Obama: the First Red Diaper Baby President

It is so obvious that, once it is said, you feel stupid for not saying it sooner.

There have been many “conspiracies” floated about Obama. Maybe one or more are true. Until absolute proof can be gathered, they remain speculations.

But one thing most people don’t understand is that sometimes it is good to have embarrassing conspiracy theories about oneself circulating in the populace. The reason for this is simple, people will devote so much of their time to proving or disproving or mocking the conspiracy theory that they won’t devote the time and attention they should to the facts that are known.

It is easy to see this with Obama. There is a theory that he is actually Frank Marshall Davis’ son. This is speculation. The circumstantial evidence is as follows: 1. Obama’s grandfather took Obama to regularly visit Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii, as told in detail by Obama’s first and interesting memoir, Dreams from My Father, 2. Obama seems to look more like Frank Marshall Davis than like Barack Obama, Sr., and 3. This would be one explanation as to why Obama might not want his birth certificate to be public.

So that’s the theory, since it has never been taken that seriously in the media, I don’t know what disproof could be offered for it. It doesn’t matter because I’m not interested in the theory. I’m interested in the facts that are ignored while people consider the theory.

Obama’s grandfather deliberately took Barack Obama to regularly visit Frank Marshall Davis. Why would he do that?

Let us remember some other facts: Anne Dunham met Barack Obama, Sr. at a Russian-language class. The reason he was interested in Russian isn’t hard to figure out, Obama Sr. was, from what we know, quite enamored with communism as a source of blessing to Africa. Anne was taking the class because she was interested in things Russian. Why? Would this be unrelated to the fact that her father would eventually take her son to regular visits to a committed and literally card-carrying communist?

Political science professor Paul Kengor has done the nation a service by pointing out the undeniable and the obvious: Barack Obama is the nation’s first “red-diaper baby” President:

 “To sum up: Between Obama’s mother, grandfather, Kenyan father, and Frank Marshall Davis, those are some pretty extreme political influences. Some of them were interested in communism, sympathetic to communism, fellow travelers, or even downright Communist Party members. For a young Obama — who I actually feel bad for — this would seem to meet the standards of a Red Diaper Baby environment.”

 Kengor has recently written a book, The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor. He interviewed Obama’s friend and fellow classmate at Occidental College, Dr. John Drew. Drew claimed that Obama, even as a young college student identified himself as a Marxist. Drew assumed that Obama got his faith from Davis. He told Kengor: “I see myself as a missing link between Barack Obama’s exposure to communism with Frank Marshall Davis and his later exposure to Bill Ayers and Alice Palmer in Chicago.”

So Obama has been in politics for over a decade and has been president for four years, yet no investigative journalist bothered to research Obama’s basic biography? That, by itself, begs for a conspiracy theory.



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  • DouglasDauntless

    I knew Obama was a Communist before he was elected President, I read his books and saw who he called his friends. Bill Ayers was a communist terrorest, his parents were Communist, they raised Ayers to hate America, and Obama had the same upbringing. His Gradnparetns were Commuinist, his mother was a Commnist and so was his mentor Frank Marshell Davis, besides taking nude pictures of Obama’s mother and selling them to a magazine. That is why I voted against Obama and I tried to tell people who and what he was but they all loved the Magic Negro. By the way if Obama senior is really his father, a British subject, Obama is only 6% black, Arabs are not considered Black. And being a Muslim, they hate the Blacks and murder them where ever they can. Obama also is a Homosexual. Look it up it comes from Wright’s church, “The Low down Club” For Homo’s, in his church and Wright also then arrange’s marrages to women in that Church that unmarreable to normal men. Look It Up. I did

  • Oma

    If all of this & all the other “news” about Obama including email I recently received stating he liked to go to the gay bars in certain part of Chicago why has no one pursued & documented all of this about this narcissistic, closet Muslim, donkey hole? If everything was true & presented on Fox news (forget the liberal net works) he, family & cronies would be out the back door but not before he would be charged with treason. Why is no one insisting that he must go through the vetting process? Was not done 4 yrs ago & don’t think it was done when he ran for Senate.WHY? He & Mrs B.O. probably laugh up a storm every night about how stupid everyone is as they fooled Americans.

  • Mudpuppy

    As Savage says, red diaper doper baby.

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