Will Obamacare Become the New Normal?

There is a somewhat encouraging article on the Heritage Foundation’s website about how Obamacare is not here to stay. As the article pointed out, in spite of Obama’s win, polls show that the majority of Americans remain opposed to Obamacare. Most want to repeal it either in whole or in part. Also, there is still bipartisan opposition to the bill. A bill to repeal the section of Obamacare implementing the Independent Payment Analysis Board (the infamous “death panel”) has garnered 234 co-sponsors. And the fairly recent Supreme Court decision that called Obamacare constitutional was only one of many lawsuits brought against the Federal government pertaining to the monstrous health care legislation. There are about forty such lawsuits on behalf of about a hundred different plaintiffs that have not been heard yet. As more of the law unravels and causes more and more businesses to fold under the pressure of regulations and taxes, there will certainly be more lawsuits to come.

Things do seem to be looking up, but I remain skeptical because Americans don’t get outraged enough to change things this big. Once the initial shock of such legislation wears off, we grow complacent and just accept the fact that we live in a tyranny. I fear that Obamacare will become the new normal, and in 5 or 10 years, the idea of repealing Obamacare will be looked at as crazy even by those identifying as conservative Republicans.

Mainstream Republicans used to talk about completely getting rid of the Department of Education. Nowadays, that’s considered crazy. Whether or not we get rid of the department doesn’t even enter into the debate. Debates are over how much funding should go into schools, what kinds of programs need to be implemented, whether we should allow creation science to be taught, whether we should allow prayer, etc. All those issues would be moot if we got rid of the entire federal ED.

As time goes on, the debate over Obamacare will be less and less about repealing it and more and more about tinkering around the edges. Politicians in both parties will fight over who gets to manage and control it, and no one will seriously work to dismantle it. Why would they when John Boehner has already declared Obamacare to be the “law of the land?” In effect, Boehner is saying it’s too late. The Supreme Court has already ruled it to be Constitutional, so there’s no point in trying to repeal it. We just need to focus on compromising and “working together.”

Obamacare will be like the Department of Education. Right now, conservatives are still in the “repeal” mindset, which is good. But given enough time, it wouldn’t be surprising if representatives on both sides of the aisle eventually voted to double Obamacare’s budget, as they doubled the size of the ED.

I hate to be pessimistic, but Republicans don’t have a good track record of fighting successfully against big government. Many have tried fighting against it, but most just play the game. It’s so much easier to “go along to get along.” They’re more concerned with being good “team players” than with voting on principle. Do most of them even have principles?



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  • tncdel

    IMPEACH John Boehner!

    Please see, “Wimpy RINO Boehner tells Obama: ‘We want you to succeed, we’re ready to be led.’ Should the GOP replace Boehner with someone with the cojones to stand up for America, Tom McClintock?,” here:


  • Amishron

    John Boner is nothing more than a limp d**k & can’t stand up to the anti-American muslim. He is a rhino in sheeps clothing. We need a new Speaker of the House who has some balls.

    • Melissa Frost

      He just got re-elected. I saw we fight fire with fire. Time is running out. Let’s get creative.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Barney/100000502045724 Victor Barney

        Again, No offense, but WOMEN & BLACKS, BOTH GATHERER’S, MAKE-UP OVER 70% OF OUR POPULATION! MY, TRUE FRIEND, THAT’S A “SUPER MAJORITY!” Just saying, what is, is…P.S. GOOD BYE, REPUBLIC!!! Again, just saying…

        • Melissa Frost

          I’m following your point.

