WH Still Pushing 'The Film Made Them Do It' Narrative

Jay Carney is still pushing the story that an anti-Muslim film “forced” these “dedicated religious Muslims” to riot, burn, and murder. It’s the Geraldine Jones defense, made famous by comedian Flip Wilson: "The Devil made me do it."

But instead of the devil, it’s some obscure film. A film doesn’t make anybody commit criminal acts.

These Muslim radicals don’t need an excuse to riot. There is so much anti-Muslim material on the internet that it’s hard to believe that some amateur film that’s been out since June and that few people have seen is what’s motivating these terrorists.

What’s shameful is that our government is falling for this and trying to convince the American people that bloodshed in the name of Allah is righteous because of some perceived religious offense.

And so what if this film is all these Muslims say it is? Does this mean that they are justified in attacking our embassies and killing representatives of the United States who had nothing to do with the film? Give me a break.

All you anyone has to do to find out what the real motivation for these riots is to read the latest news stories. I suspect that President Obama doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in the world because he’s in fund raising mode. He was just bragging that he raised more money in August that Mitt Romney did. Four US citizens were killed, and he’s playing a game of one-upmanship.

Even the folks at the Associated Press have fallen for it. Of course, they’re in the tank for Omama :

“Angry protests over an anti-Islam film spread across the Muslim world Friday, with demonstrators scaling the walls of U.S. embassies in Tunisia and Sudan and torching part of a German embassy. Amid the turmoil, Islamic militants waving black banners and shouting ‘God is great’ stormed an international peacekeepers base in Egypt's Sinai and battled troops, wounding four.”

What do “international peacekeepers” or Egyptian solders have to do with an anti-Muhammad film that was supposedly developed by someone in the United States?

Those in the Obama administration either have been the willing victims of an extravagant hoax or they are trying to salvage what’s left of a dismal presidency and are willing to say anything to protect the President. There are even people in the media who are doubting if this “anti-Islam film is even a film in the first place —a mind-boggling thought given the international uproar it has caused for insulting the prophet Muhammad.”

As BuzzFeed's Rosie Gray noticed,

“The video is a compilation of the most clumsily overdubbed moments from what is in reality an incoherent, haphazardly-edited set of scenes.” Just look at the horrid way the desert backdrop is green-screened into the background. This is a film with a $5 million budget?

Obama, Hillary, and Jay Carney are trying to sell the American people some flim-flam. As Mordecai Jones said, “You can’t cheat an honest man.”



288 thoughts on “WH Still Pushing 'The Film Made Them Do It' Narrative

  1. Convincing people that the "film" did it absolves the usurper and the poor excuse for a secretary of state of everything. I hope the electorate understands and remembers the president and his administration for what they are: arrogant, inept and naively dangerous. Another four years of Obama and we won't be here anymore.

  2. We're preaching to the choir here. We all know islam is an aberration and a mistake that plays to a backward and medieval culture. On our own behalf's we in the West must face that a showdown is looming. Islam is unacceptable and it is up to the West to free everyone living under it's boot. The best thing that could have happened had we someone in the Whitehouse with brains and balls is to have cleared those streets. We don't have an airforce, drones and missiles for nothing. And while we are at it we should target for elimination every so-called cleric that calls for our destruction. It's a declaration of war and they've made it.

  3. It's time to quit caring about what these people think and start acting like it, any fool in any part of the world can easily come up with someting the muslims don't like and said it came from america just to justify killing americans , but it's our own fault for not being who we are and trying to appease those very ignorant people , we should walk soft and carry a big stick any one don't like it stay the hell out of the way,and quit letting those idiots build those damed places of worship in america there religion must not be working for them they keep coming here.

  4. This will surely go down in history as one of the (of many) bleakest moments in this poor countries history. Before the ayatollah barack hussein obama's mantra was "it is all Bush's fault" now he, hillary and his thugs and minions can and will blame the unrest with regard to our overseas embassies to an obscure "film made by a "Coptic Christian" against mohammed (the pedophile)" When is this deplorable coward ever going to take blame for all his own terroristic actions against America???? WAKE UP AMERICA before it is too late.

  5. "what's shameful is that our government is falling for this"??? What? Are you saying you think our government really believes the lies they are telling us are correct and they really belive that garbage? Well I hate to destroy your trust in these liars in high office but they're not really that stupid. They know they are lying when they point to that video as the reason for the attacks but they'd rather blame that video than admit their own miserable foreign policy failures. The failed, wrong headed positions of insulting and abandoning our allies and bending over and apologizing to our muslim enemies has FAILED MISERABLY. That's what's behind all these attacks, the failure of the Obama administration to command respect for our nation, our values, our traditions, our military and our citizens. They have failed to keep their oath of office to defend America and it's that weakness that has invited these attacks. Don't be so naive or nice to these lying politicians, they haven't "fallen for" that idea that this video really caused the problem, they know they have caused the problem and they're lying to us again to save their own hides. Vote their sorry asses out in Nov.

