Why Does It Have To Cost Over $100 Million To Swear In A President?

When George W. Bush was sworn in as president, it cost US taxpayers $115.5 million.  In January of 2009, it cost us $125 million for Barack Obama’s swearing in.  All indications are pointing to a cost of over $100 million for Obama’s second swearing in.

Seeing this kind of waste of taxpayer dollars makes we want to swear in here and there.

The money will be spent on the preparations and decorations along with the gala ball that follows and the multiple DC parties.  In the meantime, our country is facing a financial crisis and millions of Americans are losing their homes and unable to feed their kids.

I know that a paltry $100 million will not solve our economic woes, but a hundred million here and a hundred million there and before you know it, it will add up to be enough to make a difference.  But the Washington bureaucrats don’t understand that and continue to carry on like they have before.  If any of them had a conscience and cared for the American people, they would cancel all of the hoopla and have Obama stand on the steps of the Capitol Building or Supreme Court, get sworn in and then tell him to get his fanny to work running the country.

Obama was one of the first people to complain about others spending huge amounts on parties, conventions and things that are considered unnecessary.  So why doesn’t he practice what he preaches?  That would be a novel idea for him, wouldn’t it?



75 thoughts on “Why Does It Have To Cost Over $100 Million To Swear In A President?

  1. Why not? The fiddlers will and are still doing their thing while they watch the country burn. The fiddlers at the top stopped caring years ago.

  2. David S. McQueen says:

    It's all part of Obama "livin' large". Yet, too many Americans think it is his due. After all, the myth of Obama is that he was the son of a goat herder and became president. The truth is that he's had everything handed to him because of his skin color and his claim that he was a "foreign student".

  3. Conservativesniper says:

    It is just more theft of public monies from the American people.

  4. It really doesn't have to cost this much. It's just that their Royal Highnesses feel their "Coronation" should rival that of Queen Elizabeth's. Yes I said Coronation. What the hell else would you call it?
    How about we ground AF-1 and Marine -1 (his chopper). Were you aware that whenever Marine 1, with his "Highness" on board, that two other choppers exactly like his also take to the air. That is so a would be assassin would not know which one he was on. Also, when ever AF-1 goes overseas, there is an identicle plane that acts as a "pathfinder" or as a decoy or as a backup just in case.
    Also, whenever he goes anywhere there is another AF cargo plane that transports his limo and that of the SS. Talk about a colossal waste of taxpayer money, all in the name of "protecting" his Royal Highness' ass.

  5. Victor Magilke says:

    Barack and Michelle Obama have lived a lavish style like Royalty in the past for years. They have beem more extravagant than any president in our history. They spent 4.1 billion dollars on vacations and perks on taxpayer dollars. The entire Royal Family spent only 57.6 million. They are gluttonous, greedy pigs.