A Brief, Final Motivation to Vote Today

Today is Election Day, and if you're sitting there reading this and you still haven't voted, you're doing it wrong.

Polling stations are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. If those hours don't work for you, leave work early, take a sick day, take a vacation day, whatever you need to do. A few hours' worth of pay is not nearly as important as voting to prevent your income from falling even more than it already has under Obama. If you work at a job that requires at least a week's notice before you take a vacation day, you should have done that a week ago. Leave work now (well, after you finish reading this), and go vote. If your boss tries to stop you, tell him you'll be back in an hour and you'll stay late or come in early the next day.

If you are a Christian and you plan on either sitting out the election or voting for the Jesus'-name-covering Obama, you're doing it wrong. If you believe God puts rulers into power, you're correct, but He uses people in order to do that. The reason Christianity-attacking Democrats win elections is because Christians don't vote in as large of a number as they ought to. It is not God Who gives us the notion that we should not vote, but the Devil. If you're a Christian, it's your duty to vote.

If you're a Libertarian who refuses to vote, or you are voting for Gary Johnson, you’re doing it wrong. Know that you are allowing a pro-Obama vote to go through without being canceled out. And as a Libertarian, you probably know you're pretty smart (I would agree), and so you should also understand, then, that Romney and Obama are two very different candidates. There is a stark contrast between not just most of their policies, but in their respective worldviews. A vote for Romney is one small step closer to Libertarianism, however small it may be. A vote for anybody but Romney is a giant leap away from Libertarianism, because if Obama wins, kiss Libertarianism goodbye for good; Obamacare will be here to stay.

Remember, keep your eyes peeled while you're waiting in line at the voting station. If you have a smartphone or any phone that can record video or take pictures, have your finger ready to press the Record button if you see or hear anything suspicious. With all of Eric Holder's successful efforts to block voter-fraud-prevention measures, and with the voter-fraud history of the Democratic Party, you can be sure there will be shenanigans.

And just for the record, my Electoral College prediction: Obama 243, Romney 295.



137 thoughts on “A Brief, Final Motivation to Vote Today

  1. Howdy Doody Conservative says:

    Margaret sanger,
    Cecile Richards, Maxine
    Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Hillery
    Rodham Clinton, Shila Jackson Lee,
    Holmes Norton, Michelle Obama and et al
    unelected and unfeminine femiNazi's such as Jarrett,
    Susan Rice and other Ba'rak Hus'sein Oba'ma stable queens
    are but a miniscule horde of silencers of the real and decent American
    females who are our daughters, wives, sisters, cousins, friends and females
    across America; silenced by those of a similar feminist mindset-- of those listed herein.
    November 6th 2012 is now here; the queens know their time in the Obama stable is ending.

  2. Here are my motivations to vote: Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington Cemetary (et.al.National Cemetaries, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, The WWII Memorial, The Korean Memorial, The Vietnam Memorial (Along with one name special to me), Valley Forge, Cowpens, Yorktown...
    Well, you get the idea.
    By the way, according to the Supreme Court, the First Amendment allows protesters to burn the flag as a free speech issue without any penalty. Yet, if I yell "fire" in a crowded theater, also MY right to free speech is there anyone who wants to bet I won't be arrested for "Inducing Panic"? Just asking....

  3. Howdy Doody Conservative says:

    Realtime election results


    Without the Liberal drivel.

  4. Howdy Doody Conservative says:

    Eventually, one candidate will MAKE IT. And he will have the authority to sit in the office that leads this country.

    Jesus and Satan have been engaged in a battle for a LONG TIME too.

    It started in the Garden of Eden.

    I’m not too sure that everyone living here in the United States has heard about that.

    Forgive us God that we Christians are not consumed 24/7 with your transformational truth. So much so that we just have to tell others the good news. Every little detail of it.

    Forgive us God that we Christians are afraid to boldly blast truth and love on secular TV, radio, social media and newspapers. Because when a Christian does, they get “beat up” and hated.

    Forgive us God that we forgot that when You were here, You were right in the middle of the political and religious powers teaching and preaching truth.

    And that you got beat up and spit on and were dragged to your death.

    Jesus final earthly battle with Satan was finished on the cross.

    Jesus didn’t “TIE” Satan. Jesus didn’t just MAKE IT. He stomped on Satan’s neck.

    Jesus defeated death. Once and for ALL. Overcame impossible odds.

    Life over death. Ultimate obvious victory.

    His death and resurrection were not “TOO CLOSE TO CALL”.

    His death and resurrection didn’t require a “RECOUNT”.

    His authority sits over the office of every elected official. Not just here. But in every place throughout the world. He is sovereign and in control of ALL things. Eph 1:22

    And if You know Jesus as Savior and Lord, then You have His authority in Your life. You were elected when HE called Your name. Making You a representative of the Almighty God.

    What a huge responsibility.

    What an honor.

    What an amazing platform to be on.

    To by His power be able to unlock doors of opportunity here and across the world. To be His ambassador for true freedom in Jesus, His justice and His liberty. To humbly serve the people.

    You are on the winning team.

    Jesus IS. Rev 1:8

    The enemy IS NOT. Rev 17:8

    PRAY FOR: To God be the Glory, Great things HE has done through this campaign.

    • You put a lot of effort in this comment section and I thank you.The people of the United States mad a huge mistake.






      And now we have to suffer under the usurper that watched US citizens be murdered by his kind, can't balance a budget. An Attorney General that's a complete scum bag. Read this if you haven't seen it,

      From: http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/2012/10/as-college-student-eric-holder.html

      As student, Eric Holder participated in ‘armed’ takeover of former Columbia University ROTC office. Yeah, but what does his FBI file from the time period show?

      I'm completely disgusted with the election although it was close. The lib-tatrds got their way, but there'll be hell to pay one day for them. Wait till Obamacare sets in. When it affects those that are sucked into this crap, what will they say then? There's so much more to say, but be safe everyone. We're headed for some of the worst times in our lives I'm afraid. I have a bad feeling that the One World Order is behind this and they have the right puppet to fool the US citizens. I thought we had a chance to get some morality back in this country but the Satanic power is on a rampage in this country. "O" took a good decent man and made him look evil. That's the devils job and he did it well. If you look at the word evil, it's live backwards. Satan is the opposite of life and only brings gloom, darkness, and death.