  • Melissa Frost

    As an RN, I never imagined it would come to this. The beginning of the end. I’m sad and angry. How did we let this happen. People don’t realize the disaster ahead.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    We have two years before mid terms. With the economy further in the toilet than it already is we should do much better. We ignored the House trying to take the Presidency.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Barney/100000502045724 Victor Barney


  • Melissa Frost

    Be prepared for lousy healthcare. Be prepared to be set back in technology. The last 100 years has seen unprecedented advances in diagnosis and treatment. Redistribution will make so no one receives top notch healthcare. ( unless you are Obummer, hollywood, the uber rich and his cronies ). Who will be signing up for nursing and medical school? Hint, it won’t be the brightest of the bright. In fact ObamaCare removes the notion of work hard, educate yourself, and the “calling” of being in the medical field to help others. I’ve worked with Dr.s from Canada. I’m sorry, nice enough of course, but their skills are no match of American trained Dr.s.

    The beginning of the end.

  • gnafuasusual

    ObamaCare is going to be the law of the land on not only health care but many other aspects of American Life. ObamaCare is a Control Rag to make The People conform to Servitude. If you have read any parts of the Rag, you know that Government, Unions and Muslims do not have to accept the Rag. But, a portion of the Rag does say how the health care money will allow Muslims and Illegals to have free care at American Citizen’s expense. The Middle Class will be harmed the most. You can’t believe that Obama is trying to enrich the Middle Class because that is where the bucks will come from. The idea is to end up with the elite and the poor…just like all third world countries. By the way, ask Obama if he wants to give 60% of his nest egg to the Government to spend on those who never work and want all freebies. He likes to “distribute the wealth” so much so let him be the first to down-size his living standard/style and take the bus instead of Air Force One. That would be good for starters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Barney/100000502045724 Victor Barney

    Yes! After all, with WOMEN & BLACKS, over 70% of our population being in control, BOTH GATHERER’S, as Roy Orbison, of my generation made FAMOUS: “It’s OVER!” Or, was it, “TURN OUT THE LIGHTS, THE PARTY’S OVER?” I FORGET!

  • crazyfreddie



  • Mys77

    Excuse me but didn’t the Supreme Court determine that this is a TAX…. and if that is true… then why do you keep saying law???? Taxes have to be collected… but by who and how??? This has nothing to do with CARE… so quit calling it that. How does a TAX benefit my health??? And if there is no money, there is no money…. and if half the country says no, that means no. If small business say no, that means no. And all people will have their day in court. A piece of paper does not force me to do a damn thing. If I have to hear that phrase one more time I think I am going beat the crap out of any dem I see!!!

  • samtman

    Curious guy,legal residence are not exempt from Obama care,your make up stories again, you one of those freeloaders who gts his medical care for free from the ER,predending to be poor. Even the poor will now be able to get some kind of medical program. I have the feeling that there are many posters on this blog who are against Obama care because they freeload on the ER. Part of the ER costs are already being paid by the State and FEd, government and by the people who pay high insurance premiums every month, especially those who pay for their own Health Insurance and don’t belong to a co-oporative or get help from their employer. Freeloading is going to be over,get used to it. I hopoe this will also go for illigal immigrants.

  • gwedem5995

    And the unions and congress and the President and the indians. All we have to do is hold out and when we finally elect republicans again and they are incontrol then we can get rid of it, or just a President can issue an executive order like O has been getting by with. We have laws on the books regarding illegal immigrant and defense of Marriage Act and O just completely disregarded them so when we elect a fiscally responsible person as President, he can do the same.

  • usluv


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5MCPUEC452QW3Z7A25QIRXNNBY RachaelR

    I think that a lot of the apparent increasing complacency will go out the door once young people wake up and realize that they are supposed to part with more of their hard-earned dollars (assuming those under 26 don’t have parents with a policy that they can bum off of) to purchase something that they would never waste money on if they thought they had the choice. I bet anything that you could stop a few dozen young people (between the ages of, say, 20 and 40) on the street in any decent sized city here in the US and very few of them would be aware that the government will try to force them to purchase a service that they may not want or need. I bet just about all the young people who voted for Obama still actually believe that they will be getting something for nothing (well, I guess the ones who are still living in mom’s basement and sitting on their butts all day will get Medicaid, which is basically equivalent to nothing anyway when it comes to the care that one receives and the providers one can choose from) and will stand there in dumb shock when told they have to purchase a plan.
    Then it will be like this: “whaddaya mean I have to buy an insurance policy?!??!!” – “no one told me that I’d have to buy and waste my money on something!” – Obama said we’d get free insurance – where’s my free insurance?!?” – “we was robbed!”
    Poor stupid things – just like an animal that steps into a trap to get a free meal and then finds to its horror that that it has lost its freedom, possibly forever. Except that animals generally aren’t smart enough to see a trap for what it is – and apparently, neither are Obama voters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/melvin.shofner Melvin Shofner

