Michigan Considers Making Unborn Children a Tax Deduction

While much of the country still debates whether an unborn child is a person or just a lump of helpless flesh, the state of Michigan is giving them more status than they’ve ever had before.

The Michigan House of Representatives is currently discussing   House Bill 5684 and House Bill 5685. If passed these bills would allow expecting parents to claim their unborn child as a tax deduction on their state income tax. In order to qualify the parents would have to show that the mother and child have been under a doctor’s care from the time the baby was at least 12 weeks of age in the womb till the end of the tax year. Once qualified the unborn child would be worth the $3700 tax deduction.

The bill sponsored by Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons and Rep. Jud Gilbert, both Republicans. They said the reason for the bill was to help expecting parents to offset some of the costs they incur during pregnancy. In fact the two co-sponsors consider the tax deduction to be an extension of the current deduction received for children once they are born.

In an interview with MLive.com, Gilbert said:

“You’re recognizing the fact that people have additional expenses, another person to take care of. Money saved there could be contributed to doctor’s bills and all kinds of things.”

The cost of the bill is expected to run between $5 million and $10 million in reduced state tax revenue. But Republican sponsors believe the bill is necessary to help expecting parents in today’s struggling economy.

Michigan Democrats are already up in arms over the bill claiming that if it is passed that it would give legal status to the unborn child and thus affect women’s rights to abortion. They also see these legal rights as leading to criminal and health law issues.

Currently the Republicans control the Michigan House of Representatives, and since any bill that is not passed by the end of the year automatically dies, it is imperative that the Republican majority pass these two pieces of legislation as soon as possible. Whether or not they will be able to accomplish this remains to be seen.

Perhaps some see this as an end around play to get some form of personhood bill passed and give legal status to the unborn that they currently do not have. Regardless the bill does recognize them as a person and therefore worthy of the same rights as any other person would have.

Therefore let’s hope and pray that the House Republicans are able to get these measures passed. If you live in the state of Michigan then please contact your state Representative and State Senator and urge them to support these bills. In the long run they will not only benefit expecting parents but will also help protect the rights of the unborn child.



149 thoughts on “Michigan Considers Making Unborn Children a Tax Deduction

  1. Once a kid is started, there are many medical bills and expenses during the 9 month womb time. A tax credit for an upcoming kid is just as valid as a trax credit for a kid currently on-hand.

  2. Only question is, wouldn't a person have to have a JOB and a PAY CHECK to be able to take advantage of a tax deduction? Most people in Michigan, at least in the Detroit area would not be able to take advantage of the law and therefore this is a nothing deal.

  3. Ultrasound twins says:

    Great idea. Get pregnant. (Because you did not use Obamacare's free birth control) Take the tax credit. Reduce the taxes paid to Michigan and as a result, Washington. Tehn let Obamacare pay for your abortion January 2 so you don;t have to be botehred with the unpleasantries of raising a child.
    Gotta love the ethics and economics of liberals.

  4. Since these leftist psychos do not acknowledge an unborn baby as a human life how would they justify this?

  5. Hmmm, maybe politicians should just move on into your home and help you with - your whole life - lol.
    But seriously, not a bad idea. Would also help a lot of young mothers decide to maybe keep,,,, a child instead of the alternative :)

  6. Penny Lyn Haulman says:

    It's the truth that as soon as we are physically conceived, our spirit is created which puts on the living zone. Good going Michigan

  7. Penny Lyn Haulman says:

    Bill O'Riely wracking about 50,000,000 empty homes that couldn't be occupied. I bet those 50,000,000 babies aborted since 1974 baby killer Nixon got onto the abortion camp could have helped occupy them. Besides, A COUNTRY THAT MURDERS IT'S NEXT GENERATION HAS NO HOPE OF A FUTURE. So what is left to our children's children's children?

  8. Charles Of Waveland, MS. says:

    That would be almost like helping some people that believe the more children they have, the more welfare they get which includes their housing, all medical, food stamps, unearned tax credit which would pay them $$$ thousands $$$ of tax dollars every year at tax time. Then the Socialist Liberal Democrats will be making laws to take every penny they can steal from the working America People to GIVE it to them. Have over ten kids would make you be in the category of the RICH, but without having to pay a single penny in taxes.

  9. This is the same state that voted for Obama and women's right to choose????? So they want the right to abort a child saying it is not a person, just a lump of cells. THEN they want a freaking tax break for it? Make up your mind libs, is it a person or not?

  10. Is this an attempt by liberals to get the government to pay for their abortions?
    1) Tax break for being pregnant.
    2) Woman uses tax break to pay for abortion.
    3) 20 yrs later, Obamacare pays for her cancer treatments as the result of all those abortions.

  11. just save the babies.

  12. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    The only reason Roe and the other court case allowed abortion was unborns were considered non-persons, so if they are passed the abortion cases that allowed abortion would be null and void because that would make an unborn a person.Hope enough states do the same.

  13. Praise the Lord!! At least some people are getting the message.

  14. If this passes, anyone having an abortion after the 12th week of pregnancy should be charged with homicide and subject to the same penalties as the common criminal. In addition, the doctor/practitioner aiding in the abortion should be charged as an accomplice. This, too, will put us a step closer to stopping abortions. The question that is bound to come is "at what point in the 12 weeks does the fetus become a 'living person'?" The answer will eventually become - at conception.