Lying Propaganda: You Are Better Off Dead

The headline says it all: “A sick world: We live longer, with more pain and illness.” Yes, poor, poor, better-fed, longer-living us. Let’s all have a pity party and then figure out how to return to the good old days.

What is initially obvious simply from reading this story is that it doesn’t prove or even address the headline. There is no attempt made to prove that, in the past, we lived shorter lives with less pain and illness.

There is good reason for the writer to ignore such a claim, because it is nonsense. The exact opposite is the case. The reason why we died sooner was because we suffered diseases that we couldn’t cure. And, in case you don’t already realize it, infectious sores and debilitating parasites is not painless. Living in fear of polio outbreaks every summer, and then living with partial paralysis, is not painless. Losing children to cholera epidemics is just as economically debilitating as having to avoid modern childhood health problems.

“The Global Burden of Disease study, led by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at Washington University, finds that countries face a wave of financial and social costs from rising numbers of people living with disease and injury.”

This is eugenicist propaganda. It only makes sense if you discount the personal and economic costs involved in families losing children and in societies losing a sizable number of the next generation. Yes, there are expenses involved in living longer, but the costs are not nearly as much as the increased productivity. Of course, if one imposes a socialist economic policy on a population, then one will look for excuses to blame for the resulting poverty. That is half the motivation for pretending that “overpopulation” is causing problems—and that long life is a tragedy.

“Among other findings are that while malnutrition has dropped down the rankings as a cause of death and illness, the effects of excessive eating are taking its place. Smoking and alcohol use have also overtaken child hunger to become the second and third leading health risks, behind high blood pressure.”

This is such a stupid paragraph. I don’t know if I should be angrier at how misleading it is or angrier at readers who are foolish enough to believe it. Of course, when you eliminate a major cause of death, then another cause of death has to become the “leading cause.” The question is not whether or not, now that children are no longer starving to death, some are living to die of smoking or alcohol abuse. The question is, are nearly as many dying this way? Obviously, it is not. Otherwise, our overall mortality rate would not have climbed.

And what do they mean that “the effects of excessive eating are taking” the “place” of “malnutrition”? Take its place as a much less dangerous condition. This seems to mimic health books for high school students that emphasize all sorts of (usually questionable) possible problems with “obesity,” but pay scant attention to a real killer: anorexia. Does anyone really think that having a happy life for years, including food, is comparable to being skin and bones, perpetually hungry, and then dying young?

I’m all for improving the future and living longer and happier lives. But this article is lying propaganda—designed to make us ingrates against God for all our blessings and paranoid about future suffering. It is a talking point for Obamacare death panels.

I am not at all surprised to find the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation lies behind the idiotic data manipulation.



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  • ARMYOF69

    Living longer with more tyrannical governments.

  • Bob Marshall

    The good ole days are gone and are never to return. The late forty’s and the fifties were the good ole days. ‘ By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.” Adolf Hitler.

    • smartgranny55

      I thought the good old days were the 30’s and 40’s.

      • patriot2

        actually we’re all right,soon the “good ol days”will be anything BO.before obama.

      • edc

        The “good ole days” did not start until after PE ( indoor Plumbing and Electricity). I lived a good portion of my childhood without p & e and I don’t want that again.I like indoor plumbing and electric lights.

        • smartgranny55

          I, likewise, lived a good portion of my childhood before PE, and before TV. Yet, during that time, my parents and grandparents talked about the good old days. The changes in farming changed greatly.

  • dean29685

    When the sheep in this country wake up it will be to late. The man will be coming for you with his needle as you are not a benefit to society.

    • patriot2

      obamacare leading us into euthanasia & the democrats insist there are no death panels.

  • The Lone Gunman

    Leftist ideology is little more than a culture of death and jealousy. This is just the first propaganda effort to make the sheeple comfortable with the Obamacare death panels, which are just another means to, as Obama said back in 2008, “spread the wealth.” You see, by allowing people to “die with dignity” or whatever marketing crap they come up with, the State is getting rid of the unproductive while taking some or all of the resulting estate in taxes. For Obama’s neo-socialist government, that is a win-win situation!

  • StarDust Dolittle

    Well, start giving the people in WH the needle, they are not young. And as for fat, it would not hurt Mooochele to lose some of that butt.She would be better to trim down those thunder thighs also.And for obama, he looks anorexia and no muscles. And as for obama’s mother in law living in the WH on taxpayers money, time to give her the needle. She does not deserve to live any longer then anyone else.

