Time to Officially Rename the Republican Party

There has been a great deal of talk lately about the Republican Party’s inability to make an appealing case for their policies. Worries abound that the Republican Party is on the precipice of extinction.

The solution that the Democrats would have the Republicans apply to remedy this problem is for the Republicans to change their views to match those of the Democrats; that way, the Democrats will no longer have any opposition and they could enjoy tyrannical one-party rule.

That is obviously the wrong solution.

What could work, however, is a name-change. The average liberal’s mind does not usually think beyond the superficial. To wit:

One liberal wrote to me to tell me to look up the definition of liberalism. “It is for liberty and equality,” he said, “so in being against liberals, wouldn’t you be against liberty and equality?”

What he embarrassingly failed to realize, as I told him, was that while the word “liberalism” stems from “liberty,” it is the opposite of what today’s liberalism is about. He did not look any further than the name. Likewise, I replied to him, “Just because they give themselves the name ‘Progressive’ does not mean they are progressive in any true sense. They are regressive. I can say I’m part of the Holy Party, but that does not make me holy.”

I think if it were not for the obsession with all things homosexual that today’s young people have, the only other reason they would vote for Democrats is because Democrats call themselves liberal and progressive, and these sound like “liberty” and “progress.” And how can you be against liberty? How can you be against progress by voting against progressives?

If Republicans do go the way of the Whigs, they would have to come up with a new name to appeal to today’s voters. My suggestion?

The Civil Rights Party.

Besides the word “racist,” there is not so amorphous and malleable a term as “civil rights.” Young people love the idea of civil rights, applying that term to mean anything they want it to mean. If they want men to marry men, it is a civil right. If they want condoms, it is their civil right to force others to buy them for them.

But the Civil Rights Party as a rebranding of the Republican Party would not be a misnomer. After all, who freed the slaves? Republicans. Without what party would the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act not have passed? Republicans. What party is the party of equality among races, opposing affirmative-action laws, which favor some races over others? Republicans. What party is the party of equality under the tax laws, favoring everybody in America contributing to the country an equal percentage, a true fair share? Republicans. If these Republican policies are not civil rights, what is?

The Republicans have a nearly impossible task ahead of them in battling a corrupt media that, deadset on disbanding and destroying them, have attached a searing stigma to the mere label “Republican.” So let’s save ourselves any further battle wounds, cut to the chase, rename ourselves the Civil Rights Party, and let’s see just how eager will be the liberals and their friends in the media to denounce us then.



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  • Progressive Republican

    “But the Civil Rights Party as a rebranding of the Republican Party would not be a misnomer.”? AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


    Until the GOP is purged of bendover queens like Wimp McConnell & Boo Hoo Boehner as its leaders, no amount of moniker juggling will fix their fundamental lack of spine. I’m surrounded by libs in my professional circles and have them for lunch. When confronted by facts and the knowledge I never back down, they cower and shrink away. I have that reputation and live up to it any time it’s called for. The ones who don’t like me respect and fear me. They also know I don’t care what they think about me. GOP will either walk tall or fall flat!

  • The Brigadier

    In 2001, there were identical stories about the death of the Democrat Party. In wasn’t true back then and neither is this one about the death of the Republican Party. Two big factors resulted in the Republican’s loss. The first was rampant fraud in the election and most of the fraud was tied to the Diebold voting machines. That is simple to fix. Demand that your elections office replace those machines. A programmer recently testified in Ohio about he was hired to come up with a program that could cheat an election on those machines. He testified how easy these machines can be corrupted. His testimony is on the web right now and its going viral. Check it out.

    The second big factor is that three million Christian Republicans stayed home because Romney is a Mormon. The left kept demonizing Romney’s religion in countless TV and radio commercials and it apparently had an effect. The Republicans are going to have to realize that the average voter of both parties is venal and questionably rational. While I think that Mitt Romney is an honorable and noble man, his religion is still seen as a fringe one in the eyes of some Christians. Forget about the Godless left on this issue as they continue to wage war on all Christians. Picking a candidate who is a “mainstream” Christian is imperative to get everyone in our party to vote. Perhaps a Methodist and the ban of Diebold machines will have a different outcome in ’16. God please protect us all until then.

    • robylynn

      Although many will not like what you say, you are right. I have a very left-winged friend (almost past tense-she’s pushing it with me)….who is a teacher (fret for the kids)…and she came unwrapped several times about Romney’s mormon religion. Poor atheists–they scream, fight and spend so much energy on something they don’t even believe in. But I digress. The point here is that Republicans were not the only ones concerned about Romney’s religious leanings. This seemed to bother voters of ALL political stripes.

  • mogul264

    MY suggestion would to re-name the GOP as the “Constitutional Party”!! As our government is based upon this, no sane Democrat (save the insane Communists using ‘Democrat’ as their sheep-skin disguise!) would DARE to attack it! Of course, the GOP would have to actually FOLLOW the Constitution, or all would know it is just a sham name! The GOP can’t actually get away with using ‘cute’ names for themselves, as can the Dems, like the word, ‘progressive’, which they are NOT!

