Divided GOP Resulted in Obama Victory

As we all know, Barack Obama has been re-elected for a second term. Right about now, Republicans need to ask themselves, “What went wrong?” How could Obama have won? His track record was abysmal. The economy is tanking, unemployment continues to rise, civil government debt has reached a level from which we will probably never be able to recover, foreign relations in the Middle East have only become more treacherous… On almost every issue upon which Obama campaigned, he has proven worse than his predecessor. Yet he has been elected for a second term. Why?

Let’s look at the numbers. The race was almost split 50/50. Obama got less than one percent of the votes more than Mitt Romney. Of interest, libertarian Gary Johnson got right at one percent. Gary who? Right. How did a guy with almost no presence during the primaries get one percent of the votes? The only other Libertarian to get this much traction was Ed Clark in 1980 with 1.1 percent. But this wasn’t so much a victory for the Libertarian Party as it was a loss for the GOP. How did Gary Johnson get so many votes? Ron Paul. Sorry, but that’s just the truth.

Most disillusioned Ron Paul supporters chose either to not vote, to vote for Gary Johnson, or to write in Ron Paul even though such a vote would be largely symbolic. But before you start talking about how lame Ron Paul fans are, let’s really assess this issue.

Tea Party candidates in the Senate lost big this election. Joe Walsh and Allen West lost their seats in the Senate. Akin and Mourdock, as expected (or ensured), also lost. Almost all the members of the GOP who operated on a principled conservative Republican “Tea Party” platform did poorly this election. Why? Because the party establishment abandoned them. The Tea Party didn’t cause the split. The Tea Party represents the majority of active grassroots Republicans. The GOP power brokers caused the split. And they added insult to injury by pretending like they didn’t need the Tea Partiers any more. Say what you will, but the GOP is going through a major identity crisis. And I think it’s choosing to become Mr. Hyde. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Consider that most of the people, if not all, who voted for Mitt Romney would have voted for whomever the GOP nominated. No matter what. Anyone but Obama, remember? These people voted pragmatically… er, not so pragmatically now that all is said and done. So most of the people, if not all, who voted for Romney would have voted for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man if he had been on the ballot with an “R” next to his name. So they really don’t matter in the end. Despite all of the media drivel about electability, any Republican candidate would have gained at least the number of votes that Romney did. But I believe a few of the primary candidates could have gained more. The Republican Party was trying to get some extra votes from the middle, so they chose a big-government-lite candidate with largely liberal social policies that could appeal to “moderate” voters. Wrong plan of action. Moderate voters swung to Obama anyway. All the Republican Party did by putting all its eggs into the middle-of-the-road candidate was jettison the swing voters they should have been appealing to instead: the conservative idealists.

Consider it this way: liberal idealists love Obama. And moderate voters like him too. So Obama is the perfect candidate for the Democratic party. He consolidates the base while reaching beyond it. Conservative idealists (the ones who vote on principle alone—damn-the-torpedoes type people) hated Romney. Tea Party conservatives also disliked Romney. But the hold-your-nose-and-vote Republicans weren’t numerous enough to result in a Romney victory. They needed just one extra percent. Which they lost because they had ejected the grassroots core of their organization: the real idealists who would not vote for Romney on principle. And the answer is not to all rally around the jellyfish flip-flopping moderate. The answer is to rally around the people who stand firm like stone walls. (That sounds familiar somehow...)

