Black Commentator Asks if Young White Males Should be Profiled

CNN's Don Lemon had a discussion on whether white men should be profiled “in an attempt to prevent gun violence and decrease the amount of mass shootings. Lemon argues that white males between the ages of 18 and 25 were behind nearly all recent mass killings.”

For once, I agree with Mr. Lemon.

Israel profiles at airports, and it works. The Israelis have developed a sophisticated way to spot potential terrorists who might have designs on blowing up one of their airplanes. When’s the last time you heard of a plane being blown up in Israel? Anshel Pfeffer points out:

“To Israelis, the practice of picking people out based on racial stereotypes is so self-evident, there isn't even a Hebrew term for it. In the ongoing international debate over airport security, which has followed the failed attempt by Nigerian student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to blow up a plane carrying himself and 289 others near Detroit, much attention has been paid to the methods used to screen passengers at airports.”

If some white teenager is approaching a school loaded to the teeth with who knows what, I think an armed security guard should assume that he wants to do harm. I’m OK with that.

The profiling should extend to Muslins and Blacks. We know that terrorist attacks are mostly done by Muslims. We know that most inner-city violence is done by blacks. In some cities it’s Hispanics.

What’s good for the white goose should be good for the black goose.

Profiling people is not a new idea. The Harvard Crimson reported on comments made by Ann Coulter after a series of attacks on American facilities and people by young Muslim males:

“She read a list of recent bombings in which Americans have died, arguing that those responsible—Islamic extremists—fit a definite pattern.

“‘They have all had the same eye color, hair color, skin color and half of them have been named Muhammad,’ she said. ‘This is not racial profiling; it’s a description of the suspect.’”

The APD Uniform Crime Reports state the following about crime statistics from April 2011 to April 2012 in the city of Atlanta:

“In Atlanta, African-Americans are 54 percent of the population, but are responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault, and 93 percent of burglary.”

Is Mr. Lemon willing to racially profile in inner cities where there are high numbers of young blacks like Chicago, Detroit, and Philadelphia?



73 thoughts on “Black Commentator Asks if Young White Males Should be Profiled

  1. marineh2ominer says:

    Another often overlooked fact , three times more blacks are racists than whites , despite the fact that blacks are only about fourteen percent of the population .

  2. I'm convinced everyone under 25 should be profiled. Whackos.

  3. All our lives we ALL profile, Profiling is your duty ! It's what keeps us safe, it's how we pick a spouse a girlfriend a boy friend someone to work for you. When you fill out a job app. you are filling out a form so that you can be profiled. Profiling is not just people , it's the house you live in the car you drive the clothes you you like. Profiling is in everything you do. The word taste is what? Profiling, atleast in what you decide is your tast. so anyone who thinks there not profiling.... doesen't understand what profiling is!

  4. ..since obama has done a great job at destroying the u.s., maybe we should profile "white" people?

  5. Well which group is more apt to commit crimes? I can say it sure isn't the crackers..

  6. Laurence Almand says:

    Despite the isolated - and quite rare - instances of White males engaging in homicide, the fact remains that Black males commit more than 60% of all the violent crime in the USA. Yes, White males have engaged in mass shootings, but these White males are only a tiny minority. The vast majority of White males - including white male gun owners - are decent, law-abiding people who never engage in any type of crime.

  7. Let's make sure we arrest and convict people in proportion to their representation in society. What a bunch of leftist crap, it is time to start stripping citizenship and forced deportation. I, of course do not believe all white people good, nor all black and brown people bad, profiling is a good tool when not abused.

  8. A racist black? Imagine that. I thought that only whites could be racist by definition..

  9. antiliberalcryptonite says:

    No, but bIack liberal N'r commentators should be.

  10. He'll claim he was "only joking" or that he is really trying to be a comedian, just like Bill Maher on HBO.

  11. This is the heart of our problem. While white do gooder`s believe the blacks are owed something because some of their ancestors were slaves. What a crock of dodo, it was their own people that sold them first to the white Europeans. You can still go to Africa and buy slaves today, but the blacks believe the whites owe them something. White America owes the black people nothing, nobody owes the blacks anything special. As long as we allow affirmative action, the black race is doomed, if you can get what you want for free why work for it? The truth is we all get profiled just alot of us refuse to acknowledge the findings!

  12. Deport Piers Morgan for his un-American rants`and attempts to destroy the constitution. Just like a Brit, what they can't control, destroy.

  13. Mathematical certainty says:

    Obviously lemon-head has not read "White girl bleed a lot" by Colin Flaherty, 5th edition, Sept. 2012. A must read for all! Then ask what ethnic group should be profiled.

  14. They have always been profiled. In the 70's, my son looked like a long haired hippy freak, and even though he was always on the honor roll at every school he attended, the police and teachers that didn't know him assumed things. He was questioned everywhere he went. Anything that happened was automatically his fault until proven otherwise. He was used to it.

  15. Any law enforcement crime investigator worth his salt SHOULD profile according to the potential suspect of they type of crime for which that profile affords a higher percentage of determining the identity of a person whose identity is not yet determined.

  16. Will you idiots EVER learn NOT to get sucked into these racists traps? Morons.

  17. how about all non blacks round up all the blacks & send back to black african countries??? would that be profiling???

    • Obama ready spent it. We might be able to come up with maybe Half.. Enough to send all of them HALF way back. Seriously though- If we just sent sharpton, jackson. obama, waters, jackson Lee, nBPanthers and a few others, and all that would break bread with these racist, bigoted, inciting alinsky radical "organizeers. That would take care of it. They instill, purposefully this notion that most blacks are like them. THEY ARE NOT. Most are nothing like the imagery the ab above mentioned project. That too is an alinsky organizing tool to divide us. Evil !

  18. Over three out of five black males over the age of 25 in Alabama are convicted felons. When it comes to personal safety, we are supposed to turn a blind eye to the appearance of the person approaching us if they happen to be black. When we do, our chance of survival is diminished, but we're still called 'racists.' Political correctness can cause loss of life, and you still do not gain favor with people who hate you for being white. Call it 'profiling' or anything you want.... the choice is clear: caution or coffin.

  19. This dude proves he is a dumb arsed bogot

  20. What a racist, homophobic, baby and woman hating buffoon. Wait- Did I gather all that from a simple statement that may have merit?