Sam Donaldson Says America is No Longer Our Country

Promises of change made by revolutionaries in 18th-century France and 20th-century Russia were said to bring about a new world order that would arise Phoenix-like from the dead ideas of the past. Give us power and time and the bloody mess that’s today will fade in memory as we look forward to a glorious future. Promises, promises.

When America’s founders called for change, they did it in terms of universally held principles that had as their source God’s law, both special and natural revelation, as English Jurist William Blackstone (1723–1780) made clear:

“This law of nature, being co-eval with mankind and dictated by God Himself, is of course superior in obligation to any other. It is binding over all the globe, in all countries, and at all times: no human laws are of any validity, if contrary to this; upon these two foundations, the law of nature and the law of revelation, depend all human laws; that is to say, no human laws should be suffered [permitted] to contradict these."

There were certain principles that could not be set aside even for the most claimed utopian promises. In addition, these governing principles had been tested in the crucible of history.

Now we come to our nation and the claim by some that the old principles must be discarded for a new set of principles. But these new principles aren’t new. They also have been tested in the crucible of history and have been found wanting.

Consider this from Sam Donaldson:

“It's the Tea Party and thinking of the Tea Party and people like that that are driving the Republicans out of contention as a national party. You cannot win nationally if you don't know something about the way the country’s changed, and the Tea Party seems to think the country can go back 25 or 30 years. The greatest slogan that I hated during this last campaign was ‘We want to take back our country.’ Guys, it's not your country anymore — it's our country and you're part of it, but that thinking is going to defeat Republicans nationally if they don't get rid of it.”

This is the rhetoric of revolution. Donaldson does not see that he has a tiger by the tail. Presently, the changes we are seeing are mostly peaceful. But there is an undercurrent of revolutionary fervor. We saw some of it during the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Once the masses believe that they can vote for prosperity by wealth confiscation and believe that it’s their moral right to do so, we’re doomed.

The people of France didn’t expect the Guillotine, and the Russian people did not expect the Gulag.

Mr. Donaldson can make these revolutionary statements now because he is protected by a culture of civility, but given time and the ascendency of radical social revolutionaries, a firestorm of change would consume everything he holds dear, including himself.



328 thoughts on “Sam Donaldson Says America is No Longer Our Country

  1. Wrong. America is under occupation.

  2. Donaldson and his progressive ilk are the ones who hijacked the country.

    This is why he fears the Tea Party who want the country back.

  3. I believe that Liberalism is mental illness. They want it for themselves but the elite don't want us to have anything. A prophecy says that Obama is our Alexander the great sent by God to destroy us..This is my country. My ancestors fought and formed it...Now they are going to let the illegal criminals out of jail..What a dumb thing to do. They let the nuts out of mental institutions and the criminals out of jail. Our country is such a mess. Look at the way women dress. Look at the overdone makeup. The Housewives of Beverly Hills all look alike with fake faces and way too much makeup..Lots of cleavage of course..Young girls sleep with everyone, there is no right or wrong..This country is already hell. I heard Trump tonight. He makes sense. But I guess no one listens to him even with all his money. I keep knowing that the Bushes and the Clintons etc are the reason we got Obama, they are all the same. Except Obama dares us to stop him and we can't because there is no enforcement of laws in the country..We have become lawless.He makes laws without Congress. So he is our dictator and no one is taking him down. The elite all have guns and now want ours. We really have no time to waste taking our country back. How can they say Obama was elected when the machines were knowingly rigged...I think the Republicans voted but they were not counted. I don't believe Obama won. He is a Charlatan. And he is our enemy and he is a very big Muslim slime. The women who voted for birth control and abortions will find a big change in their lives with Sharia Law and they will have NO rights at all. They will be chattel.

  4. It comes to me that secession is the best plan. Then all the red states can remain America and Washington can go to hell..We will be self governing according to the constitution. How many taxes will he get from the states that have more takers than workers. We can ban together and the constitutional states. We don't need a central government.

  5. Don't forget that the Clintons knew that Obama was not eligible and they did not bring that forth...They are culpable...

  6. Greed! With the idiot in chief being the best example....soon the content of this aricle may indeed come true.

  7. I keep looking at Detroit each time I go back and see what liberals/Democrats have done to this once great city..I wonder why others can't see with their own eyes why backing the Democrats is a very bad idea. The city has about 60% depending on Government hand outs because there isn't any work to be had. And when you debate the conditions with people of Detroit they still blame the White Guy and Republicans for their situation...and get very mad when you should point out the obvious..the Democrats they keep electing, over and over pride they tell me. Are you kidding me, I tell them...what about self respect, what about your living conditions getting worse every year, and not one, not one thing is better...then of course here comes the casinos. I love this argument...Welfare people taking their welfare money spending it in hope of winning big...or at some point just hoping to get what they lost back!! Good for Government, but not so good for the people...I wonder if that is why those American leaders of the past OUTLAWED Lotteries/Gambling???