The Republican Party may hate the conscientious and often contentious idealists at their base, but as this election proved, they cannot afford to ignore them. It is illogical to do so anyway. Let’s think about this. What if Ron Paul had been nominated? The hold-your-nose-and-vote Republicans would still have voted for him. And if they wouldn’t, they have no place whatsoever to criticize idealists who wouldn’t vote for Romney. If the GOP machine had gotten behind him like they did Romney, there’s no indication that Paul would have fared any different than Romney. At least as well, as I said. But on top of the hold-your-nosers, Ron Paul had a rabid base of extremely motivated supporters (at least a million, actually… just ask Gary Johnson) who certainly would have voted for him though they refused to support Romney. (Oh, if only we had fewer Americans with unshakeable convictions. They’re such a plague on this country. Yeah. Whatevuh.) He also attracted many moderate voters who liked his states-rights stance on illegal drugs and homosexual marriage. Colorado just voted to legalize marijuana, by the way… and it went to Obama this election… again.  So, bottom line: if Ron Paul had been nominated, in all likelihood we would have a Republican President-elect right now. But he’s not electable… And Romney is? Hello!? Any of the candidates would have done at least as well as he did, and I think any of them would have actually done better. Romney wasn’t the voters’ first choice. He was the GOP establishment’s first choice. Let’s not kid ourselves on that one. And this is the same group that gave us McCain. Remember that guy? He was “electable” too. When will we ever learn?

Why was Romney crammed down our throats? The GOP establishment wanted him in. And they’re also the reason why so many Tea Party candidates suffered losses this election. They refuse to support conscientious Republicans with constitutional convictions because it seems they have an agenda to rewire and reform the Republican Party in their own image whether or not Republican voters agree with them. They are forcing the Republican Party to become something it never was before, and they are promoting their agenda with fear, force, and manipulation. They have commandeered the energy and resources of men of conviction while trampling those same convictions underfoot. They think we will go along with them no matter what because the alternative is so intolerable. And so far, they have been right. They have betrayed this party using our votes, our voice, our power.

Don’t blame the Paulbots or the independents for four more years of Obama’s national trainwreck. Blame the GOP establishment power brokers. Their stubborn unwillingness to listen to their constituency and their blatant disregard for the traditonal federal constitutionalism that once made the GOP “grand” has cost us yet another election cycle, perhaps the most critical to date. We can’t afford to place our trust in them anymore. Let them know loud and clear: “Give us candidates who fully support our values, not your agenda! And back these candidates with your full endorsement. We won’t be fooled again. We won’t accept another Romney, and if you give us one, we will not vote for him.” Do we have the courage to do this? We didn't have that courage this election. We thought too much was at stake. Too much was at stake. And we lost it because of fear. If we don’t gain the courage necessary to stand on conviction, this country is most assuredly doomed.



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  1. It amazes me how Republicans are "shocked" that Romney lost. He was the Republican with the LEAST chance to take votes away from Obama. For various reasons, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Herman Cain, and maybe even a couple of other GOP nominees, would have taken some votes away from some Obama supporters, and gotten a more enthusiastic turnout from their own base.

    Romney was the "candidate sure to put up a respectable fight-----and lose," just like others in the past: John McCain, John Kerry, Bob Dole, etc.

    It was a no-brainer. I wish Reince Preibus had consulted me.

  2. I agree Ron Paul would have been our president today if they had listened to their grass roots

  3. Note to all the post-factual conservatives claiming that Sorors bought the election for President Obama:

    Soros donated $1M to the Obama campaign
    Adelson donated $36M to the Romney campaign and he publicly stated he was prepared to contribute unlimited amounts in order to assure a Romney win

  4. The R 'party's' problem is gifting the last 2 elections to 0. They give us crap candidates & poo all over any one who stands for legal, Constitutional govt. & wonder why their support is dwindling.

    If the RNC woulda gotten behind Ron Paul, they, & thus We The Peeps, woulda won in a landslide.

    But OH NO!! The RNC says "Constitutionalist? We don't need no stinking Constitutionalist!!"

    I don't think the R's were ignored because of moral or societal issues. Most of the country IS for most of the moral stuff. We are against the big spending, war mongers & deceit that the R 'party' is into these days. We already know the D's are gonna tax us to death & over spend if they can, but the R's are SUPPOSED to be fiscally conservative. But they are not, they lie!

    I noted that 0 got some 6 mil fewer votes than last time & that millions of R voters stayed home.

    Those that stay home should vote. They can leave the parts of the ballot they don't like blank. There are local & state candidates, not just national ones, that can make a diff. Truly conservative state Govs, state & local people, if Constitution supporters, are all worth trying to get into office.

    There are ballot initiatives on local levels as well that are important to vote for or against.

