Primitive Man Wore No Clothes?

cave G.K. Chesterton was a gifted writer and thinker. Although he was Roman Catholic in his religious convictions, his writings were often directed toward the tension between Christianity and non-Christianity, not the doctrinal differences between Protestants and Catholics. A journalist by trade, Chesterton had a knack for communicating with the common folk of early 20th Century […] Continue reading →

Democrat Congressman Wants Congress to Restrict Free Speech

Guam Congressman Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) told an accepting and eager crowd of supporters that “corporations control the patterns of thinking” in America. As Deep Throat said, "Follow the Money." According to, Johnson received money from a number of “corporations.” For example: Bank of America Coca-Cola Co. General Dynamics Microsoft Comcast Cox Enterprises To be clear, […] Continue reading →

UK Death Panels Kill Babies

baby The UK’s health system is run by the National Health Service (NHS) and is funded mostly by taxes. Different "care pathways" are used to manage each patient's health depending on the severity of illness. If the doctor decides that the patient's condition is beyond treatable, and death is imminent, the patient is put on the […] Continue reading →

The 40-Year Old Bully

bailey An Ohio man will be spending the next thirty days in a jail cell thanks to his immature behavior. William Bailey was caught mocking and taunting a neighbor girl who has cerebral palsy. The girl’s mother recorded Bailey and his son with her cellphone camera as they pretending to use crutches and limp. Bailey also […] Continue reading →

Rice Meets With Top GOP Senators Who Are More Concerned Now Than Before Meeting

Susan_Rice From the first mention of UN Ambassador Susan Rice as a possible successor to Hillary Clinton as President Obama’s next Secretary of State, a number of Republican senators have openly opposed her nomination. Republican Senators John McCain (AZ), Lindsey Graham (SC) and Kelly Ayotte (NH) had voiced concerns about Rice’s qualifications after her statements on […] Continue reading →