  6. If the Islams want war we should let them have it !! First cut off all the money sent to them ($billions) Then if they kill one of ours, we need to kill at least 100 of theirs. No excuses, no alibis, no b s . obama has destroyed all respect the world had for the USA. They respect strength and obama is considered a coward in their eyes. We need a leader that will react not apologize when they kill our people!

  7. Obama has Hillary Clinton spewing lies to the American people, then it's Jay Carney. These people have no shame. We've come to expect anything that comes out of Obamas mouth is a lie, so now he is using his surrgates to lie for him. Folks, this usurper is using his deceptive tactics on you once again. Do'nt buy it. This is the very reason that he already controls the liberal news stations, and, is why he wants control of the internet. Be careful who you vote for.

  8. readlearnorshutup says:

    There goes 'freedom of speech' in the U.S. The next step will be for this corrupt administration to do away that right of free speech, or label anything that's not 100% positive about Islam as 'hate speech' and imprison people for it. Let's not forget that the Whiner in Chief has discovered the wonderful power of the executive order so has no brakes on his behavior any longer. He's on his own, on his last gasp and last chance and 'devil take the hindmost' as the old adage goes. He becomes progressively more dangerous every minute because he has 'nothing to lose' and no one to answer to and no one to stop him. And he knows it.

  9. Have you noticed how desperate they are. Desperate people who are crazy, never had this much power, and corrupt have tried desperately to move the middle of the line as far left as they can so...it seems, The middle is know the middle half of the democratic side, and if you are in the actual middle, you are right wing radical. Desperate people do desperate things. Im just saying..the left wing could cause a war or something as to cause no election. I do not put it past them. This is ganster polotics, lying, cheating, and stealing from the American People like we have never seen before. We are being ripped off and they will make it so miserable by the time the G-20( who is really running the show and only a hand ful of them) is done with America we will be begging for the UN to come in and help us right into a NEW WORD order and the sheep will be lead to the slaughter, and her it comes. Oh yea, their reign is short.Smile, pray you make it!

  10. cherokee_warrior says:

    Just watched the Chris Wallace program, and his interview of Susan Rice, the ambassador to the UN. When Chris asked for her thoughts on what started the riots, immediately she went after this little known movie. Very adament in her argument.
    Yet, listen to the shouting, in Egypt, Obama, Obama we are Osama. Obama has shouted out his words, I killed bin Laden, many times to often. He, with his Muslin background, should know that you do not 'goad' muslims, for they will kill you, if they can. I am sure that, if someone was to suggest to Obama that he make an immediate trip to Egypt, to help settle the atomosphere, he would crawl into a 'hidey hole' and shake with fear.
    Also, Ms. Rice was most definite, when questioned about Obama's plans for Iran, that the
    present program will bring Iran around. Ie, hurt them in money area, hurt them in decreased oil sales. Hey, doubt if similar idiot in charge, in Iran, cares little about the current policies.
    He knows that the Iranian people will accept whatever he says or does. They know that if they react, they will be the ones to suffer. This is what happens when the common people are treated like sheep.

  11. This effort must be for the democrat base, who else would believe it?

  12. I disagree with the author; Obama & Co. and the MSM haven't "fallen" for anything. They know exactly what they're doing. By blaming the mass attacks and violence on the U.S. and the murders of four diplomats solely on the video, it deflects from their policy failures. They're hoping the American people WILL fall for this farce. The claim is so ridiculous, however, that I have faith most Americans are much smarter than the credit given them by liberals.
    The fact that they're going after the creator of the film makes them look petty and immature, and also is a violation of the man's 1st Amendment rights. This country should be outraged by Obama's handling of these very dangerous attack for two reasons; first, by demonstrating a foreign policy of appeasement and disengagement, and second, by responding weakly and irresponsibly and virtually without action.
    This guy's got to go.

  13. Hey Barack baby, you must really think the people are stupid? Could this be a re-election game plan for you. Did your brothers, or your $billionaire buddy, Georgieboy, set this up for you? Just like Clinton bombed the aspirin factory on the eve of his Impeachment?

  14. I think you've missed the boat in this article. To quote: "What’s shameful is that our government is falling for this and trying to
    convince the American people that bloodshed in the name of Allah is
    righteous because of some perceived religious offense." This administration knows full-well why these attacks are happening: Obama's inept foreign policy of appeasement, delay, weakness, and ignorance have all caused this + of course Muslims hatred for the U.S.

  15. The real problem is not a film--- the Middle East is and always will be a f--ed up mess because they mix their corrupt government politics in with all their old tribal no tolerance religions and we Americans pay for all this s--t with our lives and money.

  16. Come on people lets be honest. Yes there are depressing films out their on no matter what subject you want to watch but that film was mearly an excuse for those killers to do their blood thirsty deeds. The attack on eht embasy would not have happened if Barock Obama would been on the job and not out campaining. He and his staff new about it for days before it happened and Obama did absolutly nothing about it. Didn't even put marines in place to protect American lives. Something go wrong all Obama wants to do is find something or someone to blame. He is not fit to be Comander-in-Chief, he should be impeached.

  17. I wish the Quran was printed on softer paper.

  18. Ain't it a joke. All those high-paid Haaaavard poeple in the WH and not a brain between them.