  • Lionel Ducote

    you need knowledge to play cards, You get delt a hand and it’s up to you to play it out, Bet , Check or Fold. nobody gets to tell you how to play your own hand. life is not fair but it’s all we got. Educate yourself it’s your only weapon against the world.

  • smartgranny55

    There claims that cancer and heart disease…..are the primary causes of death and therefore should be irradicated, while whinny people collect donations and use them for personal gain. At some point everyone of us will die (or go up in the rapture). We will never get rid of all causes of death. I’m not saying we should ignore those illnesses, just quit the whinning.

  • Strangerinastangeland

    I think you are right. The Progressive left, from Woodrow Wilson forward (Adolf was a big fan of Margaret Singer)to Planned Parenthood, has always had the solution to social ills just standing stage left, behind the curtain. First, state run health care, then, when we need more money for “important state goals”, just extend the waiting time for needed surgeries, etc., for the old (and dare I say it, the poor), and voila’ , look at the money the “people” will save.

    • JC

      As Barry Soetoro the Kenyan imposter himself said…”Older people will just have to deal with end of life issues”

  • vet

    Eugenicist are alive and well, just look at the 50 million babies that have been exterminated.This doesn’t even compare to what hitler did.Then if you add the gay rights to the mess how many americans does it take to keep the nation being over run with illegals.I read somewhere that muslims by faith are told to have a min.of 8 kids per wife or daughter or goat.The numbers have been calculated and we have lost.So has allot of other nations.It won’t happen in our life time but it will be in our children’s life time or grandchildren s. It’s just a fact that I ran across and if you don’t believe me do your own research.

    • Mudpuppy

      Or goat. I love that one.

      Have you noticed that it is all the white nations that are experiencing population declines and not reproducing at replacement levels? I believe this is by design. Some will say this is a racist comment, but it is fact and not racist. You race mongers can fluke off and die (not directed at you, vet, as you are correct).

  • RWSmith6

    Oh, my. After all the railing against inaccuracy, Horne’s penultimate paragraph makes a set of assertions much in need of proof to be credible. The preceding paragraphs certainly provide no such proof.

    • Mudpuppy

      Please, share with us your proof.

  • red rose

    what do you expect from liberalland (washington state)? common sense ad the truth…no t

  • Greg137

    Is it just me? or do I find the advertisement of Wartune some what amusing with this story…
    “She has all the excitement you will ever need.” Hmm, I would rather have a REAL woman, than some sexy pixel… Being a virgin guy can be tough at times…
    Anyway, The longer you live, the more of an influence you will be on the next generation, so please remember that for all the Hell it gives you, life is precious…

  • Mudpuppy

    How about these morons that spout this nonsense (and their followers) do us all a favor and self-abort. If they are so concerned about pain and suffering, just end yourselves and spare us the pain of having to listen to your whining.

  • awkingsley

    Actually people are not living longer. There is much less infant mortality, which skews the figures to appear that people are living longer. There are no cures for chronic disease, so the idea that people are living longer is unlikely. However, the following is a way in which our Federal Health Care system can be handled to keep people living longer and in better health.

    The cost of Allopathic Medicine is due to Allopathic Medicine’s place in health care as the medicine of last resort. Surgery is performed to correct the uncured ravages of chronic disease, and it is intolerably expensive. One of the suggested corrections for our expensive medical care is prevention. Now, think about this; when there are no Allopathic Medical cures for chronic disease, why would more physicals, check-ups and prevention
    be effective? If Allopathic physicians cannot cure chronic disease in the first place, how can they possibly know how to prevent the diseases they cannot cure? This is why we are barraged with all of the lame brained suggestions for dietary changes, only to see the same suggestions branded as deleterious to our health or at the least found to be ineffective a few years later. I do not believe that I have ever heard of an Allopathic health suggestion that was not later disavowed. Our nation can only afford medical care for those who are ill and in the case of long-term illnesses those who are in crisis. As tax payers, we do not need to be paying to send healthy patients to the doctor’s office. Stop
    Medicare and Medicaid appointments for prevention and checkups. These appointments are also creating an artificial doctor shortage.

    The problem of expensive medical care needs to be laid at the feet of the physicians and researchers. Allopathic Physicians are primarily mechanics, cutting out and replacing body parts instead of curing the chronic disease that produced the health problem in the first place. Patients are stuffed full of drugs with little efficacy, and the pharmaceuticals make a fortune off of tax payers without providing anything but minor relief of symptoms, if that. The major reason chronic disease is not being cured is because the pharmaceutical industry and physicians cannot make as much money by curing patients. A patient who never gets well is a real “Cash Cow”.

