Romney Adviser Blames “Far Right” for Romney Loss

When President Obama repeatedly blamed George W. Bush for the condition of the economy, Republicans repeatedly took issue with the charge. Both parties were to blame for the way Congress forced financial institutions to loan money to people who had no business being approved for a mortgage.

Congress has been in the business of wrecking the economy and then claiming they have the solution to fix the problems they created. Curses on both their houses.

Now the blame-game is coming from the Romney camp. In an interview with Candy Crowley, Romney adviser Carlos Gutierrez first attacked Romney for his remarks about “gifts” by Obama to buy votes. On this Romney is correct despite what some Republicans who are trying to position themselves for 2016 are saying. Then Gutierrez goes further off the rails. Like so many Establishment Republicans, he does not understand the mood of millions of conservatives who once formed the foundation of the Republican Party and gave it substantial victories in past elections, 2010 being the most recent:

“I think we lost the election because the far right of this party has taken the party to a place that it doesn’t belong. We are the party of prosperity, of growth, of tolerance. I mean these immigrants who come across and what they do wrong is they risk their lives, they come here and they work because they want to be part of the American Dream. That’s what the GOP is.”

Mr. Gutierrez does not say what these “far right” positions are. No one I’ve spoken with is against immigrants. It’s the illegal idea that has people questioning our immigration policy. We need a solution to the problem without growing the welfare state. We are a welcoming people. Sad to say, neither side has an equitable solution to the problem.

But let’s get back to the “far right” charge. The following comment on Breitbart’s site says it all for those who did not trust Romney’s conservative bona fides:

“We haven’t moved Right at all. The fact is that we’ve moved so far Left that we ended up nominating Mitt Romney — the ultimate Establishment, Liberal, Rockefeller Republican candidate We nominated the guy who invented RomneyCare (the prototype for ObamaCare), the guy who donated to Planned Parenthood, the guy who had a program to use taxpayer money to pay for abortions, the guy who kicked the boy scouts out of the Olympics to appease gay rights groups, the guy who said he would always defend a ‘woman’s right to choose,’ the guy who bragged about having tough control laws in Massachusetts… we nominated THE MOST LIBERAL REPUBLICAN IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY and they still say we need to move further to the Left. How much further to the Left can we move?!!

Conservatives, even those who voted for Romney, were suspicious of Romney and his advisers. They believed that another four years of Obama of Company would set in concrete a liberal agenda that we may not be able to recover from. If Mr. Gutierrez thinks a swing to the center is the ticket to victory in 2014 and 2016, he’s in for a big shock.



Gary is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and earned his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1979. He is the author of countless essays, news articles, and more than 27 book titles.

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  • Ginger

    the problem is that the Republican party departed from conservative principles and let the
    “social” issues cloud the real issues and the liars hold sway…most Americans want the same thing..a decent life and self determination. Time for the GOP to grow some backbone and call it like it is….the GOP used the same lame tactics that lost for McCain.,I have gone from Dem in 2000 to Rep to now and forever and Independent.

  • Jed Merrill

    Mitt did not ever plan to use taxpayer money to fund sbortions. That is a baseless charge. All of his actions in MA were against it.

    This blame game makes no sense. It is not what Mitt did wrong but what Obama did wrong…massive voter fraud as chronicled at

  • Janie

    We know it was voter fraud. They even ran out General Petraeus the day after the election with his stunning announcement so they could make sure the story of fraud never hit the airways (as if they would have reported it anyway!)

  • Daivd Buerk

    It’s the voter fraud stupid! The so called ‘far right’ happens to be where the Constitution resides. Nobody trying to cram nothing down anyones throats. Just liberty and responsible, competent Government that serves the people, not the other way around.
    Why is it you have so much problem with this simple message>?

  • Jeff Tesch

    Now we know why Romney lost the Presidental campaign !!! He was listening to morons like this idiot. Will the Repubics ever learn to just go conservative all the way and not compromise the movement with moderates. We educate and educate the citizens of the country and they follow the conservatives but OUR leader’s advisors hate the conservatives because they the moderates know better. That’s sound very familar !! Where hav e I heard that before ?? That’s right from the Libs , they know what is best for all of us.Just ask them. We need to stop sabotaging ourselves.

  • cheese622

    These are the same advisors who told Romney not to go after Obama on his lies and failures, advisers that told him not to go on any right leaning talk shows so as not to anger the other RINO’s in the party. First they run McCain and then Romney how in the world can we ever win an election with all these idiots running our party?

    • Simon Redwine

      Newt would have slapped those alinsky radicals up one side and down the other.
      These people need to learn that alinsky radicals are so far left they can’t even see center. Whenever an alinsky radical gets their nose bloodied in response to an a attack- the people rise up and cheer. There is a reason people hate bully politics..

  • allen goldberg

    Why take to heart, and follow advice from leftists? That would be the same as listening to your political enemy, not a good strategy at all..and this was done in 2008 when we nominated John McCain…way left of conservatism..and guess what..he lost!

  • PatroitLady

    The most likely cause of the defeat is NOT HAVING VOTER I.D. in most places!!C
    Contact every representative you have in Congress to pass legislation NOW so this fraud will not be so prevalent in the next election.

  • rivahmitch

    “Rockefeller Republicans” have never been any good at anything but collecting taxes to pay for socialist Democrat programs because the only thing they care about is the Republican Party (as an institution) rather than the republic. That has never changed.

