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Our Economy Has Gone Supermodel

Reagan Rubens and Obama Skinny Models

America has an obesity problem. Blame processed foods or a sedentary lifestyle. But, thankfully, our civil government is doing what it can to make sure we’re slimming down in at least one area: our economy. Democrats are latching on to

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Purposely Vague Language in New Gun Rules Could Outlaw all Guns


The best way to get what you want out of a law is to make it vague. A vague law is a law that needs to be interpreted. Since no one is devoid of presuppositions, the person or persons interpreting

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Liberals Want a “Living Constitution” to Steal Our Stuff

we the people

Liberals love to talk about a Living Constitution. A Living Constitution is a document with flexibility. Liberals want a document they can take an oath to uphold, saying “so help me God,” so they can manipulate to suit their leftist

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Lone Remaining Abortion Clinic in Mississippi Facing Loss of License

Jackson Women's Health Organization

The abortion industry has long had a tradition of being performed by non-doctors or doctors that had lost their licenses or practices for other than honorable reasons.  Over the years, too many women have lost their lives by questionable abortion

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Gabby Giffords' Job: Manipulate "the Jury" Against Second Amendment


We conservatives are often on the receiving end of the liberal line, “You don’t know what it’s like to be [a woman/gay/etc.], so your opinion [on abortion/gay marriage/etc.] is invalid.” The implication in saying that we may not opine on

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5-Year-Old Threatened With Suspension For Lego "Gun"


The latest in toy gun control hysteria comes out of two schools, one in the Bronx and one in Hyannis, Massachusetts. A school in the Bronx was put on lockdown because a student told a school aide that another student

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Justice Scalia: The Constitution is Dead


I know what Scalia means, but part of me couldn’t help but think there was a little irony in the Justice’s recent pronouncement: “[The Constiution’s] not a living document. It’s dead, dead, dead!” Speaking to a group at Southern Methodist

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Bill Ayers to Deliver Keynote Address at Association of Teacher Educators Meeting

Bill Ayers_Mug Shot

Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers will be a keynote speaker at the annual meeting for the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) to be held February 15–19 in Atlanta, GA. Do you know what your children are being taught about what by

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Democrat Says Racist 'Crazy Crackers' Killing GOP


The racism and bigotry of the Left is an old story; its hypocrisy on “equality” is writ large. As fervently as liberals believe in the seething hatred for humanity supposedly held by conservatives, they also believe in the purity of

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Is it Wrong for Starving North Koreans to Eat Their Children?

North Korea_02

Stories are coming out of North Korea of cannibalism. People are so desperate for food that some of them are resorting to eating their own children. After food was taken from the farming provinces to feed people in the capital,

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Court Deals Blow to EPA and Obama’s Green Energy Program


When Barack Obama ran for office in 2008, he promised to create 5 million green jobs.  One of his main programs to help create some of those green jobs was his biofuels programs.  Using the iron fist of the EPA,

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Obama's Extraordinary Accomplishments


President Obama has a number of accomplishments under his belt, aside from that oft-praised one of winning the presidency “despite” being black. Consider, for example, these seven records he holds, as compiled last month by’s Wynton Hall: 1. All-time

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