    Principles? Politicians? Thanks, I needed that laugh. Boehner’s as worthless as the rest of those spineless cretins. The House has the power to strangle that beast as long as they have the stones to resist funding it, but they won’t do it. Hell, since the version they actually voted to enact originated in the Senate, and since SCOTUS ruled it a “tax,” it could be ruled unconstitutional on those grounds if any of them had any courage, except for the way they covered their asses by “deeming” the House version “passed.” See how that works? Rules are for us peons; the ruling class can do as they damn well please until or unless we get tired of it and start holding them to their oaths. I’m not holding my breath.

  • nax777

    In more news… Yes, the right direction. A larger Latino
    Socialist block, a larger Asian Socialist block and don’t forget a larger
    Muslim Sharia Law block. The African-American block is literally shrinking not
    just being outnumbered just like the Native-American and Caucasian-American.
    (2010 US census)

    Guess which voter blocks are becoming more and more
    un-important and were it will lead the Parties.

    Yes, this makes complete sense. Increase the grossly unsustainable
    mass immigration numbers, both legal and illegal. This way the two Party system
    can give us choices over leaders like Ahmadinejad, Chávez and Kim Jong-Il. Such
    leaders will be Mayors and Governors.

    Yes it’s better to be overthrown by unarmed citizens than an
    armed military. Since our leaders not only did nothing to prevent grossly
    unsustainable mass illegal immigration numbers they made legal immigration
    numbers even larger than the illegal numbers.

    Many have been elected since the early 90’s because of their
    strong stance to reduce both legal and illegal immigration numbers. Most did
    not walk-it like they talked-it. Government leaders in all three Houses for
    decades are guilty of plotting and committed acts to overthrow the Federal

    To use the US system of governance against its people and
    government required one devastating last step, overpopulation via immigration.
    Yes, it’s time to surrender to socialism and Sharia.

    If immigration numbers remained the constant that they were
    in 1980 (the last year before mass legal immigration began) US population
    growth would have never reached 250 million and start a decline in 2040 if
    birth rates remained the same, less than two children per woman.

    Source; US census from 1970 to present, the decline is a
    different issue that could have been resolved without increasing immigration
    rates. Annual immigration replacement numbers have never exceeded 250,000 and
    have been over one million since 1985.

    If you have not noticed my “yes” statements are sarcastic. I
    take no comfort in knowing that most will fail and will not encourage anyone to
    join the majority.

    http://www.numbersusa.com /

  • Nancy

    Contact:Paul J. Beard II
    Principal Attorney
    Pacific Legal Foundation
    [email protected]
    (916) 419-7111

    Timothy Sandefur
    Principal Attorney
    Pacific Legal Foundation
    [email protected]
    (916) 419-7111

    The election is over, but PLF’s Obamacare suit goes on!

    Sacramento, CA; November 7, 2012: After this week’s election results, the costly, burdensome and intrusive Affordable Care Act (ACA) — “Obamacare” — is less likely than ever to be reformed, let alone repealed, by elected officials.

    But a promising, powerful legal challenge is still going forward — litigated by attorneys with Pacific Legal Foundation, a watchdog organization that defends limited government, free enterprise, and individual rights, in courtrooms nationwide.

