The Untold Story of Islam

Author Tom Holland shook the Islamic world early this year with his book In the Shadow of the Sword. Now, he has taken his book and turned it onto a documentary of sorts called Islam: The Untold Story. Holland has the temerity to question whether Islam is legitimate based on textual criticism of its own book, the Koran.

To begin with, Holland compared the surviving documentary evidence of the birth of Islam with the actual text of the Koran and found several discrepancies. This is actually nothing new. Scholars have been finding supposed contradictions between the biblical text and documentary evidence for centuries. But Holland does not necessarily have an axe to grind with Islam. He is not, as many liberal scholars are intending to do with the Bible, trying to disprove the Koranic text; he is simply asking questions and trying to get down to the heart of the matter.

However, Islamic scholars who actually believe the Koran is reliable completely discount anything Holland has to say. When Holland asks a professor of Islamic Studies at George Washington University if a non-Muslim can understand the origins of the Muslim world, the simple reply is “no.” Holland’s own admitted non-attachment to the Islamic religion immediately disqualifies him from being able to answer the basic questions he is asking. Like a private club, Muslim scholars have little time or patience for interlopers like Holland. Their minds are made up already.

But would it even matter if Holland was a Muslim himself? The answer seems to be self-evident. If they are unwilling to listen to an outsider, or even acknowledge that his research is worth looking into, why should they accept the findings of a “heretic” inside the camp? Anyone, whether from within or without, who dares to question the legitimacy of the Koran, will be treated as an outsider and therefore, easily dismissed as unqualified. The system is closed. Denying or even questioning the Koran is grounds for being disregarded and ignored. A British reviewer of the documentary had this to say:

Herein lay another parallel story that was seldom far from the surface but which remained steadfastly untold. For decades – centuries even – scholars have felt free to contest the accuracy of other religious texts. Not least the Bible; what's true, what's parable and what's just wishful thinking has all been up for grabs without any serious damage being done to Christian beliefs. Not so with Islam, around which non-Islamic scholars tread with extreme caution. I'm all for cultural and religious sensitivity, but the degree to which Holland tiptoed around the subject and apologised for his findings went way beyond what was required. Or would have been on offer for any other religion. It was almost as if he was looking over his shoulder, half expecting a fatwa at any minute.

And this is the real story with Islam. No one—researcher, journalist, or seeker—doubts that Muslims take their religion seriously, very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that apologies are often the first and last thing offered any time someone has the guts to ask questions about the religion—where it came from, who Muhammad was, what he did, etc. Scholars can feel free to rip the Bible to shreds and still sleep comfortably at night, but this is not the case with Islam. Anyone, even author/historians, must constantly reassure Muslims that they are not implying anything “true” when they question the Islamic religion, or its founder, or its truth claims because there is always a spirit of fear associated with Islam. And this is precisely why the professor at GWU was quite forthcoming in his answer: Anyone is free to investigate the origins of Islam, just don’t expect to be taken as being credible. The only “true” Islamic scholar is the one who says the Koran is correct in all it teaches. The Koran is true because the Koran is true; if it was good enough for Muhammad, it’s good enough for modern Muslims.



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  1. They fear the truth from being unraveled.,because it would bring about the decline of this violent dogma. So,they are prepared to kill the apostate or anyone critical of their violent founder. They constantly preach jihad & violence against infidels . We are in the 21st century ,looking forward to the next conquest , landing on Mars The first man who landed on the moon in the 20th century died a few days ago .He conquered the moon and pounded his feet on it .The myth should have disappeared.

    • Man will NEVER land on Mars. unless the Chinese do it - the US is so broke we have to beg rides on Russian spacecraft. the Chinese are ready to put a man on the moon - and will probably create the first settlements there. We are only interested, as Obama commanded, in reaching out to the Muslim community.

  2. Islam is an ideology that relies on complete ignorance from its followers. It is anti-intelligent in the extreme, demanding submission, but not the assent of the mind, only the will. How convenient that they would claim those who are not brainwashed can never understand. This is the eternal cant of the cultist.

  3. SomewhereInTexas says:

    islam is not a religion; it is a godless and totalitarian cult. The very word means "submission". It has been violent since its inception and is incompatible with American government and laws.

    • Yes, it means submission to God (Allah). Just as Christians should submit to their God.

