Petraeus, Clinton, Ham ... Benghazi Witnesses Going 'Away'

CIA Director David Petraeus, who surely has intimate knowledge of what really went down on September 11 in Benghazi, Libya, was suddenly "discovered" after the election to have had an extramarital affair, and he resigned abruptly Friday. His resignation is right before his expected testimony to Congress, which he will now skip.

(Petraeus apparently had been carrying on with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, whose name and book title, "All In: The Education of General David Petraeus," suddenly have a salacious, almost James Bond-ian ring to them.)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who surely has intimate knowledge of what really went down on September 11 in Benghazi, Libya, took the hit for President Obama pre-election by accepting "responsibility" for the total lack of security without ever saying what happened, and now she's out of her job at State.

AFRICOM commander Gen. Carter Ham, who surely has intimate knowledge of what really went down on September 11 in Benghazi, Libya, abruptly resigned, years ahead of his scheduled retirement date, before the election, amid rumors that he defied orders to stand down and attempted to send a rescue group to Benghazi during the attacks.

Carrier Strike Group Three Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, who surely has intimate knowledge of what really went down on September 11 in Benghazi, Libya, is outright fired by President Obama for "inappropriate leadership judgment," amid rumors he advocated  sending a rescue group during the Benghazi attacks.

A suspect in the Benghazi attack, Ali Ani al Harzi, who likely has intimate knowledge of what really went down on September 11 in Benghazi, Libya, is arrested in Turkey, a NATO ally, but oddly transferred to Tunisia, where U.S. investigators cannot get access to him for questioning until after the presidential election.

The mainstream media, who surely have by now some knowledge of what really went down on September 11 in Benghazi, Libya, lie about Obama calling Benghazi a terrorist attack, say nothing about any other aspect of the incident and watch their boy sail to victory.

President Obama, who surely has intimate knowledge of what really went down on September 11 in Benghazi, Libya, and is said by some anonymous sources to have been watching the events via live video feed, lies like crazy repeatedly and is rewarded with four more years in office.

Nope, no story here. Move along.



485 thoughts on “Petraeus, Clinton, Ham ... Benghazi Witnesses Going 'Away'

  1. they may run but they cannot hide! Subpoena every one of their a$$es! Hold them in contempt! Jail them! Fine them! Whatever has to be done.

    It's time for accountability!!!!!!

  2. Never Vote for Obama says:

    Why, why, why, no one can do anything to bring this to justice?????. Who is obama????? Is he untouchable?????????? I am MADDDDDD

  3. Anita D Phillips says:

    WHAT A SAD STATE WE ARE IN TO LET OBAMA GET AWAY WITH GETTING RID OF ALL OF THE WITNESSES THAT COULD INCRIMINATE HIM!!! We need to send the CIA or the FBI out to retrieve them and supena all of them before the dictator in charge calls for a hit!!! All of the crap he has pulled nothing would surprise me!!! Anita

  4. Obama has learned his leasons of marxist leadership well and like the clinton's manages to have scapegoats and individual's with inside knowlwdge who suddenly disappear. He does already have his private Army of ultraloyal minions who will blindly do as he orders no matter what that may be from executions to kidnapping's. This fraud from Indonesia totally not qualified for the office which he has assumed by the most dastardly of political misdeeds and 950 executive orders and fiats bypassing both congress and oor Constitution. i say our constitution for it surely is not his, he has called it nothing more than a mere inconvenience just as he has labeled congress when he doesnt get things exactly his way. Martial law is mere minutes from implementation by this marxist muslim and the rest of us had better be ready for what he does

  5. Everybody taking it in the back for Barry. What fools.. he would throw them under the bus in a second. He needs to be investigated , and arrested.!

  6. Hopefully, they will all be subpoenad and forced to testify.

  7. This is so par for the course. Like everything about this administration. It's all bullshit and the sheep eat it up. We are SCREWED.

  8. And just how would he "skip" a subpoena? He resigned. He wasn't loaded onto a rocket ship and exiled to Mars. But you Tea Partiers go right ahead working yourselves into almighty indignation over the latest outrage-that-never-actually-happened. Keeps you distracted while the RINOs steal the party out from underneath you.

  9. Big lies take big money to cover up, and the Kenyan's NWO owner-handlers certainly have that. This is TWO consecutive elections they've bought for their boy, not to mention the expense and time to create his fictionalized history and background and hide, erase, or re-create his records. They obviously have a LOT more to gain than they spend. If you think throwing bureaurats under the bus is bad, wait until witnesses begin turning up dead.

  10. Obama will get away with this. No one is going to tell the truth even if they are under oath. Unless they put the blame on the person who is to blame, Obama, nothing will ever come of it. Congress doesn't have the conones to cross him, He should have been impeached at least 3 yrs ago but they let him keep doing things to destroy the country and do nothing. It's disgusting.

  11. Victor Magilke says:

    Any of the people that are privy to what happened in Benghazi better watch their backs. They could go missing. It will be interesting to see if any of them have the gonads to tell the truth. None of them are afraid of perjury because they have the protection of Eric Holder and the White House. I hope General Petraeus doesn't totally disgrace himself and his uniform.

  12. ob is using the msm(main stream media)as his personal propaganda machine. The problem is how do we get the message out to those idiots who believe him that he is a brilliant liar. His agenda is going to seriously hurt this country more than anyone can imagine. Why is the msm in the tank for the communist agenda he is about to erect here. We know he does not like this country and will do anything to destroy it. Do the msm people hate the country also?
    Do they think that when he is successful, they will be rewarded? He will have them shot first.


  14. If it weren't for the loss of the Air Crew and the others on the plane ... would be nice to see Obama get the deep six !

  15. An angry veteran says:

    My heart is broken for my country after all the diverse factions of people have given Obama 4 more years to destroy our America. Our country is split, because of him splitting us up into this rich verses poor, immigration, war on women, environmentalists, gays, A house divided cannot stand, that's simple common sense and anyone who would sow division In a country like ours cannot have a patriotic bone in their body, I Pray that this is not the end of usa as we've known it but the people has chosen a liar and a murderer for their leader. God have mercy on us all. 4 Americans r dead because of him and hilliary and does anyone care, apparently not.

  16. Obama should be indicted for MURDER of four Americans in Benghazi. He should also be tried for TREASON. What is wrong with our justice system that we cannot indict this Muslim dictator. The US is going down the drain with a treasonous person who is a British citizen. Muslim fathers always have children labeled Muslim on birth certificates. Jewish children are only Jewish if the mother is Jewish as Jewish people always know who the mother is. What a difference in religions. This treasonous president is a Muslim from a Muslim father.

  17. The only Honorable men who tried to do the correct thing and send a rescue team were fired for their honorable actions. So according to the actions in this situation to do right by Obama is to do the dishonorable thing.