TSA Breaking the Law and Raping America with Impunity

People often think that a nation of laws is immune to the tyranny of men. Tyrants want you to think that. If you were a tyrant trying to give orders to everyone, that would be too exhausting to be any fun. What you would want was a self-governing society that ran itself except in the cases where you wanted to interfere. So you would, if you could, set up a society where the rule of law normally was honored, except when you decided to break the law.

There might be an added benefit to such a society. If you could convince people that they were, really, ruled by equitable laws rather than the arbitrary and self serving orders of tyrants, you would avoid the unhappiness and resentment that most tyrants provoke in their people. Plus, the economy would be more prosperous, giving you more money to play with.

So all you have to do is simply make sure some organizations are exempt from the rules. Like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
Back in the summer of 2011, our nation suffered the tragedy of having the courts throw out the constitutional challenge brought against the TSA by the Electronic Privacy Information Center. This was a victory for the TSA, you would think.

But not enough of a victory to satisfy whoever is making decisions for the TSA, it seems. The court, as Wired reports, “also ordered the TSA ‘to act promptly’ and hold public hearings and publicly adopt rules and regulations about the scanners’ use, which it has not done, in violation of federal law.”

That order was made on July 15, 2011. We have now reached the Fall of 2013 and the TSA have not obeyed that directive or obeyed the pertinent federal laws. What has the Court done in response? They have punished the TSA with more extensions of time to comply. Tuesday, the TSA was given until March 2013. I wouldn’t hold my breath. When it comes to the TSA, judges are like the unarmed cop who says “Stop! Or I’ll say ‘stop!’ again.”

The TSA, being an unaccountable bureaucracy, is able to shift blame to other unaccountable bureaucracies.

The Transportation Security Administration has denied allegations from the Electronic Privacy Information Center that it was stonewalling the court’s order. (.pdf) The TSA said the agency was having staffing issues and was awaiting approval from the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Management and Budget before it releases public documents associated with its 2009 decision to make the body scanners the “primary” security apparatus at the nation’s airports.

The maddening fact is that a court only one step below the Supreme Court has ruled that the TSA has broken Federal law by implementing the scanners in the way they did, but has done nothing about it beside this toothless “order” (which is now effectively nothing more than a request or suggestion) to hold public hearings.

The public is being raped by an unaccountable bureaucracy. We are not safer because of it and we are paying billions for the privilege.



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18 thoughts on “TSA Breaking the Law and Raping America with Impunity

  1. Some time back, when all this TSA nonsense started, I vowed I would never again fly to anyplace I could drive. Who's with me?

    • I am, I quit flying after the latest addition of checking drinks you buy pass the security checkpoint and the TSA walking around checking boarding passes once you pass security. I believe they are no better than the gestapo

    • Don't blame the TSA -- blame thier boss.
      The boss of the TSA used to be Bush -- a Republican.
      The boss of the TSA today is Obama -- a Democrat.
      Then blame the Congress who created them
      and gave that dictatorial power to the President..

  2. Phil, been doing it since the came into creation. I've already told my employer he can fire me anytime he decides to fly me someplace because I will not fly. Nor will my family. Not until the TSA is abolished and their leaders are all locked up for crimes against Americans.

  3. do they use personal lubricant when they check your privates? oh yes baby do it again

  4. If it were left up to me, starting immediately, the TSA agents would report for work assignmnets with the U.S. Border Patrol....or not report to work again. It would be up to them. Airport security responsibilities would return to the control of airport authorities as was done before the TSA Nazis took over.

  5. how long before TSA mans all state borders too? this is only the beginning.

    • They brought them to the Paul Ryan rally from CVG (Cincinnati airport) to man the metal detectors that the Secret Service used to operate.

  6. good article... but we are now in the fall of 2012... not 2013.

  7. But the sheople like it, they think the TSA is a good thing. I have gotten into countless arguments with sheople over the TSA. I do not think that the TSA exist's to keep us safe, nor do they exist to protect the airlines investments. The private sector should be providing security at airports, not the government. The only reason the TSA exist's is control of the American people. The TSA is an example of tyranny.

    • 1_Eddie_1, excuse me for thinking like this; but, is it possible the people
      that like TSA, like the extra hands attention?
      Otherwise, it does not made sense. They have to know that the x-rays are not healthly. Are they foolish? The government says x-rays are safe. "Hello, one does not believe them. Remember Agent Orange-- so safe, right?

  8. Privatize it. As long as the government's involved, they know they will have a pass because no one in the government is held accountable.

  9. Due to a death in the family I had to fly to orange county Ca last June. Knowing what the tsa is like I wore no jewelry, slip on slacks and a pullover top which meant no buttons, zippers or snaps of any kind. I still had to go thru the full xray scanner and even then I was told a female TSA agent had to feel my legs. Since I had no metal on me of any kind and had just had my naked image taken can someone explain why it was necessary to feel my legs?

  10. Personally I think the female tsa agent was a lesbian!

  11. With a dictator at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., they will continue to operate as The Gestapo.