The Shocking Truth of How Government Unions Elected Obama

Handwringing after the November election concentrated on racial and ethnic groups. We saw that 95 percent of blacks voted for Obama. In some Philadelphia wards, not accounting for the possibility of fraud, 100% of voters voted for Obama.

Well, we’ve been duped. Obama’s election was only partly due to a heavy turnout of Hispanics and blacks. The real reason is found in public sector unions. While private sector unions make up about 6% of all unions, it’s public sector unions — government unions — where money and power are concentrated.

Mallory Factor’s Shadowbosses pulls back the curtain and exposes how John F. Kennedy set into motion a way of creating a perpetual support base for the Democrat Party. Lyndon Johnson did a similar thing when he pushed through his “Great Society” legislation. Conservatives have been hit with a double whammy of support.

The unions collect billions of dollars every year in forced dues. The public sector unions spent $500 million dollars to get Obama re-elected. In addition, thousands of union members were called on to “volunteer” to campaign for the president. Some union workers were even paid for their efforts from the dues that they were forced to pay. The Republicans have no way to compete with government protected and subsidized unions.

Congress won’t do anything since Democrats are the ones who benefit from a mass of union support.

Do you remember how quickly the employees of the TSA were quickly unionized? Did you notice how President Obama paid back public union support by giving government employees a pay raise? “A new executive order has been issued providing for a new pay schedule beginning ‘on the first day of the first applicable pay period beginning after March 27, 2013,’ reports ‘The pay raise will generally be about 1/2 of 1%.’”

Did you know that there is a law on the books that protects union thuggery as long as the thuggery was done to project the union? Laws have been written to protect unions.

Here’s a perfect example:

“On Thursday, the California Supreme Court upheld two state laws allowing labor unions to picket on privately owned property. Justice Joyce L. Kennard justified the state’s interference in protests on private property because ‘the state’s interest in promoting collective bargaining to resolve labor disputes.’

“She went on to explain that while other groups have no such rights, California ‘may single out labor-related speech for particular protection or regulation.’”

Try picketing an abortion clinic and putting your little toe on their property. You’ll be arrested on the spot.

If we’re going to beat the Democrats, we’ve got to find a way to curtail the power of public (government) unions. Why not post some rational, reasonable, and realistic ideas in the comment section. Try to be helpful.



Gary is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and earned his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1979. He is the author of countless essays, news articles, and more than 27 book titles.

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  • Don

    I’m all in favor of conservatives, ALL conservatives, to not pay taxes anymore. The gov. can’t prosecute 50 million people… and if they do so what? I’m done with this BS. Anyone else feel this way?

  • Bill Sizemore

    I have been fighting public employee unions for nearly two decades. They have sued me more times than I can remember and even had their bought and paid for attorney general prosecute me and toss ne in jail. I have put measures on the ballot to rein them in and they have spent $60 million fighting me – that they will admit. The best ideas for reining them in are (1) end their use of the public payroll system for collecting political funds, and if possible, union dues. (2) Require annually renewed, written employee consent for payroll deductions for politics. (3) Require elections in every bargaining unit every two years to decide if the employees there wish to continue to be represented by a union. This third option may not sound like it is important, but unions fear this requirement more than most others because it keeps them constantly on defense for fear that employees will not keep them. Playing defense all the time means they can’t play as much offense.
    There are other things that can be done, but these are the big ones. Limiting the length of collective bargaining contracts helps some. But there is one more that I am currently in the process of writing. This one solves the problem with the runaway cost of public pensions and does so in a way that does not violate existing contractual rights. That problem is about to sink the ship of state and bankrupt states, local governments, and school districts across the country. But there is a way out of that maze.

    • Mudpuppy

      Those points are just band-aids that they will find a way around. The real solution is to eliminate unions in the public sector. Then we can work on eliminating them in the private sector as well.

  • An old wise lady

    The USA remains a Republic unless we continue to allow the turn of events that has taken place the last 4 yrs……..Who are we and who are they? We groan and moan and they hit the streets , we talk and they act, we threaten and they perform,all while breaking laws which are overlooked and dismissed. How are we going to take back our country for future generations? GET INVOLVED! Get off the couch and go to tea party, political and like minded thinking people meetings. Volunteer to help candidates running for office and MOST importantly……..teach the children about our country and our Constitution, give them traditional values , standards , EARN and not TAKE! These are times that tried men’s souls but we have the skills and desire to right the wrongs, we have the Right of the Vote, for now at least. Exercise our rights before its really too late.

    • Mudpuppy

      You know, it got this way because most on their side are welfare slugs that aren’t working so they can get out and agitate. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop as they say. We, on the other hand, have been too busy being productive members of society and raising families, etc. to have the time to spend doing that political stuff. That’s how it happened. You are right, we need to do that stuff you mentioned, but I’m afraid it may take a violent revolution to right things. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

  • OldRanger

    I have read your commits, and some are right on. However only a few see that we are in a war with the left, now its only a war of words, but it can and will get worse.
    To win we must change our thinking over to a war footing, 1st you must know how to fight this war, READ & UNDERSTAND the Art of War (Google it), it is a tool box for fighting this war, the Left have been following their playbook, it is now time we get and follow one of our own. The Art of War is only a starting point, Perhaps YOU will write Our playbook for the 21st centry.

    • Frosty33

      I am a registered member of RNC however prior to the election I received 10 to 1 emails in favor of Dems touting their agenda and wanting money. That was obviously part of their playbook!

  • NCC 1701

    I would think there would be a way to sue the government on behalf of the tax payers. Public sector unions work for the tax payer and we there for pay them and then they use our money to fight ourselves. It is like paying to extort money from yourself. Therefore it is a huge conflict of interest. No Public Union money should be allowed to go to political contributions. It’s like the school shootings. Everyone asks who will pay for armed guards in schools? If Teachers Unions can give that much money to Politicians then they can pay someone to protect our kids and teachers in their employment.

  • MaureenKrueger

    I’m not seeing many ideas on these posts to counter the democrats- here are a few of mine:
    We need to become educated on how the government works and teach all of those around us. We need to expose the lies with facts which can often be found on government web sites. It’s amazing how often I hear Obama and other democrats telling whoppers and the truth is in the records if people would only expose it. Let’s support the investigative reporters who find out the truth and report it.

    Let’s expose Republican’s who are caught lying and let them know that Conservative voters won’t accept liars in their party. Don’t pass on information about Obama and the Progressives until you have fact checked it. There are many false stories which then make us look stupid for believing them and passing them on.

    Find out where the poorest neighborhoods are in your city and donate food and other supplies to them and let them know you are a conservative who really cares about others, not lip service. Change the party by becoming the people we want to lead this country. Be kind, patient, honest and clever.

    Demand TV shows and movies that have less sexual content and less violence. Do not buy games that promote violence and sexual exploitation. The girl in that R or X movie is someone’s daughter or sister and yours could be next. Treat one another with respect and learn to have some self control. Only better people can lead a better nation.

    Conservatives need to become involved in our children’s education as teachers and take back our colleges and universities. The progressives knew all along that the children were the key to changing the world in their favor. By feeding them progressive ideas, they finally got enough of them to vote for the most progressive man in our nation. It’s a battle of the mind for the mind of our children.

  • JohnnyD

    We need to revert back to the fifties when every state in the nation was a right to work state.

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