    The TEA Party WILL strenuously object if this new name is used, but not followed, and will be a problem. Perhaps the GOP could ask them to join together as one party. This would build unity, and numbers. However, they would have to weed out the current members who only profess to be GOP, [known by some as RINOS (Republican In Name Only = RINO)], as these weak sisters merely profess loyalty, but when it comes to the hard part, they quaver and wilt! To be sure, SOME Democrats, who actually BELIEVE in the Constitution, may also join! They wouldn’t be jumping ship to the hated REPUBLICAN Party, just professing their desire to have a REAL Constitutional government!

  • Annemarie Perlmutter

    We need a conservative party slightly left of center. Forget the religious and sexual orientation. We must dwell on what is best for the country and neither of those subjects should be considered. Those beliefs and tendencies are personal and should not be rewarded nor denigrated. Concentrate on diminishing the number of parasites feeding at the public trough. Reinstate pride in one’s worth. No accolades for sperm donors and incubators in the form of welfare. The products of these transient liasons result in youngsters who are abused from conception since the incubators continue to use drugs and continue to switch partners much like at a square dance. They have no reason not to reproduce since welfare increases per child. Incubators should have birth control implanted or no welfare and sperm donors should be given DNA and held responsible for each of their offspring. Work camps can be instituted. Less union workers with ongoing lunch hours and smoke breaks and more for the unemployed sperm donors to do. If they are tired maybe they will be less randy. A good test site for these suggestions would be CT. The number of sperm donors and incubators is increasing daily.

  • Butch

    The Republican Party is playing the patsy party in the Takeover of America.

  • Ellman

    Maybe what we need to do is to rename the Democrats instead. Call them by a name that represents their ideology and agenda like the Democratic Socialist Party or the Marxist Party or the Bolshevik Party. The media would have to ask why we have rebranded the Democrats and we need to be prepared to explain that, something the Republican Party at present is incapable of doing.

  • Brabado

    Is anyone surprised? Don’t think so…
    Perhaps it ought to be re-named, the RINO Party!

  • quipster

    the commie libs & repubs politicos should just pass a few more laws so we all can have a good life !!! (this is just for the rinos that are on this site !!)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M2CWPZRUEIAHYN7EH4F3USL2QQ 890Robert Martin

    The Republican Party has been a RINO institution for years. I is time for the American People be given a clear choice of Liberty – a Sovereign Constitutional Republic or despotism – Collectivism/AKA – Marxism! It is time to re-estabish a Limited Government as it is in the Constitution. Also, reclaiming the educational system, welfare and right to work all in the name of choice not tyranny by despots and the States reclaiming their land as property of the people of their states as Sovereign States. To have a nation of laws that are not oppressive but Constitutional. Every Legislature reviewing every law to be Consitutional before become law. Today with the corruption of our laws need to be reformed and rejected if found to be Unconstitutional! Private Property is the foundation of freemen, not tyrannical despots who are seeking power for their own grandizment!

  • Thor H. Asgardson

    What an absurd notion of pandering to blacks by renaming the GOP “The Civil Rights Party.” The author compounds his erroneous thinking by his approval-seeking from blatant communists/Democrats.

  • Jack Parker

    A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet. A pig, even with lipstick on, is still not kosher. Change the party, not the name. The Dems are a party of “free stuff”, voter fraud and racism.. By any other name they would still get the welfare (unearned entitlements) vote, the “minority” votes and the fraudulent vote. Until we stop illegal voting (voter ID would be a start) and disenfranchise all “welfare” voters, this country is going to contuinue on this ever quickening slide into obllivion. I cry for my once great country! (BTW, term limits couldn’t hurt.)

  • robylynn

    Mother England, rescue us!! We will be good little children from now on. Please don’t punish us anymore with these horrible politicians!!!

    • har82

      Umm, England has been a communist country since the 70’s lol. And it is – drowning in socialism ,,, as well as – islamism -. the last thing – we – need . Is a bunch of – limey’s- running around this country screwing things up even more lol.

    • Mudpuppy

      Surely you jest. England couldn’t rescue itself right now. In addition to what har82 said, they banned guns years ago and now are awash in violent crimes because someone forgot to let the criminal class know about the ban. As the Kinks said: “There’s no England now” (Living on a Thin Line).

  • robylynn

    Is the Mayflower heading back to England anytime soon? I think I’ll hitch a ride. Anything—even Tony Blair—is better than obama.

    • http://www.monster-island.net/ kushibo

      Psst… Tony Blair is no longer the prime minister.

      • robylynn

        Ok…ya got me. I’m laughing six jokes back. Let’s put it this way, “ANYONE would be better than obama”…………

  • http://www.monster-island.net/ kushibo

    I’m not on board with this plan to change the name of the Republican Party. But, it seems to me that a lot of people here would endorse the idea of changing the party symbol from an elephant to a rhinoceros.

  • fred

    How about renaming to CONSTITUTION PARTY. The Dems are used to tearing it down and none of us can argue that our founding Fathers didn’t have our country at heart and wanted to protect it.

  • Freedomlover

    “Liberty and equality”. Don’t be misled. We have to ask what kind of equality. The word equality has been misused. Equality in mathematical calculation?or ability? or emotion? mentality? intelligence? or … Whatever from human can not be measured how can it be equal? and anything derives from those will never be equal. The difference is the eternal equality. Any intention to make it equal is unjust. Then equality becomes inequality!

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