Not Insanity; Strategy! Innocent Treated As Terrorist Financiers

One of the problems with horrible tragedies is that evil men get to do evil things while we are in shock and distracted. Thus, evil compounds evil.

On December 21 Techdirt posted a story that very few people seem to have picked up on, but which deserves attention. The Office of Foreign Assets Control seized most of the advance money paid to a couple of Americans for producing a comic book. They did so on the grounds that money sent to write the comic book was supporting a terrorist organization!

The script for the graphic novel was written by David Axe, an American journalist who had spent time in Africa covering the terrorist/criminal group, “The Lord’s Army,” and the leader, Kony. He wanted to present his information in comic book form and joined with an artist and a cartoonist. The content was published online and you can go read the “terrorism” for yourself. Public Affairs paid to publics a paper version.

The book is obviously not terrorism nor is it propaganda for terrorists. It is simply a graphic novel alerting people to Joseph Kony’s crimes. The Office of Foreign Assets Control took their advance money without any evidence but simply on the basis of the title of the book.

The Techdirt post expresses real frustration

“In the press release that Axe and Hamilton sent out about this, they were told that book's title, Army of God, ‘threw up a red flag.’ You would think that once that red flag went up, some bureaucrat somewhere would then have looked at the damn book and realized that it's not some terrorist conspiracy. I guess that's too much to ask.”

Techdirt filed this story under “insanity,” implying the government did not know what they were doing. I don’t think that is the right way to think about this absurd action on the part of the government. As much as it is tempting to blame everything the government does as senseless as stupid or insane.

But why assume the government is acting from ignorance? If it was mere incompetence then the government would make mistakes in our favor about half the time. I think a much more plausible hypothesis is that people in government occasionally experiment to see how much they can get away with. Can they classify these men as terrorists, take their money, and get away with it? The only way to measure if they are reaching the point of being able to classify and loot people at whim is to try it every once in awhile and see if they manage to get away with it. Will the media pay attention to the story? Will the victims get widespread sympathy or will they be ignored?

We cannot afford to be naïve about what our government is doing. Assuming they are always making mistakes because they are so stupid is a pathway to seriously underestimating their agenda. They did what they did because they wanted to do it, not because of some “accident.”

“Oops, we thought your book was an act of terrorism?” No way!

The government is trying to expand its power, and unless there is evidence to the contrary, we should assume these bureaucrats are competent and know exactly what they are doing.



15 thoughts on “Not Insanity; Strategy! Innocent Treated As Terrorist Financiers

  1. The government very rarely does anything by happenstance. They do things through policy, They follow the leader.

    • The only thing that the government is good at doing is "growing bigger". They refuse to exist without getting larger and commanding more control of everything.

  2. If there was a conspiracy, this would be one brick in the wall. The concept that government is constantly testing the limits of its power is a good one. They have been doing this in an ongoing atempt to take our freedoms step by step. it is the Saul Alinski way.

  3. Could this also be a way to suppress the truth about real terrorists?

  4. I believe they know exactly what they are doing. That is one reason they are so dangerous. Our nation is in grave peril and those who have the power and authority to do something remain sitting on their hands.

  5. Those who put trust in large Government are climbing in bed with satan.

  6. Totally agreed. Do you think that the drug-bust style fed raid singling out Gibson Guitars was a mistake?(imagine your elderly aunt or uncle confronted with automatic weapons while they glue the same frets on guitars that they've done for 20-30 yrs) I like the book "Daemon" by Daniel Suarez. He shows what one really smart man can do to a neuter tyrant's assets.

  7. What about the money? Is the government going to give it back or just ignore everything like they are fond of doing?

  8. The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer. A small part from Henry Kissinger's speech at the World Affairs Council Press Conference(April19,1994) He stated that there will be a New World Order and it will force thew United States to change its perceptions.

  9. Supressing the truth about a terroriat government that is also black. Both need our,

    governments' support. Plus having the benefit of " testing" the waters here.

  10. No way it was 'accidental', like every other assault on our freedoms, it's try this little thing, if nobody complains too loudly, we'll just keep on doing it.

  11. And then get them fired and file civil suit against those bureaucrats for abusing their power and the public trust. Smack em down, they'll think twice next time.

  12. they are finding more ways to confiscate money for anything without reason.

  13. Dempseycoleman says:

    This is because for the past 50 years Communist Muslime Democrats are
    every where doing everything this is not a mistake it is a design of their will

  14. If they want to go after terrorists, go after the terrorist who proposed and passed obamacare!