    So to debate any issue with liberal/democrats is fruitless energy. They simply do not want to be reminded of their mistakes, and number of mistakes they have made over and over again...they are right as far as they are concerned and will tell you...what makes your way of thinking any about the facts!!!

  8. As America gets through the Holidays and the recent shootings that killed those young innocent kids we must stop and think what is about to happen to America.

    We are on the brink of losing our rights under the Second Ammenment. We are not going to get support from this Porgressive Socialist president that is determinded to remake America to his immage and attempt to establish a Dictatorship as America sleeps and has not seen before! We are on the brink of our government disarming the common citizen for thier purpose of obaining sole power and control over the good for the evil of government control as we have never seen in the past.

    This last instance and the governments inability to find the real source for violence the mentally ill running amuck, the media, the violent movies and movie makers, violent video games tha have been teaching insanely violent games to our children aall the while we as parents have been enabling the numbing of our children to death and maham for decades. All the while Hollywood is making billions of dollars and ,making fun of theciviliaan gun owners whren they use these same weapons in there films and for them it is accepted. The movie makers TV producers use the same weapons for every violent act that can be depicted on film , video games, TV shows, as much as society lets them and no one criticizes them for their influence on society. Where is the rationele? Where is the governemnt when it comes to the film industry? They are the example fopr these killers as much to blame as the manufactureres of weapons, and the wars that our government create and start and condone and the same government that make our citizens learn how to kill with yes the same weapons . But that is accepted?

    Then you ask yourself : "Why is the common America citizen so afraid, perinoid with the violence, inept law enforcement that has no control over crime in America? Whyis it the police with all of their sssophistication, cannot defend our citizens, and only appear after the killings take pllace and the crime has been commited? How can they and the government even suggest we should not be able to defend ourselves against tyrants, criminals, these mentally ill bombs waiting to go off and happen. Oh yes the growing fear of our own government!
    GEt to your congressman, Your elelcted Senators and get them to think before they vote our Constitution Away! Think what is happening America. No one ever was able to defend themselves nor their country without a self defense and or a way to defend themselves.

    Now the United Nations?

    Yes we are a country in fear of our own society, our governments current attitude against the citizens, its planned Marshall Laws, Its endless executive orders by this "Dictator Wanna bee" I mean who is he afraid of? The "Gun Toating, Bible carrying simple Joe Citizen"?
    "Just Saying"

