Persuading Undecideds: A Brief Tutorial

Rush Limbaugh said on the radio last week that if everybody can sway just one undecided voter, Mitt Romney would handily win the election. Now, I don't believe Romney will win, unfortunately. But I am an eternal pessimist. For those readers more optimistic than I, this is how you persuade undecided voters to join Team Romney.

Pick an undecided voter you know (or one you don't know---online, say), and ask him calmly, "What do you like about Obama and what do you like about Romney?" Make note of his answers, but before responding, also ask, "What do you dislike about Obama and what do you dislike about Romney?"

Keeping in mind the reasons he likes both candidates and the worries he has about both candidates, talk with him about why he should strongly consider voting for Romney. Chances are that the reasons he likes Obama and dislikes Romney are misconceptions about the two candidates. This is usually the case, in fact, judging by my experiences with undecided voters. So correct those misconceptions.

The most important thing is not to use emotionally charged language. Do not, for the love of God, call Obama a socialist, a Marxist, or even a radical. Do not. Obama may be all three of those things, but calling him one does not convert anybody and, in fact, tends to turn people against you, not against Obama. Calling him a socialist (Marxist, radical, what have you) is also much too vague. When decrying socialism, one doesn't simply say, "Socialism is bad because it's socialism." It must be explained why socialism is bad. Likewise, we must explain what specifically makes Obama's policies bad. "Because they are socialistic policies" is not a convincing argument. It isn't even an argument.

Another good thing not to do is not to overload the undecided with too much information in one sitting. If the person you are trying to convert is someone you will be communicating with again in the near future, save some information for that later date. If the person is someone you will never see or speak to again, pick only one or two critical reasons not to vote for Obama, but make sure also to pick one or two critical reasons to vote for Romney. People want to vote for someone rather than just against someone.

Do not pressure the undecided voter. Allow everything to sink into him. He will not make up his mind that day. It could be several weeks before he decides. Do not insist that he have an answer to "Who are you voting for?" immediately after you've spoken with him, because he won't. And that's okay. Be patient.

Good luck. Hopefully you won't need it and my new-found pessimism for this election is not in fact a case of realism.



139 thoughts on “Persuading Undecideds: A Brief Tutorial

  1. John Patrick Henry says:

    This election will be decided between Obama "cool aid" drinkers, "Tea Party" Republicans, Hispanics for economic reasons only, old farts concerned about the upcoming cuts to Med-Care as a result of the passage of Obama-Care Since there is that much motivating a vote to continue with an Obama presidentency for the next four years, or vote for the bland as vinallia ice cream, exciting to drink as your grandfather's Ford LTD Station Wagon, alot of these undecided will stay or go home this next general election. The unemployied youth will break slightly for Romney, more Tea Party Republicans will vote the Obama "cool aid" drinkers, hispanics only slightly for Obama. Mitt Romeny will win the White House with a narrow majority in a low turn out election.

  2. I think Romney will win by a landslide....old soros is working hard and spending millions to spin the real poll figures. Only idiots, dead folk, animals and illegals will vote for the muslim thief in charge!

  3. I can't think of a single thing I like about either one, since both have held the same views on all critical issues. Socialist, globalist A vs socialist, globalist B.
    My "don't like" list is the same for both.
    TARP, Gun Control, Abortion, Homosexual Marriage, Fed Reserve, Unconstitutional Wars, Welfare state, Socialized medicine, gun control.
    Romney ran for office in Massachusetts to the left of Kennedy.
    Obama's Federal Dream looks like Romney's Massachusetts.
    For those of you who vote the lesser of evils, it's still evil.
    Which issue on which Romney has a history am I to brag about as a conservative?
    Even when he is faking, he still can't articulate properly any conservative views.
    And his folks made sure at the convention that no grass roots conservative can ever get the Republican nomination.

