Fiscal Cliff Standoff: Obama v. House

As America draws closer to toppling over the Fiscal Cliff, it seems the line has been drawn in the sand with President Barack Obama standing on one side demanding tax increases and the House of Representatives on the other offering alternatives.  The question everyone is asking and waiting to find out is which side will cross the line to prevent us from plummeting over the edge, or will both sides stand firm and let the nation cascade down into a full blown recession?

Obama is once again sounding the call to increase taxes on those making $250,000 a year or more.  He insists that they need to pay more for their success.  Obama claims that his re-election was a mandate from the American people to raise taxes on themselves.  Hello?  Who in their right mind would believe that when we see so much wasted spending by the federal government?

He does not believe the many reports that all indicate such a move could cost 700,000 jobs.  Evidently, Obama is not reading the news of all of the layoffs taking place already because of Obamacare and the looming tax hike on the business owners.  One business owner in Las Vegas has scrapped a multimillion dollar construction plan that would have employed 10,000 people because of Obama and his tax hikes.

This is the socialistic garbage that is being taught in many of today’s public schools and drilled into the minds of our children.  The rich are the problem and they need to pay for being rich and successful.  This is so anti free market and anti what made America great to begin with.  Marxism demands that those that have worked hard and become successful MUST share their hard earned gains with all those that have not worked hard and haven’t made their fortune.

Rep. Paul Ryan, who would have made a heck of a better president or vice president than Obama and Biden, also happens to be the Chairman of the House Budget Committee.  Ryan disagrees with Obama’s interpretation of the election and said that the people did not vote for higher taxes because they voted to keep the Republicans in control of the House.

Ryan has joined with House Speaker John Boehner in their stand against raising taxes on the wealthy.  As an alternative, Ryan and other House members have proposed a plan that would keep the Bush era tax cuts in place for all, but would look at avenues of spending cuts along with tax and entitlement reforms.  They believe this method would cover the loss of revenue entailed by keeping the tax cuts for all.

In a recent interview, Ryan stated:

“Speaker Boehner has outlined a bipartisan way forward to avoid the “fiscal cliff” and get our economy growing: common-sense entitlement reform coupled with pro-growth tax reform. We can find common ground on responsible spending restraint and greater revenue through economic growth, but we have yet to see either a serious plan or leadership from President Obama. Speaker Boehner and House Republicans have delivered both.”

Senate Republicans are also joining the House in their effort to prevent any tax increase from taking place.  Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Minority Leader in the Senate has stated that they will not support any effort to raise taxes.

Thus, the battle lines have been drawn.  Tax increases v. no tax increases.  Democrats v. Republicans.  Obama v. the House.  All the while, the good train America is speeding down the tracks toward the proverbial cliff at an alarming rate.  Will they be able to stop it in time or is it already too late?



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  • Bonnie Lugo

    If taxes are raised for the rich would that include Obama, Reid, and Pelosi? She and her husband made over 43 million last year. I am sure they want to really raise taxes on themselves, this is a ploy to make Republicans look bad.

  • Stan

    Senate blocks every plan coming out of the house, most times not even bring it up for a vote..I do not know what the Senate does all day, they sure are not doing their job! Or that may be the plan all along.It’s pretty evident that this congress and Senate are not going to work together for the benefit of this country! Wonder how much raises are going to be for them this year?

  • jim

    Unions refuses Hostess contract offer. “Union Officials” demands more money and more benefits. I can agree with a raise and benefit, but not to the point of members striking and hurting their families. Hostess says no. Union said we strike! Hostess, says go ahead, so union members strike. Hostess shuts down the Corporation, putting 18,000 workers out of work. GREAT MOVE, UNION THUGS. You showed Hostess, didn’t you? This isnt a Government owned corporation you can hold hostage and have Obozo step in. Yeap! You showed them, your people are willing to lose everything, so you can prove a point. Im sure all the local Presidents and National Officials will share their “Regular and steady Paycheck” with all those striking members. And Im betting this same bunch of union thug officials will race over to each home and tell the children of the striking union members, why their parent (s) have no money, food or presents to give them for Christmas.

  • Inluminatuo

    Let the government fail? It could dissapear tomorrow and most Consercatives would not even notice….the Democrat social parasites however would all starve. Even a dumb tape worm is smarter than a Democrat. A tape worm would never kill the very thing that is feeds off of.

  • TheWatchman

    There will be no stand off, as the Republican House will cave to Obama. They always have, they always will.

    • pthor

      Yes they will… There is only one party

  • pthor

    There is no “fiscal cliff”. The Republicrats & Democans will piss n moan about each other & in the end they will all sign the deficit ridden, debt increasing budget then walk away blaming the other side is trying to kill seniors, or save the evil rich people…
    Why does this always seem like it’s happening for the first time & nobody knows the outcome?

  • Rick H

    Give the Dems the bill the want in the House!!! Quit letting them give the GOP the blame. Then sit back and watch what happens to jobs and the economy. Until they get a chance to see what their tax increases do to business, they will keep spinning the tale that the only barrier to financial health is the need to have the rich pay more taxes. The way to gain control of the Senate in two years and the Oval Offive in four years is to give the democrats a chance to fail without standing in their way.

  • Kevin Ryan

    Most companies require you to pass a budget every month.

  • 3Catlady

    It’s the House Ways and Means that submits the budget. It then gets voted on and forwarded to the Senate. It goes into conference where it’s suposed to be negotiated. But Prince Harru Reid has not, for 4 years, brought the budget up for a vote. Do you think this will change? And it’ll get worse. I hpe those whoveted for Obama get what’s coming to them. Socialisim didn’t work in Europe and won’t work here.

  • skeeve

    i vote for let the government shut down and Do Not pay people for not working. how much could we save if the power hungry types in washington didnt get paid for a month or two ???

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