Benghazi Review Board: Everyone and No One to Blame

Leaders of the Accountability Review Board that investigated the failure in Benghazi, Libya, that led to the deaths of four Americans, including an ambassador and two SEALs, are testifying behind closed doors to members of Congress today.

An unclassified version of their report was released Tuesday.

The report blames the security failure at the American mission in Benghazi on a series of bureaucratic mistakes and mismanagement.

“Systematic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus of the State Department resulted in a Special Mission security posture that was inadequate for Benghazi and grossly inadequate to deal with the attack that took place,” the report says.

But in what amounts to a one-two punch to the jaw of accountability and to Americans wanting real answers, the same report says that no particular bureaucrat failed in his duty and recommends no disciplinary action for anybody.

So according to the official investigation, the final word is everybody and nobody was responsible.

It was just one of those things, apparently.

Among  the recommendations the panel makes to increase security in the future are: increasing spending on security, using our own Marines rather than local personnel, and having Congress approve funding for State Department security measures. (Might help if they passed a budget first.)

You can see why it took the capitol brain trust until after the election to put out this insightful report.

As far as the Libyans we were using, the report notes that they were on strike on September 11, protesting their pay and hours.

Let’s see. Union strike kills Americans in Libya. Here at home, union strike kills Hostess. Is this the State Department using a spin on the Twinkie defense?

Just how many different ways can this Administration’s actions scream “cover-up” before the lamestream media take Benghazi seriously?

To paraphrase Will Turner in the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie: At least once more, as always.




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  • FSHNT21

    Look… we all know the attack was Bush’s fault… leave it at that…
    What the REAL issue here is who orchestrated and and sanctioned the cover up…
    Hillary is in charge of the State Department and all of it’s personnel, so the “blame” starts and hend with her. The Gemocrats have already annointed her as the next president and the 4 victims are simply more statistics in th Clinton Body Count. Don’t expect much to come of that.
    An Independent Special Prosecutor was appointed to investigate a botched burglary and cover up in which no one died and it led to Nixon being impeached and his subsequent resignation.
    No one expects the Impostor in Chief to resign, He’s much too arrogant for that, but maybe if he’s facing prison time, he’ll reconsider…

  • lee1233

    Obama has made his position clear on more than one occasion; A person who knows that he does not qualify as a candidate for president(shall be a natural born citizen) requires both parents to be US citizen; it is no surprise that his quarrel with the rule of law knows no bounds. His first charge is to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies both domestic and foreign. He allowed four US citizens to be murdered by Muslim Terrorist in Libya, one of many terrorist flash points in the middle east. He, Hillery and Penatta were all present viewing in real time the killing of Ben Laden. The smoking gun is the live feed of the Benghazi murder of the four US citizens. What did Obama and Hillery know and when did he know it. What dumb Obama policy would hire Libya militia as guards for our Ambassador in Libya? This should be the end of the Obama the fraud of the century. lee1233

  • joseph g

    There is lots of blood on barry’s hands. The sad part most don’t care. That is why you have the shootings in Connecticut and Colorado and elsewhere. The lack of respect for life itself starts at the top. Think that is not true. barrycare uses our tax dollars to fund abortions. Every democrat voted for the bill. Some one asked where God was when the shooting at the school happened. Don’t the fools remember. They kicked God out of our schools.

  • Tpatriot

    What a waste of time, money, and American resource’s. The American legal and political system’s have become as crooked as the third world!

  • zathrus

    HRC already claimed responsibility. She said that the blame stopped with her. Let her have the blame and everything that goes with it. Insofar as Obama, his time is coming when he won’t be able to blame anyone else for his shortcomings. By comparisons of all the former presidents sins, this president puts them all to shame. He is as the archangel of death and his minions stand ready to protect him. Trust him not, believe in him not for as sure as there is air to breathe he will feed you to the lions if it means he can sustain his quest for ultimate power. He cares for naught but himself and his unholy brood.

  • Nobama Man

    I think this is what they are REALLY hiding…

  • SammysDad

    If the morons who voted for BO had ever taken the time to be informed about issues like this that really count, he would be community organizing in Chicago again. This report is the most horrendous cover-up surpassing Watergate. No one was killed in Watergate. BO was caught with his pants down and everyone in government is complicit in pulling them up and zipping up his zipper.

    • Christine

      SAMMYS DAD….You forgot about how low the IQ of the majority of Obama voters have. They are the ones who got him elected. The Blacks voted overwhelmingly for him, the college women and the Mexicans. Those are the 3 groups that the Obama campaign played to and it worked. SO you have to realize they would have never done any research at all to find out about OBAMA and what his REAL VISION is for this country. THEY ALL HAVE THEIR HANDS OUT….

  • williaml

    As expected the same old hogwash comes from the WH review board. The creeps in the WH were watching the thing and yet this group finds it all and dandy. They get a few minor folks to take the blame and the rest get off. The ill crap clinton came up when the heat started to get hot.

  • Christine

    HILLARY needs to testify. She does not have a concussion and we all know it. She should have been called to testify A LOOOOOONG time ago. She was taking all those silly trips pretending to be busy while caring less about the 4 AMERICANS who died. Drives me nuts that those in charge of investigating this ATROCITY are being so complacent about it. CALL HILLARY TO TESTIFY….NOW….What is going to happen is people low on the totem pole at the State Dept. are going to take the rap for this…They will be fired and that is all that will happen. FELLOW AMERICANS, we are WATCHING CORRUPTION TAKE PLACE right in front of our eyes. Americans should be marching on the WHITE HOUSE AND CONGRESS for justice for the 4 Americans

  • carcos

    How sad to watch our government go down in flames as this King George III wanna be ignores us all and does whatever he wants. Last time that happened, our country was born. Where in world is our representation?!?!

  • Mort Leith

    Vlaidmir PUTIN of Russia couldn’t have stated it better,, right Comrad Obama ! ?

  • Gringo Infidel

    Clearly ambiguous – total cop out that avoids seeking faults so those responsible could be held accountable. Pure rubbish. It is ultimately the C-in-C’s fault and so it is recorded as such.

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