NJ Turns Away Non-Union Utility Workers from Alabama

Update 11:00 AM: New reports are surfacing that Huntsville Utilities has denied being turned away, yet Decatur Utilities has been unavailable to comment.

New York and New Jersey have been hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy. Some people might not get electricity for another week or more. There aren’t enough utility workers to make the repairs. Utility workers from other states are donating their services to help.

Alabama Power Co. and electric cooperatives in Alabama have sent more than 1,000 workers to help in states damaged by Sandy.

Alabama Power reports that it already has 441 personnel in Atlantic City, and it has 80 others headed to New Jersey, West Virginia and Maryland. In addition, it has released 372 contract workers to help other utilities in the Mid-Atlantic states.

The Alabama Rural Electric Association says 16 cooperatives have sent 141 crew members to help restore power in Virginia and Maryland.

Now there are several stories that say the utility workers from Alabama were turned away from New Jersey because they did not belong to a union.

This is not an isolated story. Reports are coming in from other places where utility workers from non-union right-to-work states are being told to “stand down” because they don’t have union credentials.

“The crews that are in Roanoke, Virginia say they are just watching and waiting even though they originally received a call asking for help from Seaside Heights, New Jersey.”

Some crews have “already headed back home.”

Electric repair work for public utilities in New Jersey is dominated by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, a unit of the politically powerful AFL-CIO.

I wonder if the people in New Jersey are aware of this story. I bet they don’t care anything about a utility worker being unionized. All they want is their electricity back on.

By the way, the AFL-CIO, and unions in general, will be supporting Obama and the Democrats on Nov. 6. Vote accordingly.



392 thoughts on “NJ Turns Away Non-Union Utility Workers from Alabama

  1. This president ( in name only) is supposed to care about the people of this country above all else, not special groups. He and his minions , unions included, have proven that they are communists. Hopefully we get this ass hole out of office and the next,Romney, administration has the good sense to outlaw closed shops and make the U.S. a "RIGHT TO WORK" country. I have said in the past, and still believe, that the Democraps and Unions will be the destruction of the United States of America.

  2. The unions can go to grass. Plus my dad use to work for a union shop but he always voted for a republican candidate.

  3. This puts me in mind of an old, old [Jimmy Carter years] political cartoon where the scene depicts the 'Whitehouse' surrounded by Russian tanks with the text bubble showing an electronic converstaion and these words, "Dog gonnit Ivan, this is seriously threatening your options to by Pepsi stock." Or an old true story in my own city, where a Chinese restuarant that was on fire, burned to the ground while two fire departments on the scene, argued over who was going to be paid for there services and both did nothing to stop the fire [the restaurant sat on the border of two municipalities]. In Sandys' case, union thugs don't give a rats azz about anything except their union, including human life. Bet you a dollar to a donut, that their spin will be, "because non-union entities are not, in some cases, trained properly, they may have done more harm than good and our only concern was the ultimate safety of the citizenry." Bovine excrement!

  4. The commie unions do it again. They've destroyed the steel, auto, and rubber industry in the US and sent millions of jobs, and entire industries overseas. When they interfer with emergency services, they belong in jail.

  5. What happen to our free america. Does belonging to the union give you the only rights to work? The unions have to much power and the WH enjoys it. I sure am happy not to be able to see down the road. If things don't change this election I am safraid that what rights we may have yet will go down the drain.

  6. No wonder my grandfather hated unions and he was a mine worker in PA (john L lewis) and I am 82 figure how long ago that was? For every one thing they do good there are three things that benefit the union bosses not the workers! Why do people fall into this trap?

  7. Lori from Wyoming says:

    The spin put on this story is to get people upset about unions. Would any of you allow a doctor who had a license from his home country but not schooled or licensed in the US to operate on you? The same goes for high and medium voltage installations. If crews are not licensed to work on installations due to inexperience you really want them terminating power to YOUR house, YOUR business. The eastern seaboard has some very old and antiquated wiring that takes special training, like the hot lead splicing. Additionally do crews who normally work in the southern US leave the same type of slacks and torques as northern climates. Please know your facts before you spout ignorance. I have been an electrician for 30 years and wouldn't attempt what linemen do without proper training / testing and licensing. Come to think of it though the world if full of stupid people I take it back., Ya let those crews work on YOUR houses. I am all for it.