  4. In the National panic to "Save America", we have lost the ability to see who and what is our real ememy. Don't you folks get it? Whichever one of the two nominees of the big parties wins is the ADVOCATE FOR THE ILLUMINATI-- the Bilderbergers and the international banking and corporation cattel. Romney even ATTENDED the super-secret meeting of the Bilderberger Group in early June of this year! On two occasions, he was the keynote speaker at conventions of the CFR -- the Council on Foreign Relations, a group that wants American sovereignty skubsumed by the United Nations!
    Regardless of his pleasant persona, kindnesses as a "giving" Mormon, and history as a "creator of wealth" (a friend of business), -- which is used as a perjorative by those funded by the multi-billionaire, George Soros -- Romney, is proven to be a traitor to the Constitution that he, as Governor, was sworn to honor and defend. ROMNEY HAS REPEATEDLY SAID HE ADVOCATES AND WOULD USE THE NDAA as POTUS. THAT law, and the bureaucracy it puts into place -- Homeland Security and TSA, etc, is in total BETRAYAL OF OUR CONSTITUTION! NDAA has the effect of making the POTUS a DICTATOR and establishing a corps of "brownshirts" willing to take HIS command regardless of its Constitutionality.
    Romney has also said that he supports the UNconstitutional Federal Reserve -- which is where the PTB control the distribution of the wealth stolen from the citizens! Romney, like akaObama, is already a traitor. So, what will we call those who support him?
    Go to to get the truth on applying the Constitution.

  5. I believe that there will not be an election on 6
    November because the communist will invent a crisis to enable him to declare martial law thus allowing him to become the dick taster, uh, dictator.

  6. Unfortunately, this may all be academic, as it's entirely possible that there will be no election this year. It has been suggested in a lot of places that there will be a manufactured "incident" sometime in the next month or so--possibly even this foolishness going on right now in the Middle East--that will cause Obama to declare martial law (thanks to one of his many executive orders, he can do so at any time and for any reason--or none at all). At this time it would be a simple matter to suspend elections "for the duration of the emergency." It's happened before in other places, and now that the Constitution is being completely ignored by those in power, it's only a matter of time before it happens here as well.

  7. I went to the city clerks office the other day to make sure my mother was registered, while talking with the girl I told her that there were some friends of mine taking a poll, I said you don't have to say if you are a democrat or republican or what ever party we are just trying to get an idea on how the election will go. she said she was not sure yet. I said thank you then I said in a very nice voice If you want to know the truth about either party go online and search for the answers but to do it for each candidate on each issue that you feel are the top priorities in your life. I also said do not believe everything you hear on the news stations because they are all biased one way or the other and spin things in their candidates favor or against the other guy. I said you will find more truth online and if you have questions about an issue that you're having a hard time investigating ask friends from both sides for positive things they know about that issue from each of their candidates and then make your choice for the person that better suits your needs ... I said it in that way in the hopes that she will see that Romney is the better choice for all Americans at this point

  8. don't blame the undecided who decided to vote for the loser;; hold their hand and tell them they really are not stupid just misguided because they are mentally challenged and then you give them a GOOD KICK IN THE ASS.

  9. Think the reason they took the o is they are the ones using the racist card plus they also have a no ball party either think about it cliton ran to canada and the o is lieing about the movie too seems he needs balls and stop lieing about it

  10. You need to stop this negativity RIGHT NOW. You are demoralizing the weak among us. It's people like you who may end up re-electing the buffoon in chief. It beats me how anyone can be undecided after the unmitigated disaster of the last 4 years. This douchebag is beatable so STOP IT.

  11. "What do you like most about Baal and what do you like most about Ashtoreth?"
    "What do you dislike about Baal and what do you dislike about Ashtoreth?"

