Welfare Recipients Help Obama Break Fundraising Records

American taxpayers should be furious about our Presidents favorite source of campaign cash; government handouts. For over a year, the Obama campaign has been receiving financial support one dollar at a time from a slice of America whose income is dependent on government largess.  Obama’s campaign slogan should be “get a free phone send us a buck” or “send us a grant and we’ll give you’re a grant.”

Some people argue that welfare and food stamp recipients shouldn’t be allowed to vote. The logic of their argument rings through as it suggests those receiving government assistance are more likely to vote for candidates who provide them with an income over those that support hard working taxpayers. This sounds reasonable to me but depriving an American citizen of a fundamental right to vote is not consistent with my conservative ideology. However allowing “those who can’t take care of themselves” to contribute “free government money” to the candidate of their choice is a slap in the face that requires change.

For months the Obama/Biden campaign has been actively soliciting $3 donations and apparently it’s working out well since they managed to raise $181 million last month; the bulk of which came from small donations below $200. Well over half of Obama’s September haul just happened to be from small contributions (by law contributions under $200 do not require donor disclosure) with an average amount reported at $53.

Since the volume of the President’s supporters have been characterized by his campaign as struggling American families, I wonder how many Obama donations came by way of EBT (electronic benefits transfer) card transfers? It is my belief that last month the Obama campaign broke all fund raising records through its brilliant strategy to use taxpayer dollars laundered through our government safety net and this atrocity needs to be exposed.

It’s a fact that welfare, food stamp, Pell Grant and extended unemployment benefits recipients are donating to political campaigns in large number and I contend that “not for profit” net unproductive taxpayers  should be disqualified under the law from contributing their government benefits  to any candidate, PERIOD! Contributing to political campaigns unlike voting is not a civil right it is a privilege earned through sacrifice and campaigns are using confiscated income to fund their campaigns every day. This is just another example of the absurd lucidity of campaign finance laws.

Contrary to those who may speak in opposition to my idea, the government has always put limits on what handouts may be used for so why shouldn’t campaign contributions be restricted behavior for beneficiaries of the taxpayer? After all food stamps can’t be spent on dog food, booze or Cadillacs so why is it such a stretch to restrict entitlement money from funneling to campaign coffers? If the financially disadvantaged want to support a particular candidate let them get off their fat asses and donate their abundance of free time instead of my money to support their candidate.

Last time I looked incumbent candidates are restricted from using government resources for campaigning. As a matter of fact it is a crime that has resulted in several political operatives going to prison. Yet our current campaign finance laws accept the fleecing of tax payers to fund campaigning with GOVERNMENT RESOURCES. Perhaps liberals who scream about “Citizens United” should consider the preposterousness of free speech for welfare queens paid for by tax payers.

As it is with our debts and deficits our political culture’s depravity grows with each campaign season. I don’t know how the rest of America feels but I think if you can’t take care of yourself you shouldn’t be able to take care of your candidate with my “government money”. Perhaps we live in a world where there is such a thing as a “free lunch” after all.



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  • momcat

    Do they pay any taxes??? Well…if they do not then maybe they should start. It’s time to pay back for all their years of freeloading.

  • Al

    EBT is for FOOD only. You can’t even buy prepared food with them. You can’t even buy paper towel or toilet paper with EBT. You CAN NOT buy cigarettes, gamble, or send money to a government official with EBT. It is for the purchase of food items only. You CAN NOT purchase liquor or beer with EBT. Only non prepared food items. Items you can eat….

  • AL

    Where did my comment go???? You can’t do any of that with EBT! Where did my comment go? EBT is for the purchase of FOOD ONLY. You can’t send money with EBT, purchase cigarettes, liquor, gamble or even buy toilet paper! It is for the purchase of non prepared food items only. You can’t do any of this stuff you are claiming with EBT.

  • AL

    If you claim you have seen it done, with an EBT card, you are mistaken. It must have been a credit card or a debit card. You CAN NOT do these things WITH EBT.

  • AL

    Yes. Anything considered income, including any unemployment benefits are taxable. They must pay taxes on it. I have no idea who is feeding you your information! AND I’M AS CONSERVATIVE AS THEY COME!

  • AL

    OK…….I was wrong. I was speaking about the food stamp portion of EBT. I guess there are other benefits available through EBT I was not aware of. Please forgive my ignorance.

  • Kenneth M. Fisher

    I remember when the Religious Sisters that taught me had no problem explaining why welfare recipients could not vote and it made good sense. The Demoncrat Texan President changed all of that.
    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
    Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

  • Attila

    Restrictions on use of EBT are easily circumvented. Campaign fraud is rarely prosecuted. Otherwise Senator Frankel would be in jail instead of a cushy position of power. Hundreds of thousands of people vote in more than one jurisdiction, vote dead people, register and vote phony names, etc. 80% of these vote Democrat, who in turn protect them from prosecution. Politicians claim it is a legitimate use of taxpayer funds to pay off constituencies. The Obama machine omits donor verification so they can conceal the large numbers of illegal foreign and other contributions.

    If the spineless Republicans ever get a shot at power with all these handicaps they should focus on these reforms:

    -Anyone receiving government funding of ANY kind is barred not only from voting but also from political contributions of any kind

    -Voter fraud should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (states). Felons, back to jail; voting twice, go to jail do not collect benefits; violating laws regarding contributions, go to jail and nullification of election results for the offender (this alone would have eliminated Obama in ’08 and saved our grandchildren a life of servitude).

    -The Constitution leaves the business of voting qualifications to the states. That is where it should reside. If there is a qualification of property, photo ID, or literacy, that is the business of the state, not the Federal government. Sure, this might as many claim, “disenfranchise” some groups, even racial ones, but they can either pursue justice at the state level or move to a friendlier state. Even better solutions: get literate, get a photo ID, get a job and acquire property and stop blaming everybody but yourself for what you have done with your life

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