More Liberal Love for the Police State: Jerry Brown Blocks the Legislature from Protecting Privacy

California Governor Jerry Brown is known for many things, most of them very bad from a conservative point of view. But many of you might be old enough to remember when liberals wanted to protect civil liberties. This was not always done correctly. The “right” to dismember babies, for example, is a horrible example of misunderstanding what “civil liberties” really are. But, still, it was generally true that liberals wanted to protect people from government intrusion and make sure police did not have arbitrary authority to target people and find reasons to accuse them.

Jerry Brown, it seems, has gotten too old to remember any of that. After the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the police were not permitted to install a global positioning system on a citizen without first getting a court order, the California legislature passed a bill that clarified that getting such information from a cell phone or similar electronic devise was also prohibited unless the police got a warrant to do so.

State Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) said his bill followed the lead of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that it was unconstitutional for police to install a Global Positioning System device on an individual’s car without a warrant. “California consumers are rightfully concerned about mobile privacy and the rate at which their location information is being shared with law enforcement.”

Governor Brown vetoed the bill. He doesn’t want the police to be hampered by Fourth Amendment concerns.

Brown also vetoed a bill that outlawed the arbitrary termination of cell phone service by the government. The bill required agencies to obtain a court order before they make your cell phone inoperable because they think you might be organizing a protest. So in California, you now have a fictional right to speak freely and to peaceably assemble, but the government has a real right to cut off your mobile phone service to stop you from using it to do so.

While Brown may not seem much like the liberal he claims to be, he certainly fits in with the record of the Obama Administration. In addition to a skyrocketing number of warrantless wiretaps on the part of the Obama Justice Department, the Obama Administration has other “accomplishments.” The Obama regime is responsible for more SWAT raids on legal medical marijuana than the Bush Administration, terrorizing people with Federal police actions despite state legislation to the contrary. He has also carried out at least 308 deadly drone strikes, compared to the Bush Administrations mere 44. While the Obama Administration has leaked classified information to make the President look good, it has also aggressively prosecuted others who leaked information, using “the 1917 Espionage Act to target suspected leakers in twice as many cases as all previous presidential administrations combined.”

What “civil liberties” do Liberals now champion, other than the dismembered babies and homosexual marriage?



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  • don

    This damn typical democrat governor has signed a bill that will allow illegal aliens to get drivers licenses. Then this rabble will be voting and insuring that this state will go straight down the bankruptcy drain. They will turn the state into mexico. Where will they go next? The democrats seem to enjoy having their own mess in their pants.

    • UpChuck Liberals

      You can toss in his continued erosion of our 2nd Amendment rights.

    • TLady62

      That’s why the saner among us are opting to flee this state. Between the selfish and stupid, the reasonable don’t have a prayer.

      • UpChuck Liberals

        You do realize that you can run but you can’t hide from the Liberal stupidity that’s spreading like a malignant cancer. I have noticed a significant lack of Barry/Plugs bumper stickers and yard signs this go round. Sadly we still have to endure Moonbeam and his and his ilk’s attack on our liberty for a few more years. Then we get nancy boy Newton trying to queer us up.

        • TLady62

          That’s why I have decided to rename the state Unicornia, because it is run by Unicorns, of which Gov. Moonbeam is Chief.

  • Virgil Bankes

    I can’t feel sorry for California that run jerry brown out of office once, and then voted him back in. “How stupid can you be”??? They use to say, what California does the country will follow, well not any more, they are to stupid to follow. They are like Illinois, the democrats are running the states, and doing a dam poor job of it.

  • Erik Osbun

    Inspect your vehicle daily and throw away your cell phone.

  • Lucky

    Your article spoke to me – and I’m a “liberal” who’s all for the right to get an abortion, the right for gays to marry, and the right for people to smoke dope or sell sex or carry any kind of weapons they want – any goddamn time they want – even though I don’t do any of those things. Because you’re right, being a liberal did used to be be about individual freedom, with a dose of social responsibility. But then, before Bush, conservatism used to be about individual freedom and less government spending & control, too. It seems that the politicians in both parties now are working toward the same police state; Obama and George W are two faces of the same nascent dictatorship. Call it fascism if you hate Bush, call it communism if you hate Obama, and I’ve done both. It amounts to the same damn thing. Neither party – and certainly no one in the law enforcement apparatus or the prisons industry – wants ANY law passed that might claw back an inch of personal freedom from the miles’ worth that have been taken from us in the last 30 years. Carrying these tracking devices they call “phones” is the greatest gift a society of idiots has ever given to a tyrannical government. And frankly, people who carry ’em are dumb and probably deserve to have a jackboot in their face for ignoring their responsibility as citizens and living as if they weren’t in a police state.
    But that’s what I was saying when Bush was president, and to tell ya the truth, I wouldn’t have this complaint now except that Obama wasn’t what he sold himself as. He ain’t a liberal, and he doesn’t give a hoot about personal freedom. Which is the only thing that I, and a lot of other ex- or current-liberals actually care about.

    • Phil1985

      Well said, sir. I think that I must make a distinction between a Liberal and a Progressive. A Liberal, a real Liberal will say, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it.” A Progressive will say, “I may not agree with what you say, and if I don’t, I’ll do my damndest to keep you from saying it.” You, Lucky, are a real Liberal… in a world where the word has lost its meaning.

  • DockyWocky


  • mathis1689

    Governor Moonbeam is his name-doing nothing that makes any sense is his game.

  • Greta F. Rich

    Texas and Oklahoma are looking really good right now!!

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