Pelosi: Benghazi is the fault of the Republicans

When Mitt Romney pointed out how the killing of our Libyan Ambassador and other diplomats in Benghazi showed that Obama’s Middle East strategy (if he has one) is not working, the media acted like he had committed an unforgiveable rudeness. Making statements about American policy in the Middle East, after we saw that policy fail, was treated some kind of unethical behavior.

Now it looks like the White House and State Department were actually warned of a terrorist threat to Americans in Libya, and the consulate actually requested increased security.

Despite two explosions and dozens of other security threats, U.S. officials in Washington turned down repeated pleas from American diplomats in Libya to increase security at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi where the U.S. ambassador was killed…

The mainstream media is treating this like a Republican strategy rather than a real news story. But even CNN has published reports that support the credibility of the claims, such as a story published on September 17:

Three days before the deadly assault on the United States consulate in Libya, a local security official says he met with American diplomats in the city and warned them about deteriorating security.

Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi took it a step farther on CNN. When talking to Wolf Blitzer, she said killings were the fault of House Republicans: “It’s also important to note that the Republican appropriation Congress gave the administration $300 million less than it asked for the State Department, including funding for security.”

This insane accusation cannot stand any kind of objective scrutiny. Administrations routinely “high-ball” their requests so that Congress can come in lower and still given them money. There is no evidence that Pelosi’s alleged missing millions prevented security from being beefed up—nor has anyone ventured such an accusation until Pelosi made it up on CNN. Security was not increased because someone decided not to increase it.

In fact, according to, the White House had suggested cutting $129 million of the present budget from “embassy security, construction, and maintenance.”

So where is the media outrage at Pelosi’s transparent ploy to deflect attention away from the president’s policies in an election year, using the death of our diplomats to do it? Not only did she make such an outrageous suggestion, but she did so in a face to face interview with a mainstream TV interviewer. That tells us she had perfect confidence that, whether or not she was able to convince anyone, she would suffer no consequences.

Only Romney gets punished for speaking; Pelosi gets a free ride.



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  • Dan Williams

    She is twisted, the insanity continues……..

  • Bob F.

    Lets see, Is “Pass the bill so we can see whats in it” the same as “Disarm the Embassy so we can see what Happens”?? Typical Anti-American “Lib-Tard” thinking.

  • a1NannaGail2u

    obummer and his administration were told forty eight (48) hours before it happened, that this had been planned for months. They were told by Britain and I believe the other country was Germany. Both countries warned him two days before, that it was going to happen on 9-11. HE IGNORED IT. When he was told about the attack on the day it happened, and that Ambassador Stevens had been murdered, did he call that lousy government in Bengahzi and raise hell? Hell no! HE WENT TO BED. The man is a FOOL. He has NO IDEA how to run a toilet never mind a Country.

  • delta rat

    i dont belive anyone takes anything pelosi says serious …. she is to deluded to take serious …



  • JoAnn Warner

    My goodness Ms Pelosi,sounds as though you need to get to your Doctor as soon as possible.Just wondering as to whether you have other family members who now spend their time in the mental Illness wing?

  • afanaglenn

    Pelosi really is retarded. Like Nancy Wasserman, both of them can’t seem to tell the truth. They live in a never never world where they make up stuff on the fly and unfortunately democrats believe whatever they say. It is a commonality among democrats….. stupidity and ill-informed.

  • George Morrison

    she is as stupid as debby dimwit I reckon the real question is do any of the demorats have any common sense at all? and from the looks of it the answer has got to be NO!!!however I reckon that by now we are all acustomed to hearing some way far out there nonsense from these morons………she should just get back on her broom and fly back to california and wait for the sinking

  • Storm

    The stuff that comes out of this woman mouth sounds like a communist disinformation operative gone mad….she needs to be house in another Gov. location for those who have lost their connection to reality…

  • Joanne Satmary

    No one is stupid enough to listen to Nancys’ babblings. She belongs in a home for the mentally disturbed.

  • Wolfer62

    Nancy Pelosi as ignorant as they come. I thought I’d heard the stupidest statements come from Maxine Waters, but this takes the cake. The truth is, Obama and his administration screwed the pooch on this on and now they are busy trying to get from under the mess. Lord help us all if he’s re-elected.

  • pgonzales

    It’s funny how Pelosi can blame the Republicans when she has embezzled the most taxpayer money to upgrade and fix her rent houses in San Franciso and Colorado leaving the taxpayer on the hook while she still charges thousands to just get in the gate. This looks like highway robbery to me don’t you think?!!!

  • tellitlikeitis

    i just hope after this election, nomatter who wins,the american people stand up to the msm media and commie journalists and stop watching these news stations.then maybe they will have to go out and work for 20 bucks an hour like the majority of us and see if they agree with obamas policies then.these media and hollywood types have no clue what it is like for the majority of us that work hard everyday to just pay bills and put food on the table for our children.they do not have these worries,they live in a whole different world where their biggest worry everyday is what their cooks are serving them for dinner tonight,and i have no problem with that,they went into that field of work and became very successful and rich.that is the ultimate american dream.but what gives them the right to lie and edit and fabricate stories to get obama elected,whats good for them is not good for the majority of us and that is the way it works,the majority is supposed to win elections not the lieing media and hollywood libtards who cannot control their own lives,with all the drinking and drugging and divorces and cheating going on in hollywood ,they should be the last ones to tell people what to do or who to vote for.take care of your cesspool first in horrorwood and then maybe you can come back to reality and join the human race.

  • Ranchman

    I agree that what Pelosi said was idiotic. But I disagree that her and her colleagues are idiots themselves. They know darn well what they’re doing and they’re getting away with it because of a brainwashed public which is ignorant of the Left’s agenda. Their plan is to bring about the demise of this nation, ushering in their Socialist utopia of redistributionist policies and Marxist ideology. They’ve bribed the voters with entitlements and handouts, ensuring their victories at the polls. But the public is generally unaware of the long term results of this vision of the Left. It’s a vision which will turn America into another Venezuela or Cuba. It will not restore an economy which everyone will prosper from but only the elites. Not to mention a total loss of our freedom and liberty which so many take for granted and are willing to trade away for gratification today. Obama, Pelosi, Soros, Reid, et al are very smart, wicked people. They know exactly what they want for this country and how to accomplish it. The sad thing is it will take the approval of lots of Americans and they have that approval. Whether on account of apathy or ignorance doesn’t matter, they have that approval regardless.

  • Observant_One

    Pelosi is a danger to the United States. She is a psycho …”You’ll have to pass it to find out what is in it …” or something like that. The woman is a freak, and a nut case.

  • Kevin Ryan

    She may be worse than Obama. People, vote him and her and other dems out. They will ruin this country. We will become weak financially, militarily and morally. Get them out.

  • afanaglenn

    This PELOSI shouldn’t be allowed to walk on the streets alone. Never seen such a stupid woman. She found a ditrict to run for office where the majority of the people are idiots and live off of others. There can be no other explanation.

  • sully72

    Joe Biden and her party together! Both need to be in the Betty Ford Center!

  • JoAnn Warner

    Poor Ms. Polosi,,,how did this lady get past kindergarten?What else does she have going for her?

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