  9. ("Perhaps they will be Surprised--!") Obama
    Sr. made sure this president was a 'Illegitimate-Son' by staying married to his 1st Wife, "Kezia", back in Kenya, as he signs a 'worthless married license' on Feb 2, 1961 to 17yr-
    old naive Ann Dunham-! If "Fraud" or "Misrepresentations" is present at the 'Sighing'
    of any "Legal License or Contract"--it renders the 'Legal Document'--"Null & Void" at the time it's signed--(Not when the "Fraud's" discovered-!) "Bigamy" is "Forbidden by Law" in
    the USA-! Thus Ann Dunham remains 'unmarried' when her 'Illegal-Son' is Born Aug 4, 1961-! (This supports the WND article earlier 1 month ago)--when the Obama Campaign
    at Golden, Colo. Rally, where the president declared "-his mother was not married at the
    time of his Birth"! This news before the 2012 Election--brings up a "New Problem"! (What
    is his "Real Name"-!?) In a "Legal-Marriage" the Wife is "Legally-Given" her Husband's Surname--to create a living "Legal-Partnership"--& thus, their "Legal Children" born during that "Partnership"--receive & inherit their Father's Surname-! ( "Illegal Children" DO NOT-!) Because of Obama Sr's "Fraud"--Ann is never "Legally-Given" that Obama Surname--& there's no "Legal Partnership"--Thus,Ann's Not "Mrs Obama" & she has no "Husband" & She "Has No Legal-Son"--who is "Legally-Named" Obama-! Her "Illegal-Son" does have a "1st Title Right" to his mother's maiden-name--"Dunham"-! Therefore, his real "Legal-Name" is--"Barack Hussein Dunham"--not 'obama'-! But he's won 2 Elections as Senator & as president--& he's signed 'Bills of Congress' & 'Appointments' by using that-same "Wrong Legal-Name"--which "Voids" them ALL-! It's a "Criminal Offense of Fraud" to ""Misrepresent Yourself" on any "Legal Documents"-! (I'M NOT A 'BIRTHER'-!) I Believe (he was born in Hawaii--because that 2 "cash-strapped" college students can't afford 2 airplane tickets 1/2 round the world & back-!) I worked to go thru college--& I enrolled & couldn't even pay for a trip out of my state-! "Duped" by Obama Sr's Lies, Ann thinks she's married & makes a "Mistake" on her "Illegal-Son's" Birth Certificate--She "Signs it" & "Voids IT"-! (Look at the certificate on the internet)--it's "Stanley Ann Dunham Obama"-!
    She signed it--as being a 'married woman' to Obama Sr. & She WAS NOT-! She "Mis-
    represents Herself" as being married--(& this "Misrepresentation" "Voids" his Birth
    Certificate-!) So--if her Signature was "Real or Forged"--it won't change the Result--Since She wasn't "Legally Married" in the First Place-! Obama Sr's "Fraud" Over Powers
    ALL-! The "Main Thing" is--Ann's "Illegal-Son" obrtained a Surname--that he NEVER
    was "Legally-Given"-! (And using the "Wrong Legal-Name"--"Voids" anything else that
    he "Signs" as "Legal-Documents"-! I Hope You'll understand--what we're looking at-! It
    won't matter now where president obama was born-! He won his Elections under the
    "Wrong Legal Surname"! (For Voters who "Voted for a "Legally-Named Barack Obama"--
    you voted for a man with that "Legal-Name"--named "Barack Obama"--who died in Kenya in 1982--Since there WASN'T another man who was "Legally-Named"--"Barack Obama"-anywhere else--in the USA at that time-! ("Ignorance of the Law"--is No Excuse-!) Judges
    have repeated This--Time & Again-!

  10. And Sam Donaldson is no longer an American.

  11. "Just Saying" says:

    Mr. Donaldson fail as others to is he caannot see the reality of the situation in Ameerica. People and comentary like this do not really have a fix on what the reality in America is today. We are going through revolutionary times but for now on a politcal theatre. The Progressive movement has won the day. That is for today as we can see! When people say we want to take our government back they are saying the things and giving reasons the "Tea Party" became so popular. Less taxes, less government control over our lives, the same priniciples for the people as there is for the government representatives, less corruptiuon in congress and the Senate, forget about this illegal president! The "Tea Party is just a reflection of how disatisfied American's are and it shows up at the polls. At least the ones teh Progressive were caught by surprise and thwarted by mass fraud and corruption in the 2012' presidential elelctions. The Elections that have not been so corrupted like the last one we held for this presidents re-elelction.

    That reality is a shocker to those liberals that are afraid they may lose ground for the Left and the mass agenda of the Progressive movement and their ultimate goals and objectives by the "Tea Party" movement. REally ask yourself what is so wrong with what the "Tea Party Standss for? The Progressive movemnts aim is to dismantle every basic principle of capiltolism, God & Country, our safety as America, destroy our constitution, Disarm American's and the 2nd Amendment, they have already destroyed our morality by taking god out of the equasion and now trying to possibly cause a civil war so they can finish what they started. Now we are more aware everyday but a little behind this massive 70 year planned change to create a "this New Wrold Order that is no real surprise to many of the aware and studied people of this Communisrt movement that has benn in progress for decades.

    Once you take all of these problems into consideration and the economic peril we are facing "every minute" by letting these ideologs like Obummer take the helm! We are in deep do do and many are reacting to this "National Crisis" in many differnt ways,groups and political factions. Now the phase of taking our guns! All planned as part of the total stragtegy of Obummer and his coharts.

    When you have a president saying I want the wealthy mans dollars and he takes it a gives it to his and those that are voting for him, keeping him power and then gets elected for doing so? Hundreds of Executive Orders With or without congresses approval? Then he gets even more emboldened by being re-elected? Well America we have a long four years ahead of us and if we can fight this man and the progressive movement, challenge them in the "kangaroo" courts, on the streets, in our homes, offices, on the internet and every place someone and or American's will listen we need to unite and make this change before we do lose our country to the wolf in sheeps clothing. "The Communist known to us to day as the Democratic party and the Progressive movement! They are proud of their accomplishments and spewing ther dogma in the open now! Rise up America! Wake up!

    This is our Pearl harbor of the 21st century. Except this time they are part of our society, the government, our president and they are comng after our and your homeland, our government, our position globally and complete control over all America & American's.

    "Just Saying"
    of our country