    Ancient Natural and Alternative Medicine had cures for chronic disease; however, treatment of chronic disease starts with expert diagnosis and ability to evaluate treatments. Allopathic Physicians, including Psychiatrists, have no diagnostic techniques, relying exclusively on limited laboratory tests and patient statements for diagnosis. Natural and Alternative Medicine uses 3 diagnostic techniques very successfully: Those techniques are Iridology, Kinesiology (Saliva DNA Testing), and Expert Oriental Pulse Diagnosis. Iridology is accomplished via a camera linked to a computer. Kinesiology (Saliva DNA Testing) can even be done from a distance by mailing DNA swabbed cotton balls to a physician experienced in the art. Expert Pulse Diagnosis can either be Chinese or Indian Ayurvedic, but I much prefer the Chinese method because the Chinese physicians appear to have never accepted the ancient dirty spiritual techniques into their medicine, unlike in Ayurvedic Medicine. Expert Pulse Diagnosis takes the most time to
    learn, but is absolutely necessary for any physician who wants to diagnose chronic disease or assess a patient’s status and the efficacy of treatments. A combination of these diagnostic techniques gives cross-verification to the physician. And, the first 2, Iridology and Kinesiology (Saliva DNA Testing), will aid the physician’s diagnosis, until he is expert in Oriental Pulse Diagnosis. (Distance pulse diagnosis can be accomplished via a lock of hair by keying in on [DNA], just as can be done in Kinesiology Saliva Testing.) Allopathic Physicians face severe incompetence in every area besides the Operating Room and treatment of infection, demonstrating a Dark Age lack of knowledge. Many people believe this ineptitude is due to a stranglehold on Allopathic Medicine by the pharmaceutical industry, but this problem is also due to arrogance and incompetence on the part of Allopathic Physicians. Federal Government involvement in Medicine and Medical R & D is also a major factor in the lack of cures for chronic disease. The
    solution is to get the Federal Government completely out of health care by providing Medicare users with a monthly stipend for purchasing private health insurance, medications, etc. If the stipend is too limited to cover all of those expensive drugs that are such a rip-off, then remember that necessity is the proverbial “mother of invention”. First, Allopathic Physicians need to learn the Natural and Alternative Medical diagnostic techniques then all of the old ancient medical formulas and techniques need to be researched. It is impossible to research efficacy of treatments without expert diagnostic
    techniques for value assessment on patients. I use an almost completely unknown acupuncture protocol (self-administered much like a diabetic gives himself insulin injections) that treats many chronic diseases, as well as other little known medical knowledge for the majority of my health care needs. My understanding of Natural and
    Alternative Medicine is both in depth and personal. Friends are now asking me
    to share my medical knowledge because there is no treatment available for
    chronic disease. Chronic disease treatment is “Do it yourself healthcare, or do

    Medicare and Medicaid are also biasing against rehabilitative treatments even though rehabilitation promises efficacy when medications do not. Eliminate the high cost of medical care and nursing care by biasing toward any program that keeps patients ambulatory and able to self-care. Physical and Occupational Therapy Rehab programs have been cut for Seniors, and that is the wrong place to cut. Seniors need to be fully Rehabed so they can live on their own. Nursing care is prohibitively expensive, so
    patients need to be kept out of nursing care. Medicaid Rehab programs are also
    inadequate. If we are going to have any Medi programs, they need to bias toward
    what is actually proven to work and is necessary to keep patients functional.

    The major solution to high health care costs is for states to mandate medical schools to teach expert diagnostic techniques to first year medical students. If students are lacking in proficiency in expert diagnostic techniques at the end to the first year of medical school, they need to be washed out of the program. We can eliminate the majority of the expense in our medical system by insisting our states get tough on the way physicians are trained. Secondly, we need to be paying for doctor appointments only for illness.
    Third, turn all medical care back to the private sector with Federal Government stipends for Medicare insurance premiums.

    Congress and State Legislatures can get Dr. Vassant Lad of Albuquerque, NM and, or other pulse diagnosticians to give demonstrations in Washington and the various state legislatures by diagnosing Congressmen. Dr. Lad may have a trusted colleague who could help. House members can send a saliva sample to Healthy Bodies in Wills Point, TX to be diagnosed and treated, in order to test the efficacy of these methods. Give us a functional medical system, and return the system to State’s Rights.

