Is Victory Plausible in an Unfair Election?

It’s not surprising that the U.S. Government is one of Obama’s top 5 campaign donors. Guaranteed higher salaries is one reason. Obama has proposed giving federal employees a 0.5% pay increase next year even though government employees already make more money on average than their private sector counterparts. Government employees also enjoy a higher job security rate than that in the private sector simply because governments don’t really have to be constrained by a budget and are therefore not really concerned with “cutting costs” and laying off employees. It’s in federal employees’ best interests to keep Obama in power, because it means higher pay, better benefits and better job security. But some agencies might also be pressuring employees into voting for Obama.

Fox News reported last month that at least 2 FAA supervisors have been accused of pressuring federal employees into voting for Obama by saying their job security would be at risk if the Republicans take over in Washington. One of the e-mails from a federal employee obtained by Fox News stated that the FAA told employees that “if the conservative [Republicans] gain control of congress then the FAA could be looking [at] as much as a 15% cut in budget and we [may] be looking at furloughs.” This isn’t all that surprising. In fact, I’d be surprised if this wasn’t happening across the board, not just by the FAA.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a story in Atlanta recently that involves a man receiving a parking ticket after the parking officer notices he has a Romney bumper sticker on his car. An Atlanta Fox affiliate reported:

The motorist admits that he was illegally parked, but is upset over the ticketing officer’s reaction to the bumper sticker. 
”I overheard her say that, when she saw the sticker on the back of my car, the Mitt Romney sticker, ‘Oh, I’m definitely going to give you a ticket now,'” he said.

This has the Georgia Republican Party incensed, and the man simply wants an apology. Neither Atlanta’s Democrat Mayor Mohammed Kasim Reed nor the ticketing agency have commented.

Obama wants to stay in power, so he makes sure government employees are well taken care of, and he makes sure his entire administration knows that if he is not re-elected, they might all lose their jobs. They pay him homage by being one of his top campaign donors. As the government expands, Obama’s electorate expands. But as our government continues to party on the taxpayers’ dime, business owners buckle under the pressure of Obama’s burdensome regulations and Obamacare mandates. People continue to lose their private sector jobs, lose their homes, and many have simply given up looking for work. It all seems to be stacked against us, but maybe the debate this Wednesday will turn things around.



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  • Upaces

    Joy! Please, Please I don’t mind being wrong…on this I WANT to be wrong. Please can you get that article for me?

  • Victor Magilke

    I am just as furious as all patriotic Americans about the damage Obama has inflicted on middle class Americans. The public service employees and the biased media are a powerful force for the republicans to defeat. And mind you, they are both ardent Obama supporters. As far as the upcoming election. Whether you like Romney or not, he is by far the lesser of two evils.In fact, I believe he is a kind and decent man. An important issue is. Another supreme court justice will be appointed by the next administration. Obama has already appointed Sotomayer and Kagan. The two worst in my lifetime. Eric Holder will be Obama’s next supreme court Justice. There is a lot riding on this election. Obama’s race has nothing to do with his presidency. He has proven to be inept and an anti-Christian Racist. Four more years of Obama will be catastrophic for white America. Romney was not my choice but he is far better than Obama. . I will support a third party with vigor after the election but our nation can not survive four more years of Obama. We must unite to defeat Obama this election.Many Americans have no where to turn to other than a third party. To get nominated by the RNC you have to cater to the corrupt right wing extremists who consider abortion a crime but believe its okay to annihilate all the Arabs at Israel’s behest regardless of what war crimes Israel commits against them. The extreme right wing loons believe we must give Israel unconditional support. I don’t believe in giving any country unconditional support. To get nominated by the DNC you must appease the black caucus, gays and communists which is why our country is on a path to catastrophic collapse.. The decent righteous politicians will be able to reason with Romney on some issues and make compromises. But we’ve witnessed, Its impossible to reason with Barack Obama.This is why I will support a third party with vigor after the election, but we must support the republican ticket this election, our nation can not survive four more years of Obama.

  • danimal

    Tonight we will see if Mitt can put the salt on the tail of the turkey we have squatting in OUR Whitehouse. Hope sits right next to my weopons, I’m NOT giving up and nobody is going to take them away from me.

  • cherokee_warrior

    Worse thing that I see in the above story is that the Atlanta mayor is most likely an islamic.
    Question then becomes, was he born as such or a convert? History tends to tell us that converts to Islam are more radical than those born into that religion.
    We need to do some serious ‘house cleaning’ and start checking the status of muslims in the USA. Dearborn, Michigan would be another good place to check the ‘paperwork’.

  • Jo Schwarz

    We need to stop this corrupt machine. We need to get out and vote in droves. We need to expose everything we can about this 0bama to friends and family who are still in denial about who he really is. Romney’s people have to work harder at getting out his plan for America and show the contrast between what 0bama is doing TO the country and what Romney will DO FOR the country.

  • tony

    Get this man out of power as soon as posible.

  • Richard William Faith

    This website is much to politically “correct” for me. I’m SO out of here!

  • Linda Sills

    The corruption is so great that I too thought of prayer. This country was founded with God as a foundation. He has blessed us and made it a choice nation. However, the wickedness is becoming so great that I fear him letting go. I hope there are prayers being sent that tells him of our desires to save this once great land.

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