    Staying home is not really an option if we really want the country back.


  5. wearyconservative1946 says:

    BS. Divided GOP didn't win the election for osama. Massive, widespread fraud stole the election for this ugly snake.


  7. The only "silver lining" is the naturally toxic socialist policies will continue to scourge America...to a point that no excuse works for OzBama...none...trillions in old and OzBama debt will require freezes and cuts that will also bring reality to bear...
    the King of Bold Lies/Excuses seeks ONLY to blame the Repubs now...
    to find a demon that explains the continued rot due to socialist policies...

    thus the Repubs should say NOTHING...
    make OzBama and the dimdems put their Plan on the public table...
    have they not learned by now the dimdems are counterpunchers?
    They wait and wait until you propose an idea, then they slam you as does their pawn media...STOP THAT! Make them lead.

    Also, do NOT change...act like the dimdems when they lose...change nothing...
    fight tooth and nail...tooth and nail!

  8. BS -- Voter fraud divided the overall vote. How can obama get 15% fewer votes when the polls had him tied WITH and 8% advantage in turnout? It is conceivable according to polling that 10% of obama's vote had switched solidly in opposition. So where did Romney's votes go? It is not possible that Republican turnout dropped, nor is it likely obama even got 15% of the 'undecided' vote.
    F.R.A.U.D. machine tampering. The evidence is overwhelming. There is no way to overcome the math.

  9. Patriotic Upstater says:

    Correction to your essay above. Both Joe Walsh and Allen West are Congressman not Senators.

  10. Wow, this article is poorly written..Joe Walsh and Allen West did not lose "senate" seats...Obama is ahead by 3.3%, yet Gary Johnson's 1% would tilt the election?

  11. Norah Webster: " If we vote an immoral man into office we are a traitor to our country."

  12. Sofaspud I agree with what you said. Only my opinion about the Republicans losing was not that Romney was not educated or smart enough to win, the ONLY REASON HE LOST, IN MY OPINION IS THAT HE WAS TOO DAM NICE. He would not do the dirty work that the DemoRats put out and tell them they were wrong. He was just TOO NICE for his and our own good. He should have fought every LIE that the DEMS threw at him, but he was too thoughtful to do the DIRTY things they did. NOW, if the Dems do not put GOD back into this country, they will not last very long, HE works in HIS OWN TIME, so beware. GOD please overlook what the Dems did and said, the majority of people LOVE YOU and want you to be part of our lives. Please Bless us and keep us safe from the terrorists, even the ones in our own country. We evidently do not have enough people that realize what all the MUSLIMS in OUR country are doing to ALL of us. Will you people EVER WAKE UP to the FACT that we are being ruled by a Communist? IMO that means a DICTATOR, try to live your life, the best you can, because it will not last very long with him in charge.

  13. Don't blame me. I voted for Ron Paul!
    When Rove and Morris and the rest of the RINO establishment were forcing Romney on us because "he could win the 'moderate vote'", I said, "HELL NO he can't" and predicted if he was the candidate. My prediction Obama would win against Romney and get 334 + or - 4 electoral votes - actual result 330 for Obama, to Romney 201 + or - 4, actual 205.
    In every presidential election in my life Dems win Partisan campaigns, and seek to avoid idealogical campaigns. And Repubs win only idealogical campaigns and lose partisan ones. Conservative candidates want to run and win conservative campaigns and RINOs want to run and lose partisan ones.
    AS I always say, when it comes to presidential elections - Run Right WIN, Run Left LOSE!
    In this campaign the Reupbs ran "Mr Fantastic, Reed Romney stretching to be on every side of every issue, while stretching to be on no side of any issue" teamed up with "Ryan the Boy Wonder, throwing his Budget Bat-arang right at himself." Versus, "Two-faced, Obama and his insane side kick Joe "The Joker" Biden, DNC Chairman Howard "the Penguin" (rah!) Dean,and Jay "The Riddler" Carney.

  14. Michael (the writer) Thank you!! finally someone who gets it right, who has a brain, thank you for a well written, factually based article. There are not many of these out there anymore even by so called conservatives.