    • Devon Sanchez

      You have a very drawn-out response to this article that has some misleading information. To say that the populace is not living longer is a lie. Clearly our longevity is evident in the majority of the population. I can get facts and figures but, honestly, the proof is visible, especially in more developed countries. Though we have encountered a possibility of contracting disease and debilitating syndromes as a result of living longer, the problems and longevity do not go hand-in-hand. I will have to look into the Allopathic Medicine practice you speak of because I, honestly, do not know all the medical practices, seeing as how I never practiced medicine.

      Medicare and Medicaid, and the FDA, CDC, USDA and all of the other health and social service programs that contribute to the use and abuse of these programs, are essentially a parasite to the market of health and medicine. I have always found it quite humorous that just about every single government-sponsored program is named in a way that offers the exact opposite of its goal. The PPACA will not protect patients or give affordable care; it will put patients in a system that will give them longer waiting periods, more discrimination, poorer service and more expensive health care for all. Just as Housing and Urban Development, the National Affordable Housing Management Association and the Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (to name a few) have done nothing to reduce the amount of homelessness in this country, built many below-code structures, and have contributed to the inflated costs (and value) of all domiciles in the country. “Federal Government completely out of health care by providing Medicare users with a monthly stipend for purchasing private health insurance, medications, etc.” How would this get the federal government out of the health industry if they are still providing money from a “designated” insolvent account for these programs for appointments that would still be unnecessary. Medicare and Medicaid should be slowing dissolved, and the answer is not to give people checks because those payment-for-service checks would only grow over time, continually distorting the value of medical service and inflating the costs.

      “The major solution to high health care costs is for states to mandate medical schools to teach expert diagnostic techniques to first year medical students.” Although this sounds nice it would then distort the individual state health care systems. But, if the states want to do that, by all means go for it. The states, just as the federal government, should not force any school or person to mandatory procedure or practice. This strikes at the very root of property rights and individual rights.

      “The major reason chronic disease is not being cured is because the pharmaceutical industry and physicians cannot make as much money by curing patients. A patient who never gets well is a real “Cash Cow”.” You are explaining this in a way that makes capitalism look like the evil and greedy system that all protagonists of real money make it sound. Simply, the reason is that these companies and doctors are so overwhelmed with socialized medical (ie. Medicare and Medicaid) benefits and abundant doctor visits that it is burgeoning real demand in the system. They don’t see it as, “We are making so much money stabilizing the disease, why would we try to cure it…” they are acting just like many government-sponsored industries that build airplanes, artillery and bombs for the military. Wherever government money is allocated, distortions in the market ensue and investments (time and capital) are misdirected. Simply put: free money leads to misdirection.

      • awkingsley

        @Devon Sanchez: “You have a very drawn-out response to this article that has some misleading information”

        AWK: You also have a very long drawn out response to the response that I made to this article, and yours has even more misleading information. First of all, the greatest contributing factor to longer life expectancy is the infant mortality rate. There have also been numerous complaints recently about people living longer, but in horrible health. But, more than that, you are tearing apart a solution to high health care costs by trying to make a case for Capitalism when that wasn’t the subject of the comment. You are also trying to eliminate health care for those who paid into the system, which is just more “theft”. If you want to make a case for Capitalism that is fine, but don’t tear apart a comment that provides an additional “root” solution. You are correct in the fact that health care costs burgeon due to government intervention; however, ending government intervention does not end high health care costs because there is no chronic disease treatment. And, again it is not to the advantage of the pharmaceuticals or Allopathic Physicians to cure chronic disease. I’m not saying here that Allopathic Physicians do not care about their patients, but they have never cared enough to step outside of the box to look for competent diagnostic techniques and cures. Instead these techniques are vilified by Allopathic Physicians, along with most of natural and alternative medicine.

        AWK: “The major solution to high health care costs is for states to mandate
        medical schools to teach expert diagnostic techniques to first year
        medical students.”

        DS: “Although this sounds nice it would then distort the individual state health care systems. But, if the states want to do that, by all means go for it. The states, just as the federal government, should not force any school or person to mandatory procedure or practice. This strikes at the very root of property rights and individual rights.”