    "You shall not do at all what we are doing here today, every man doing whatever is right in his own eyes..." Deut 12

  12. I agree that there are a lot of undecideds who will not let on whom they will vote for and probably sway towards Romney unless they belong to a household or have friends/relatives who get aide for special needs kids, parents, etc. I also feel in my gut that a lot of democrats will vote for Romney, but right now they will not come out and say it. To me the traversy is that the networks and print media do not have the courage to talk about what is going on in the world and what Obama's policies have done to America. I hope I am right.
    With the anger and divisiveness it is hard to even talk about any candidate or party today. You gain more enemies. I have not seen bumper stickers in our area like the last election. People are too afraid to be labeled/branded and so keep their politics quiet.
    Vote Romney/Ryan and reclaim America.

  13. Normally, their are usually undecided that occupy about 20% of the vote... With the recent reveiw it is said the Republican core voters that previously were counted as the 40% has been increased to 47% , but that would mean they would occupy only some where between 13%-to about 3% if they even exist... With Obama I would not be surprised if the voters were already decided in favor of Romney and Against Obama.... Obama can't even fill a small stadium nowadays.. Obama shouild change his slogan to-" No we can't, and No we didn't".. Romney 2012! Remember Obama will have his fraud machine out in full force! So get out and Vote, so we can get rid of the Bum-Carter-wannabe-in-chief Obama!

  14. I'm a Republican PCO and will NOT vote for Romney. There's not one iota of difference between AKA and Romney, other than style. Only, I see Romney as more dangerous because the average Republican will go to sleep, sighing a big sigh of relief that an 'R' is in charge, even though that 'R' will accomplish the same as AKA. At least with AKA, they'll stay awake enough to pay attention. Don't believe me, listen to mr. etch-a-sketch for yourself say the same as AKA.

    • You think the Supeme Court Replacements(there will be 3) of Obama will be no different than Romneys appointments? If we send a good conservative Congress to Washington they will hold Romneys feet to the conservative fire. If Obama appoints 3 ultral liberal Judges to the Supreme Court we will see the end of our Republic as we know it. For this reason alone we must keep Obama from a second Term. If we fail, we will doom our children and grandchildren to 40 more years of American liberal hegemony and smothering taxation.

  15. It seems as this advice comes from someone who wants to conceal the fact that obama IS in fact a radical, communist, socialist, Marxist

  16. TeaParty and Libertarians were responsible for 2010 landslide.
    Romney is going after everyone else but them.
    Big Mistake.

  17. Even Gallup has them tied 47% to 47%...Given that historically 70% of the undecideds break and vote against the incumbent it looks like 51% to 49% win for Romney. I personally think Romney will win most of the swing states and the final sate count will be 40 states Romney and onlty 10 for Obama(or maybe O thinks he will get the other 17 states...:o)

  18. I like the following way better...

    "HOW To Make Conservatism Appeal To Liberals"

    1. Rule #1- do not use the terms/words Conservatism or Conservative. Rather use synonymous words, terms and concepts, like: Liberty, Freedom, and Independence.

    From there present these points in progression.

    2. WE promote tax cuts for ALL Families. YOU keep more of YOUR money. Spend or invest how YOU want.

    3. WE promote tax cuts for ALL individuals. YOU keep more of YOUR money. Again, YOU spend or invest how YOU want.

    4. WE promote tax cuts for ALL charities and churches and synagogues/temples. YOUR community keeps more of YOUR money to use THERE as YOU all decide.

    5. WE promote tax cuts for ALL businesses. YOU or the company YOU work for can use, spend or invest YOUR money in and on YOUR job, hire new employees, buy more and/or modern equipment, GIVE RAISES, BONUSES, PROMOTIONS...

    6. WE promote tax cuts on EVERY sale, purchase and investment. It's YOUR money.

    7. WE promote getting rid of ALL taxes on things like getting married or dying.

    8. WE also promote getting government OUT of YOUR life, family,worship center, charity, community, job...

    9. WE promote deregulating and liberating.

  19. A vote for anyone other than Romney /Ryan is a vote against America-This coming election is crucial to ALL of us, even those too ignorant to realize it.... It may be our last chance to save this great country...