  8. Lori I am still from Wyoming says:

    What do all you people have to say about the EIGHT soldiers who died in IRAQ due to improper wiring installed by unqualified electricians. Come on open your mouths abouts about that.

  9. This is not true. Please check facts before posting things like this.

  10. "NJ" didn't turn any help away, NJ unions did. And I'm sure the union workers who turned them away had their families in a safe, warm place. Believe me, we were 5 days with no power, food, phone or heat and we welcomed anyone who would help us get our power back on. We in NJ are forever grateful for all of the wonderful workers who are helping us thru this, some as far away as Texas and Ontario, Canada. Thanks to all.

  11. They may not be able to do anything now, but wait until their next election when someone puts a ballot issue out there about being a right to work state or not. People want their power back on and next time they aren't going to wait for the Union ONLY people to take an extra week or two. This just may be a back breaker for the unions there!

  12. Chris Bentzen says:

    We shouldn't be surprized by this. This whole mess in the present admin. of OUR country is pro union only... VOTE RIGHT to affect REA CHANGE!!!!! :) :)

  13. New Jersey has put their lives in the hands on the mob and unions. So be it, let them suffer alone. Obama will pour billions into the state that is a aready 90% democrat, but it is tax payer money, so he could care less. 'Just let me in front of the camera so I can con some more votes'.

    • Your comment is inhuman, un-American, and downright un-Christian. You obviously do NOT know the REAL people of New Jersey ... and you hail from?


  14. Our power came back at 7:08 last night after being out since 6:00 PM Monday. It is true out-of-state power workers were blocked but NOT by the government or people of New Jersey ... they were blocked by UNION THUGS! We heard it on the radio - live. We could hear the union thugs screaming "scabs!" and obscenities at these REAL Americans who came to help. The disaster in the Garden State has been made much - MUCH! - worse by the unions and their compliant socialist Democrat minions. THESE GRAFTERS AND POLITICAL CARPETBAGGERS ARE NOT THE PEOPLE OF NEW JERSEY! On Friday the chairman of Hess Oil announced Hess was sending tank trucks to refill stations including non-Hess affiliates; Hess is sending fuel to competitors' outlets because the people need help! Hess Oil is a New Jersey-based company, the executives are New Jersey residents, this is New Jerseyans helping New Jerseyans. Please remember New Jersey was hit hard - the shore is quite literally GONE! Staten Island is in extremely bad shape, it is virtually cut-off from the rest of New York City and for the most part the politicians and media - including New York Mayor Bloomberg - are ignoring this borough. And Breezy Point! Please pray for the people out in Breezy Point who lost their homes to uncontrollable fires during the height of flooding.

    New Jersey WILL be back ... RESTORE THE SHORE!

  15. Have you heard the recordings of the union workers cussing and calling the people there to help vile names?? Or the videos of the old peolpe there begging for help?? I have ,so this site should have put the videos and recordings on here!!

  16. This is why I have never liked the unions. Does anyone in New York or New Jersey care if their power is cut back on by a good ole boy from Alabama or a union worker in New York? No, they want a hot shower, power to cook with and heat for their family.

  17. Okay; here's the truth. I live in NJ and just got power back today (11/5); I only had a battery powered radio but I listened to Gov. Christie's press conference immediately after this horrid rumor broke and that is EXACTLY what this thing was. A rumor. Gov. Christie spoke after the power company accused of not accepting "non-union" help did. 1. The power company in question (and ALL OTHER power companies, state wide), was gratefully accepting ANY assistance and had non-union and union employees, working side by side, 24/7. 2. The company whose help was "refused" is a completely UNION company. 3. The company supposedly turned down by the NJ power company NEVER SENT ANYONE OR VOLUNTEERED IN THE FIRST PLACE. I am not a fan of unions but this was a shameful story that should never have gotten written, especially because it was debunked within minutes of it having been broken!. Too bad we aren't paying attention to more serious and true issues.

  18. Seriously Confused says:

    This is not true. This is America and our government just doesn't behave this way when others are in need.


  19. Samantha Prust says:

    You might want to get your facts straight before spreading rumors. This story is just not true. http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/sandyunion.asp