    “Especially after the election of 2012, PLF is now on the front line in defending the rights of Americans against Obamacare’s violations of core constitutional principles,” said PLF Principal Attorney Paul J. Beard II. “Our commitment is strengthened, and our fight goes on.”

    PLF’s client, Iowa City small business owner Matt Sissel, agreed. “I am in this lawsuit to defend liberty and the Constitution,” he said. “That purpose and that promise continue today. My lawsuit is more important than ever, and we’ll move ahead with it, all the way up the judicial system, if necessary.

    “Quitting is never an option,” said Sissel, a member of the Iowa National Guard who was awarded the Bronze Star for service as a combat medic in the Iraq War. “In the military we learned you don’t stop halfway up the hill. The same goes with our courtroom challenge to Obamacare. I’m grateful to PLF for sharing my determination to move forward.”

    Obamacare is a tax that started unconstitutionally — in the wrong house of Congress

    In its ruling on Obamacare this past June, the U.S. Supreme Court characterized the ACA’s charge for people who don’t buy health insurance as an exercise of the federal taxing authority.

    That holding opened the way for PLF’s legal assault: PLF’slawsuit argues the ACA was introduced in the wrong house of Congress. It started in the Senate even though the Constitution’s “Origination Clause” (Article I, Section 7) requires that taxes start in the House.

    PLF’s case is before Judge Beryl Howell of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Judge Howell recently ruled that PLF’s Origination Clause argument may go forward.

    “With Obamacare, the legislative process was backwards — and that makes it unconstitutional,” said Beard. “If it’s a tax, as the Supreme Court called it, then it started in the wrong house.”

    The Origination Clause says that “all bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other bills.”

    What became the ACA, however, was unveiled by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In a so-called “shelf bill” ploy, Reid took a totally unrelated House measure on veterans’ issues, struck out all its text, and substituted the voluminous language creating the ACA, with its heavy taxes, including the charge for people who don’t buy insurance.

    The Supreme Court has never ruled on whether such a gut and switch ploy is constitutional. Georgetown University Law School Professor Randy Barnett, a leading constitutional critic of Obamacare, sees the importance of getting an answer from the Judiciary. “If any act violates the Origination Clause, it would seem to be the Affordable Care Act,” he wrote recently, in an article on PLF’s lawsuit.

    “When we focus on the Origination Clause, we’re not talking about dry formalities and this isn’t an academic issue,” said Beard. “The Founders understood that the power to tax, if misused, involves the power to destroy, as Chief Justice John Marshall put it. Therefore, they viewed the Origination Clause as a safeguard for liberty. They insisted that the power to initiate new taxes should be left with the lawmakers who are most directly accountable to voters — members of the House, who are elected every two years by local districts.”

    Obamacare’s prescription — taxes, taxes, and more taxes

    The ACA represents one of the largest tax increases in American history. According to Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), more than a dozen revenue-related planks, including the charge for not buying insurance, will impose hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxes over the next 10 years.

    Because the charge for those who don’t buy insurance is so central to the structure of the ACA, PLF’s lawsuit asks that the entire law be struck down.

    PLF isn’t political — but we are partisan: for freedom and the Constitution

    “PLF’s lawsuit would have gone forward in any case, but the need is now clearer than ever,” said PLF President Rob Rivett. “PLF is a pro-freedom legal watchdog — not a political organization. With the support of liberty-loving donors nationwide, PLF defends the Constitution in court, no matter who holds office in Congress, the state houses, or the White House.

    “Obamacare, with its massive, illegally enacted tax hikes, violates the Constitution. That’s why PLF is in this fight — and that’s why we’re staying in this fight!”

    The case is Sissel v. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

    About Pacific Legal Foundation
    Donor-supported Pacific Legal Foundation (www.pacificlegal.org) is a watchdog organization that litigates for limited government, property rights, individual rights, and free enterprise, in courts nationwide.

  • http://twitter.com/Rockcut Bern Dillon

    Repeal Obamacare is over! Live with it!

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