become the "majority coalition" in order for Democrats to retain power. That's what Obama is saying in that video.

And now we have a wonderful video of a Gilbert Gottfried-voiced woman at a small anti-Romney protest speaking this beautiful poetry:

"Everybody in Cleveland, no minority, got Obama Phone. Keep Obama in president, you know? He gave us a phone, he gon' do more. [Cameraman asks how Obama gave her a phone.] You sign up. If you on food stamps, you on Social Security, you got low income, you disability . Romney? He sucks! Bad!"

What, you might be asking, is an Obama Phone? Well, up until a few hours ago there was a website to explain it, but as of this writing, it is down. But it is essentially a phone provided by the FCC's program called Lifeline, which started under President Reagan in 1984 and expanded under President Clinton in 1996.

What sticks out in the video, at least to me, is when the pitiable woman says, "Keep Obama in president....He gave us a phone, he gon' do more." Which translates to: "Vote for Obama because he gave us a phone and he is going to give us more if you vote for him."

This woman is the "majority coalition" Obama was hoping to create back in 1998 when he spoke of increasing the number of welfare recipients in order to get Democrats elected. She is the perfect testament to the Democratic policy of dependence at work. The situation she finds herself in is what Democrats view as a success on their part.

The single most damaging thing Democrats could ever do to themselves would be to eliminate poverty. That is undeniable.

There are better ways to help these people, and economic enslavement and government dependence are not among those ways, despite Obama's admitted goal of more welfare recipients.



165 thoughts on “Obama Admits Desire for More Poverty, Finds Success in "Obama Phone" Woman

  1. If the ugly, useless, worthless, mu-slime monkey thinks poverty is so great, why doesn't he try it for a few years?? Try living on $10,000 a yr, max, in his economy!!

  2. AlabamaSouthernBelle says:

    Since he thinks poverty is so great, take away his paycheck, let's see how this low class family can live on just enough to make ends meet like the rest of us. Take away his cooks, his driver, and all the other frills that come with being president. Let him live like he wants everyone else to live-with nothing. We'll see then how long he and his marriage last. They've lived off silver trays too long and it's time for them to get what they deserve. Better yet, take him out of office for treason, and put him and his family on a sailing ship out of the country never to be able to step on American soil again as long as he lives. He hates America, he doesn't have to live here and he certainly doesn't deserve a salary from the American People for the rest of his life!

  3. Shariah Law=Obama's plan for us= 666=mark of the beast=Revelation 13:16-18 and all who don't submit= Revelation 20:4 =BEHEADED

  4. That is one of the 47% for whom Romney got screamed at by everyone. Fortunately that is not true for them all. Large numbers are struggling conservatives trying to get back into the job market decimated by the democrats since they took power back in the early 2000s. Obama is just taking advantage of this and the democrap lame stream media are doing a damn good job of spreading their lies.

  5. There was a study done a few years back that made it clear that if all the world's wealth were redestributed evenly to everyone, that in 10 years or so most of the previously wealthy people would be wealthy again and the previously poor would be poor again. I believe this to be true - take a look at how many poor people that won millions in the lottery and a few years later have nothing. Same principle. Those that work to get it will have it and those that don't won't. Redistribution does not work.

  6. The Democrat Party is the new plantation and the democrats are the new overseers.

  7. Better "SLAVERY" from the Demcratic party. The party that brought you the "KKK. The party that is following "HITLER's" Manifesto. Giving rise to the 4th Riech as "Hitler predicted.