        AWL: In case you are unaware of this, the states do dictate how medicine is
        to be practiced in many ways. For one, Texas does not even allow
        diagnosis of mental illness by any physician other than an Allopathic
        Physician, but state mandates do not stop there. Please do your research! You are going beyond your area of expertise. There is no possibility that implementing competent diagnostic techniques would distort individual state health care systems. That doesn’t even make sense. Competent diagnostic techniques would end expensive health care because physicians currently have no means of early diagnosis or evaluating health care treatments that is effective. This issue has absolutely nothing to do with private property and individual rights. It has only to do with turning out competent physicians in state supported medical schools. State Legislatures do have control over what happens in state supported institutions. Each state has a State Board of Education. The quality of education in our state supported medical schools needs to be upgraded to include competent diagnostic techniques.

        • Devon Sanchez

          a) You made my point on longer life expectancy due a reduction in the infant mortality rate. But, we also live much healthier lives than any time before, and that ultimately attributes to our average increase of life expectancy.

          b) It was theft when the government reached into anyone’s paycheck without personal approval and stole money (private property) for any social service including Medicare, Medicaid, Disability, and Social Security. There is a way to slowly dissolve those programs and that would be the most “humane” way of doing it.

          c) Yes, states do have control over state supported institutions. That was not my point and I never doubted that. It’s factual. States have alcohol boards, tobacco boards, medical boards, education boards and hundreds more. Would we be better off without them, as we were before? Yes. Do I believe that a state mandate for “competent medical practice” would create more competent medical practitioners? No. Looking at the facts, no one would propose that or follow that mentality. The state wouldn’t be able to establish a definition of “competent”, let alone know how to rectify incompetence.

          I am not overstepping my bounds. And I do know what I am talking about. I question your understanding of centralized authority and its undermining abuse of the rights of an individual. This has everything to do with personal property rights and individual rights, whether you choose to believe it or not.

        • awkingsley

          You are splitting hairs, I defined an area of competence that needed to be upgraded. Instead you used and still are using my comment to further your idea of Capitalism, which again was not the point of my comment. The point of my comment was to lower health care costs by introducing competence in an area where that is achievable – diagnosis. States currently have the power and should have the power to dictate to state supported institutions of higher learning. I am not opposed to Capitalism, but I am very opposed to your debasement of my comment, which contains a completely viable and sensible solution to high health care costs independent of an end to our Socialist health care system. As it is we have the option of getting the state to implement part of the solution to high health care costs – upgraded diagnostic techniques.

        • Devon Sanchez

          Your solution of the state implementing competency into the medical field has no competent basis. It was the state that created the incompetency, first, and then you propose they fix that incompetency. I fail to find the logic in that…

          Capitalism, maybe “free markets” works better for you, has everything to do with your original comment.

        • awkingsley

          Did it ever occur to you that my suggestion would prevent mass murders like the one that just happened in Connecticut? Since the state’s currently have the power to change medicine, the fastest means to change the medical system is to mandate “expert” diagnosis in medical schools. You are pretending that there is only one problem involved in our medical system – Socialism. That simply is not the case. A twofold problem is involved – Socialism and the inability of Allopathic Physicians to treat chronic disease. Denying a solution to the problem of chronic disease treatment is to condemn our country to many more mass slayings like the ones we have been seeing.

  • TomCorbett

    Every time I read these articles that are published about the”health crises” in this country I get get confused. The”top three causes” are always from a list of about 10-12 different causes. All the “experts” seem to be getting they’re “facts” from different sources.

  • Disgusted

    I don’t want to be forced to pay for medical insurance, if it does not cover chiropractors. That would probably cover most of my actual medical needs.

    With the way Obama care, and union related health care is going, we are getting away from a concept that made health insurance affordable, that the deductibles will typically be used up by the end of the year for the average individual/family. it was meant to cover the expenses the average person could not cover. The rates should probably be adjusted to account for risks to the individual that could easily be prevented by a little self discipline, such as obesity, cigarettes, drunkenness, recreational drug use, lack of exercise, etc, after an appropriate preventative educational counseling period. Perhaps doctors should not be paid purely for their time, but perhaps partly for their time and perhaps more for their curing the problem, but I believe even such a common sense idea as that will get corrupted by the bureaucracy and fraud.

  • WilliamSpires

    Of course this falls right in line with Obama’s (non)Healthcare bill designed to give end of life counseling rather than treatment for those he considers not worthy of saving, after all why stay around using up resources and spouting carbon emissions resulting in more global warming/climate change if you are going to be sick anyway?

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