The Bible Isn’t Banned From Public Schools

Many public schools have been threatened by atheists for so long that they believe the Bible and everything Christian has been banned from the public schools. In reality these atheists are actually just bullies trying to force their views on the schools when in fact many of those views violate the constitutional rights of the students.

For instance, one school principal told a seventh grade student that she had to stop passing out Bible verses or any religious messages to her fellow classmates. The principal was under the impression that the student was in violation of the separation of church and state. The American Center for Law and Justice worked with the student and her family in educating the principal to the fact that the student was not violating the separation of church and state but that the actions of the principal were violating the student’s First Amendment rights.

In another example, another seventh grader at another school tried to use a reference from the Bible when writing a class assignment on Roman history. The teacher refused to allow the student to use the biblical reference. Again, the ACLJ came to the rescue of the student and enlightened the teacher that the student had every legal right to use the biblical reference in her homework.

There have been numerous instances where schools have tried to restrict Christian clubs from meeting on school property. Some schools have flat-out denied them access while others have tried to exact exorbitant fees that did not apply to any other group using the school facilities. In every one of these cases legal authorities and courts have upheld the rights of the Christian clubs to meet on school property.

I know of several instances where students in my local area tried to question evolution and were told by their teachers that they couldn’t mention anything about the Bible and creation. I helped provide a couple of those students with information that showed that any student initiated conversation could in fact be religious, could talk about the Bible and God and Jesus Christ, and it was not a violation of the separation of church and state.

However many schools still carry out the wishes of atheist bullies and forcibly trample on the constitutional rights of students. But be it known that when initiated by a student neither the school board nor the teacher can ban the Bible or anything Christian. When this happens Christians need to stand up for their rights and educate the educators on what is and is not allowed.



55 thoughts on “The Bible Isn’t Banned From Public Schools

  1. Can we ban any atheist thought from our schools? After all it's a religion.

  2. Atheists that are outspoken see this as a conservative issue. However, I see the problem as government schools. Perhaps we should start finding private education for our kids.

  3. Why must it be initiated by a student? We should be encouraging our teachers to speak of the wonders of God. those who don't like it should perhaps home school their children. How's that for a turnabout?

    • I agree teachers have rights to express their Christian faith. Freedom of speech is a guaranteed right of the 1st Amendment including religious expression. The 1st Amendment was written to prohibit the "federal government" from establishing a state church, not to deny a citizen his/her right of expressing their Christain beliefs.
      I notice the band is always aimed at Christians expressing their beliefs, but muslims, buddists, communists, atheists, homosexuals, new agers, or secular humanists; all are free to express their beliefs. Secular humanism has been determined a religion by the supreme court. it's organizations even have a tax exempt status, the same as churches. Today it is the religion taught in the public schools.
      Why don't they band Holloween, after all it stems from pagan religons. What about Norse, Greek and Roman mythology taught in public schools, is'nt that a religion? And if you are a New Ager you can talk about mother earth and Gaia, but just don't say anything about God, Jesus or the Bible.

      • You hit it right on. Thank you.

      • Paladin,you are soooo on the money,but we as Christians have sat quitely by too long. it is time we rise up,stick our feet in the mud & demand our freedom to our religious views just as loud as anyone else.Look at our schools ,colleges & universities.A hot-bed of everything imaginable,but you try to mention God or Jesus & you are made to look like someone from the dark ages,some narrow-minded,ignoramous.I have heard it said "if you don't stand for something,you will fall for anything."

    • Well my philosophy is our country was founded upon Judeo/Christian principals & anyone who does not like these principals & laws ought to consider moving to a country more to their liking like Russia or China,NK, or some other Godless country.Now BTW,that's just MY OPINION for whatever it is worth to you.Thanks.

  4. marineh2ominer says:

    I am seventy years old , and I am still waiting to see PROOF of evolution . I also demand that anyone read our founding documents and come to the LOGICAL conclusion that we are NOT a Christian by design .

    • If we evolved from monkey or apes, according to the evolutionists, then we should get blood from the monkey and apes to help with the blood shortage.

      • if it is an "evolution", why are we not evolving back to monkeys

      • I'll go you one better. This from John Lennon in his later years. If evolution is correct and is a continuing process as the theory attests, then why do we not see something between man and ape?

  5. Look at our first textbooks. The New England Primerin the 1600's, The McGuffey's Readers 1-6 and The Blue Black Speller in the 1800's. My 91 year old mother used some of these same textbooks. Many of the lessons come from the bible. The scripture verses were often included in these lessons.

    • The very 1st readers in the very first schools were commissioned by US Congress, and guess what??? They were the Bible...Go to and read in archived info

  6. This is merely more proof that atheists get their way through intimidation, not based on law or facts. Wait, isn't that the way Obama won his first election in Illinois, by the same underhanded 'thug' tactics?

  7. Students should bring them and use them.

  8. The God hating public schools may be your schools, but they are not mine.

    • They may not be yours (or mine either as my son is home schooled), but we are both paying for them, unfortunately.

      • Sad but true.

        • If you want screwball religion impressed upon your children's young minds, then you should do it at home and pay for it out or your own pocket! I refuse to pay for it and have my children exposed to your crap! A public education should be religion-free, not science-free!

  9. I love Mr Sekulow and the ACLJ..need to tart sticking it to the aclu...

  10. Some heavily democratic teacher union schools are populated with democrat mascot type people.....jackasses that you have to whack with a 2x4 to get their attention as to what the Constitution says vs. what their dogma states.