    That said, however, I’m totally disgusted with the Republican establishment and only slightly less so with most conservative groups. The real precedent for this election was Al Frankins’ “win” in Minnesota when boxes of ballots beRight now, those of us in both groups who despise the Kenyan Marxist in the White House and what it is doing to our country can continue to blame each other for the loss (and we’ll lose the future as well) OR we can develop some courage and begin to speak the truth about an “election” that was determined by voter fraud, manipulated machines, crooked counting (both here and in Spain), stacked ballot boxes and a general level of corruption which turned many jurisdictions, particularly in the “battleground states” into replicants of Cook County in 1960. (As you may recall, with more votes than residents in that historic year, Cook County presented the presidency to JFK. When encouraged to protest the result, Richard Nixon declined because he such a protest would “split the country” about which he genuinely cared. Today, that argument no longer holds water. The country (such as it now is) is hopelessly split and the only reason Republicans, conservatives and the media have for refusing to raise the issue is that they are testicularly challenged.)

    Jeremiah Wright’s curse has come to fruition, the form of our damnation is Obama. Yet no one seems willing to speak truth to power except Allen West. Even recognizing that the courts refusal to isolate the ballot boxes and voting machines involved and that allowing more time for votes to be “found” by the local crooks dooms his chances, he is at least putting a line in the dirt which will make it obvious what has happened.

  • bobmann101

    I think voter fraud played the biggest part. Voter fraud has already been proven, but only talk will be the outcome nothing else!

  • Tom T

    They ( GOP progressives) keep pushing “democrat lite” candidates like Dole, Mc Cain, and Romney yet they wonder why they lose. Then listen to the dems tell them how to win by moving further left. Any time a candidate runs on constitutionally conservative platform they win. Why does the establishment not get that? Bush called himself a “Compassionate Conservative” Romney said he was “Severely Conservative” as if actually following the Constitution and personal liberty was severe or non-compassionate. This just proves the establishment of both parties are just two wings of the same party for the most part. We the people have sold out by the current political system.

  • caskinner

    I am getting tired of all the people giving their opinion as to why Romney lost. It is pretty apparent that the Chicago thug committee were successful at stealing another election. The Republicans should keep their mouths shut and stick together. People are already jockeying for their position for 2016.

    • medic2003

      Always the same. We need to get motivated and run a party that can beat em both.

      • caskinner

        Yes but look at what they did to the Tea Party…..disparaged them. I am all for a new party but it will take time.

        • medic2003

          the Tea Party is a movement though, not a party. We need to get the Libertarians and Constitution party to unite, agree to compromise in areas where they differ, and form a new party, the Liberty party. A party based on indvidual freedom and the Constitution. Yes there are disagreements in their platforms, but there are more similarities.

          There are people in both the Libertarian party and Constitution party that identify as Tea Partiers. It is ALL about the freedom and shrinking the Federal Government.

        • caskinner

          I agree.

        • caskinner

          I am just sick of the cut throat Republicans. One think they can learn from the Dems….they stick together.

        • medic2003

          They do because the PARTIES themselves share the same globalist agenda. The key has been for them to masterfully keep us fighting amongst ourselves so we dont see what they are doing.

          Both major parties have sold out to the evil that is the elite. Im not saying there arent good people in both parties, but they are few and far between. When they dont walk in lockstep with what the big brother says they get demonized and removed. regardless of party.

  • davienne

    put the blame where the blame is due… on the GOP and middle who wouldnt bring up pertinant issues… obo’s rape, molestation and murder of the constitution in every conceivable way possible…

  • Terry Riney

    Ron Paul is the one that should have been chose over the Liberal Progressive Romney. It seems the RNC and DNC are joined at the hip and want the same thing. In 2016 if we are still a country I am going with the Libratarian Party. To hell with the lesser of 2 evils. They are both evil.



  • Jed Merrill

    Please quit the divisiveness. Our nation is divided enough without returning to the primary blame game. It’s time to unite and do something about Obama. Mitt remains a great leader who inspired us and rightfully won this election. I’d like to see him do more, and I think he will.

  • Takenoprisoners

    Senor Carlos throws MORE gasoline on the fire..and thrills the Demo-rats. Great
    move, you jackel ! Mitt lost because he was out-manouvered, out-cheated and
    took the ever useless GOP “high road” against a mob of thugs and criminals
    who have always been gut fighters…The Tea Party is not to blame, nor are Conservatives.
    Get on down the road if you think being an Independent gets it done. Chickens
    will eventually come home to roost..when there is all-out blood in the streets..and it
    is nigh !

  • Elmerdeadwood1

    I blame voter fraud .

  • JaniceELP

    Just in case you’ve forgotten how
    valuable you are, take a few moments to watch this. It will remind you
    to fill your own lamp, to replenish your own oil, in order to better
    serve the lives of others.

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  • Edward Gallagher

    Nonsense, another establishment consultant blaming someone else for his own incompetency. These clowns rake in tons of money, promote failed tactics and strategy, and try to sell a candidate like a box of laundry detergent. We are not pushing whiter whites and bluer blues. We are trying to sell ideas and principles and folks who have not worked in the private sector don’t relate to folks who do. Elitists on the right are just as fallible as elitists on the left, but more dangerous.

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