Rahm Emanuel Wants America to be like Chicago

There’s one thing I respect about liberals: They never compromise on their principles no matter how bad they are. If the economy is in a funk, unemployment is high, there’s corruption at the highest level of their party, more people are dependent on the government than ever before, and there’s no foreseeable solution on the horizon, they put the same people back in office that created the problem and advocate for the same policies and give them a raise.

So it’s no surprise that one of the architects of President Obama’s worldview, the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, believes that if America is going to prosper, Chicago must be the model for the nation.

Chicago is a city that is big on government. The people of Chicago are used to power-wielding politicians – from Richard Daly, who served 21 years as mayor and boss of the city, and Harold Washington to Richard Daly, Jr. and now Mr. Emanuel.

Like all promoters, Mayor Emanuel only wants to talk about the positives. Here are a few items that he left out of his Chicago-as-model-city-for-America article:

Murder Rate: From January to October 1 of 2012, there have been nearly 500 murders in Chicago. In 2011, there were 435. The murder rate can’t be blamed on free access to guns since Chicago has one of the nation’s most restrictive gun control laws, second behind Washington, DC.

Sales Tax Rate: Chicago has the highest sales tax rate in the nation at 9.5%. Sales tax, like hotel, entertainment, and car rental taxes force non-residents to fund the budget of a city. Emanuel wants 50 million tourists every year by 2020. Overseas visitors spend an average of $4,000 per trip. Its high sales tax income masks the city’s extravagant expenditures making Chicago look good fiscally. Not every city can duplicate Chicago’s non-resident revenue source.

Debt: Even with its huge windfall from sales taxes, Chicago's extravagant payouts to government employees has resulted in “pension liabilities of at least $26.8 billion — far higher, according to some estimates — and will need to cut spending dramatically or raise taxes to astronomically-high levels in the near future.” Emanuel is caught between a political rock and a voting hard place because these generous payouts are what keep him and his fellow-Democrats in power. Tampering with the pensions like Gov. Scott Walker did in Wisconsin will bring a whole lot of political hurt down on him.

Unemployment: Job growth is a key to any city’s health. Look at Detroit. Emanuel points to Chicago’s job growth as a national model. Chicago's unemployment rate is at 8.4%, “higher than the national average. And while the city was once a hub of entrepreneurship, the top four employers today are all government agencies, in order: the federal government, the public school system, the City of Chicago, and Cook County. Chicago has essentially become a government with an economy, rather than the other way around. That is a model that President Obama and his Democrats have already been following for the nation.” For 2011, nearly 21% of Chicago’s population lived below the poverty level.

The above three indicators were taken from Joel B. Pollak’s article on Breibart with a few of my own thoughts added. Pollak also mentions corruption and immigration. We already know about Chicago’s corruption. The city is infamous for it. Chicago needs immigration since people are leaving the city because of political corruption, violence, and high taxes. There has been a decade-long population decline. Population decline for the state resulted in the loss of a congressional seat.

While Chicago is a nice place to visit (the food is great), I doubt that it should be a model for America, unless you are President Obama.



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  1. Liberals suck says:

    Wrong Way emmual is a stiffnecked rebelloius bas d jew

  2. I am a born and raised here Chicago resident. In just the last 10 years I've watched my city, and on a smaller level my neighborhood, change drastically. All of the above statements are true..and it's so much worse than that. Chicago is a sanctuary city, and the massive influx of illegals has changed the very face of my beloved city. It used to be you could drive through different neighborhoods and see the ethnic flavor of each. I will never have to vakay in Mexico. I live in Mexico. The ridiculous, overly zealous need to appease these illegals is appalling. Dozens of brand new, state of the art schools. Soccer fields. At least two community colleges that cater exclusively to illegals. And now our governor wants to give illegals drivers licenses. Why bother getting legal? They don't want to be American. They want to turn America into Mexico. Not a hater. Just not afraid to tell the truth.

  3. A LEGAL Immigrant says:

    This is the same guy who stated that you never let a crisis go to waste. They will lie, cheat, steal just like the thugs they are. We need to get rid of the whole bunch from the local city aldermen all the way to mayors, house, senate, WH and judges by insisting on term limits where we cannot have 25, 30 and 40 years careers. Also limit their salaries, pensions amd benefits in line with the rest of us, The People, and insist that they too live under the same laws and regs they impose on us. Hopefully new blood will act as a filter for the system and in the process cleanse it.

  4. Chicago once was a fun place to visit. No More.

  5. America like Chicago.... Isn't that comforting......

  6. SickofPoliticks says:

    Well, with Obama in the WH and all the corrupt minions in his administration, I'd say we're on our way.

  7. Rham Emmanuel is a complete nutcase, crazy man.

    See The Two Minute Conservative at http://adrianvance.blogspot.com for political analysis,
    science and humor. If you read us every day when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal
    gentlemen will weep.

  8. America like chicago....the windy city, as in blow it out your *ss Rahm ?

  9. Ever since the American electorate, in their infinite stupidity, put a Chicago mobster in the White House, America has been just like Chicago.

  10. I sure do miss a good Chicago deli dog, but I sure am not going back to get one, Marie's Pizza is another one to miss. If they won't let me carry my weopon, there is no reason to go back. tons of friends feel the same way, thats why they left also

  11. Why is it that the sick ones want everyone to become just like them? Do they think this will make the feel more normal?

  12. Sorry but, I don`t have a criminal background or have any use for them. Please keep your mob mentality in Chi Town.

  13. Is he a joke or what. There are a few places that America must not emulate and that is Chicago, New York and California. All three bankrupt. Don't the American people realize that the states that are doing good are republican states. You would think that would make this adm stand up and take notice but they are just a bunch of illiterates, frauds and corrupt.

  14. Shears_of_Atropos says:

    The man is an ignorant fool or an idealogue, your choice. The template for the USA was that it was to be a federation of sovereign states, much like the EU but more restricted. Each state was to be a pilot program, developing their governance based on their population and their needs. Out of this, each state could adopt what worked and WHAT WOULD WORK IN THEIR STATE. Under Obama/Emanuel, one size fits all...... the Gummint will decide what the states should do and all will be nirvana. The outcome is that all states are forced into a mold of sameness, as are the citizens. Have you confidence that DC can do anything to our overall benefit? BTW: Overall benefit = general welfare. And no, bailouts are not "general welfare" but "particular welfare", which is not permitted in the Constitution.

  15. Shears_of_Atropos says:

    That part of the US has absolutely corrupted Chili. To be like them is intolerable, as most of them cannot correctly *spell* chili, much less make it. No, Texas is Texas and we have no need of Chicago. You , OTOH, have need of our heating oil and natgas. Oh, and don't get me started on BBQ, which, like chili, you cannot spell, let alone make. Deadfish, you NEED the South. Live with it. Enjoy your cold Pizza when we start cuting off NatGas transfers.

  16. Our main stream media are idiot and wil not help us. Even Russia's big newspaper Pravda is warning America that illiterate people voted Obama back into office. They spell out the fact that Obama is a Communist and is out to destroy America. They s

  17. Shitcago, the mobster town. Why does any one want to live in that cesspool?