      • SomewhereInTexas says:

        Major difference: "Allah" is a pagan moon god, one of many worshipped by pantheistic Arabs. There is no equivalence.

      • Christians willingly and consciously accept the faith, not just mindlessly carry out empty beliefs - this seems to be what muslims are called to do - there is a vast difference between the two. And as others have said, islam is not a religion, but an ideology which preaches submission, that all non-muslims are infidels and must pay tributes, or face persecuition and death, at least in the Mideast - when's the last time you heard of a mob of Jews or Christians burning down a mosque or blowing themselves up and killing othersr?

  4. The reasons no one worries about questioning the accuracy of the Bible (even though to date no alleged factual inaccuracy has been proven to be so. Can you spell "Hittites"?) is that neither Catholics nor Baptists nor Methodists nor Orthodox nor Presbyterians nor any other Christian group has - at least to the best of my knowledge/recollection - at any time EVER:
    Strapped explosives onto themselves and blown themselves - along with innocent bystanders - to shrapnel
    Strapped explosives onto helpless mentally retarded girls and detonated them in a crowded square

    Set and detonated bombs in trains and subway cars
    Detonated large explosive devices in the basement of a landmark skyscraper.
    Flown an airliner full of innocent people into a national monument
    Flown an airliner full of innocent people into a skyscraper
    Blown up a Church of a different sect

    Muslims, on the other hand, have done all of that and much, much more.

    The only Muslim you KNOW isn't lying to you is the one not talking. If he/she is talking/writing they could easily be lying to you. Funny, isn't it? The God of the Prince of Peace despises liars and will consign all of them to the lake that burns with fire forever. The God of the Religion of Peace condones and even approves of lying.

    I vaguely recall one major character being termed "the father of lies". Could there be a correspondence there?

  5. Islam and Socialism the two most horrific dangers facing America. Wake up America, Obama supports both.

  6. All this shows is that religious people are fanatics, and there are fanatics that are so serious about their fables, they will try to kill you if you express anything about it. Essentially it is the most dangerous disease of mankind, one that could conceivable destroy it (nuclear weapons in extremist Islamic hands).

    They don't care about their own lives or their relatives', and even less (if that's possible) about anyone elses. So the Soviets NOT attacking the West because they didn't want to destroy themselves, is something we cannot count on with Muslims.

    They don't understand that once they, and their families, are dead, they are dead forever. No paradise, no hell, NOTHING!!! No 72 virgins or raisins. Zilch!!!

  7. The Truth Sometimes Hurts says:

    Please do not insult the world's religions by classifying islan as a religion. It is nothing more than a CULT of VIOLENCE!!!

  8. Man is the establishment, the sons of God are the usurpers.

  9. Here is a well-known fact, even in the Muslim world. When Muhammad was 50yo, he "married" a 6yo little girl named Ayisha. The pedophile consumated the marriage when Ayisha was 9yo. (Google Muhammad) Allah has been worshipped as a pagan Moon-god since the days of ancient Arabs. (Google Allah) Khadija, Muhammad's first wife elevated Allah from a pagan Moon-god to a deity.
    One day, Muhammad was hallucinating and wallowing in a Meccan street. He was screaming that demons were after him. Khadija came to his aid and convinced Muhammad that there were no demons. She said Allah was trying to speak to him...the birth of Islam, folks. (Google Islam and Khadija) Why do you think Islamic "scholars" don't want to believe anything but what they believe?
    Islam is as phony as Barack Obama. Read it for yourselves; that's what I did.

  10. I always remember what Winston Churchill had to say about islam. Winny had them pegged more than a hundred years ago. Look it up.

  11. the Quran is probably one of the best recruiting books ever. It appeals to the basest and most criminal side of humanity, which is why it has sold the most in the basest and most criminal side of humanity.

  12. Read WHY WE LEFT ISLAM to know what it was like for these Muslims to live under Islam.

  13. This tiptoeing with regards to the Muslims is ridiculous. I am sick of it. What kind of religion screams for blood just be cause of a stupid movie. I think a lot of you need to grow up. The way the rebels act and with the Imams and Taliban inciting them and yelling "kill the infidels", it's no wonder that people like that film maker makes a movie like that. I keep hearing that Islam is a religion of peace and love but that is not what the world is seeing