  11. Well l still have the fear of going to jail because of what the parents can teach their childern and churches being threaten to go against their belief. I feel like if you are gay and do not like what the church preach on this subject, then they should go to a church where this is allowed.
    Stop forcing your belief on to others, this is not the way to live. Atheists are always forcing things on the christains.

    • It's the other way around! Fundamentalists force their religion onto everybody else and we (the non-fundamentalists) are tired of their BS! It is not right for you to use my tax-dollars to promote your religion! So up yours!

  12. Does the law provide for the payment of court costs when these events occur?

    If these schools were threatened with having to pay for court costs when they violate students rights, they may think twice before trampling on these student's already
    court affirmed rights!!!

  13. "Separation of Church And State" appears NOWHERE in the Constitution. It comes from a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists and the point of the letter is completely opposite the purpose that that phrase has been used by left wingers wanting to remove religion from America.

    Elton: Public support for education is a good idea. Government run schools (including state supported universities) is NOT!

    marineh2ominer: I'm 76 and don't see any real conflict between "Evolution" and the bible - any more than I see conflict with the biblical statement that the earth was created in 7 days.... To me the importance of the biblical quotes is in the principle.... I see religion in America as a very important - essential aspect of our founding. Most don't know that the American Revolution was actually precipitated by the Great Awakening. Cheers!

    • The time is fast approaching that you will have to teach your kids how to read and write in a church house, rather than a school building. I don't know about you, but I have a girl who is training to be a medical doctor. I don't have a degree to satisfy my state's requirements to teach home school, but she will. :)

    • that still doesn't cover why the first army chaplain appointed by George Washington after the baptists complaints was a UNITARIAN! The founding fathers were Deists leaning towards atheist, not xtians! GW never took communion, he always left early and he only attended with Martha... gee what's up with that?

    • The great awakening... might that have something to do with papers written by John Locke? Thomas Payne? Voltaire? and a few other 'atheists'?

  14. Would the atheists be the same way with some of the public schools that are teaching Islam, the Koran, and how to convert to Islam?

    • Of course not. They are cowards, like all bullies. They know Christians won't saw off their heads, unlike the Muslims.

      • Uhm. Actually, you aren't awake if you make that statement. Jesus said he came not into the world to bring peace, but a sword. This is the season where you have families fractured over those who are awake and those still asleep.

        • What are you babbling about? You make no sense whatsoever.It's the muzzies who have a history of that (it's part of their "religion"), not Christians. Where have you been for the last 20-30 years?

        • Haven't you been Aware? What sort of holidays are we celebrating during this time of the year? Christmas right? Didn't you know that Christmas is a pagan holiday -- worshipping Sarramis' child Tamuz? Or that Easter is also a pagan holiday? Aren't you aware that Jesus calls Christians heathens? I bet you have a Christmas tree -- they are mentioned in Jeremiah 10. It's a vain tradition -- putting up a Christmas tree won't save you in the end.

        • You are delusional and are still talking nonsense. No one is worshiping Tamuz nor expecting a tree to save them. Good grief.

        • Well, have you read Jeremiah 10 yet?

        • That passage isn't referring to Christmas trees, but idol worship or something along those lines. Nobody that I'm aware of worships those things. By the way, those days were chosen by the Catholics to wean the pagans from their rituals by substituting Christian ceremonies for the pagan ones. The fact that the days were originally used for pagan worship is irrelevant since that is not what they are anymore.

        • It's referring to Christmas Trees. Look at your tree while reading it.

        • Oh, so I take the old-horse in for a shave hair-dye and name change! It's still the same horse!

        • So don't participate. And don't tell the rest of us we are evil and worshiping false gods because we have a tree. We aren't. I've already addressed that point. That passage predates Christmas by centuries so to connect the two is absurd. You want to blame someone for using pagan holidays to wean the pagans from them, blame the Catholics, not me.

  15. and if this doesn't work try
    Please pass this on to anyone who believes in Liberty and America

  16. Satan is very good at what he does, after all he convinced 1/3 of God's angels that his ways were better than God' s ways! So too please do not be hard on those humans he sad also deceived into doing his work for him!

  17. To truely protect Freedom in America we need to teach our young the documentation that is the foundation of our Constitution, and among those is The Bible...

  18. Ban the xtians! Ban the islamists and ban the toothe fairy! Do people still believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa? Take your damn myths/religions, shove them up your butts and don't fart in public! Children should not be taught religion with any more credence than Peter Pan gets. Atheism is not a religion as the word describes itself, anti-theist! You want to prove your theism over another's theism then do so! Prove your god exists, otherwise shut-the-hell-up!

    There are over 2,000 gods worshipped by man that have the same m.o. as your jesus or allah and were worshipped centuries before yours were invented. Go visit a shrink or take your prozak, but do not inflict your illness upon your children.

    • No, only Islam needs to be banned, other than a brief course on how evil, vile, bloodthirsty and murderous it is. Frothing at the mouth rants like yours, well, we do have the 1st Amendment so you have the right to spew nonsense (and I'm OK with that), but we can ignore you or laugh at you.

  19. While I don't agree with the author's conclusion that atheists are bullies, this article is correct with its facts about the law. I would actually say that any fear-mongering concerning teachers and schools comes from those who spread misinformation in order to appear persecuted. It is the responsibility of the teacher to know the law. Religious freedom is still alive and well, and the law protects that. A fair and balanced law. Stop whining.