Global-Warming Fears Cooling Down Amidst New Data

America dodged a bullet in 2000 when we elected George W. Bush over Al Gore, I’m telling you what.

Al Gore, who at this point will go down in history not as the 45th Vice President of the United States of America, but as a hapless neophyte weatherman so proficient in PowerPoint as to render him a prodigy, helped spread the fear (or at least attempted, as nobody remembers this anymore) that the northern polar ice caps could be entirely melted by the year 2012.

I do not wish to be too hasty in judging the man, for though it is currently the very year that the ice caps were supposed to have vanished and have in fact not, the year is not yet over; America’s treasured clairvoyant still has three days for his prophecy to come true, for the North Pole, Santa’s homestead, to disappear. (In light of Santa’s having just visited our homes three nights ago to bestow us our holiday bounty, do we root for him or for Gore?)

Of course, even some alarmists are quick to dismiss Gore as a hypocritical profiteer, the worst kind of capitalist, exploiting our fears for his own personal gain. “Gore’s a goon,” they say, not only because it’s true but because I’m feeling especially alliterative today. “He doesn’t speak for the environmentalist movement.” Oh yes he does.

But if they wish to denounce Gore now in light of his poor record of failed prognostications after previously embracing the man’s prophecies a decade ago, fine; let’s see what the more respected environmentalist outlets are saying.

According to an article posted in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the ice sheets of Greenland consistently increased from 2003 to 2010. Expounding on this for, Larry Bell writes:

“In addition, the enhanced detail of where and how much ice melted allowed them to estimate that the annual loss acceleration was much lower than previous research suggested, roughly increasing by 8 billion tons annually, Previous estimates were as high as 30 billion tons more per year. Such rates of Greenland ice loss were barely larger than the margin of error in their readings, making it difficult to discern any difference between a supposed loss curve on a graph from a straight line.”

But that’s just Greenland. What about all ice-covered regions in the aggregate? Well, during that same period (2003 to 2010), according to the climate-change-advocates at Colorado University Sea Level Research Group, the amount of glaciers and ice caps that melted worldwide was roughly 30 percent less than the alarmists estimated there would be.

And according to the Journal of Climate, as the aforementioned Larry Bell reports:

“Although the UN’s IPCC, based upon its highly theoretical climate models[,] have predicted an increase in the rate of global average sea level rise during the 20th century, that rate has actually been rather stable, with no significant rise over the past 50 years.”

So this global-warming/climate-change disaster is shaping up to be wildly exaggerated.

Never fear, though, for there will be other phony Armageddons to fear in the near future once this weather panic subsides; then we can all be nice and scared again. I wonder what will be the next fashionable catastrophe to be propagated by the politicians and their lapdog media.



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  • Korean_Vet

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