A Different Argument Why Christians Cannot Support Gay Marriage

It is very important for the survival of the Republican Party to adopt the policy of getting the government out of marriage, period, in order to retain their small-government beliefs and also gain the support of the gay community.

But on a religious level, it is also important for young Christians to heed the words of Romans 1:32. Many of the current generation’s Christians have been brainwashed by pop culture to support gay marriage, and that’s a dangerous trend.

Even beyond the argument that Jesus Himself affirmed male-female marriage in Matthew 19:4 when he said, “Haven’t you read that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’?” there are other arguments to be made.

I gave the following arguments to a Christian supporter of gay marriage, and after she read these, she told me, reluctantly, that I changed her mind and that she no longer supported gay marriage. She felt guilty about it, but she knew I was right. One down, countless more to go.

God made the human body and he made each piece for a purpose and for that purpose only. The only reason you can see is because your eyes are connected to your brain. If your eyes were on your elbow, they wouldn’t work unless your brain was also in your elbow. There is a clear design to everything. A penis and vagina together serve a purpose: procreation, and also attaining oneness with your spouse. A penis in anything else serves no purpose but base, animalistic pleasure.

God made animals male and female. When God made Adam, He saw that none of the animals was suitable for him. That’s why God made Eve: to make someone suitable for Adam to be with. If the gender of Eve did not matter, God would not have created gender in the first place. God specifically wanted males to be with females. If he wanted males to be with males, he would have made pregnancy possible when a male has sex with a male, and just not created females at all. But God made females specifically because that’s what he wanted males to be with; not other males.

As Christians, we see that the history of the world is a history of increasing corruption. We know that Satan is always trying to corrupt or destroy God’s work. Satan corrupts the minds of those who care more about convenience than about the lives of babies. Satan gets into the minds of politicians who believe it’s okay to steal as long as you give the money to those who they think deserve it (even though God said stealing is wrong, period). Satan has corrupted humans’ view of sex, too. He has made it so that kids believe sex on the third date is good, as opposed to sex after marriage. Satan has made it so that society doesn’t treat marriage with as much respect as they once did, with 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce. In short, Satan corrupts society. That’s his intention.

Society’s lackadaisical attitude toward gay sex is due to Satan’s wanting us to feel that way. And there is a clear reason Satan would want us to believe gay sex is okay. So why, then? Because Satan hates life. He is of death. He wants to spread death (that is, disease, sickness, murder, etc.). Satan’s goal on Earth is to corrupt all of God’s Creation, to hinder all of God’s goals. And what is at the heart of God’s creation? What is the source of life on Earth? Male-female sex (intended to be for marriage, of course). God uses male-female sex to create and to advance His goals and further His creation. Satan uses male-male or female-female sex to destroy, to tamper with and corrupt God’s Creation and God’s goals. This is why gay sex is so widely accepted in today’s corrupt society (and as we know, society has become more and more corrupt because of Satan). Do we think that society is becoming more and more corrupt except for this gay-sex thing? That that’s just the one area in which we’re advancing as a society? That it’s not a result of Satan’s mischief, that Satan “missed a spot” when trying to corrupt society?

Look at it this way: If gay sex is good, then that means Satan would only support its opposite, hetero sex. But then that would mean that Satan is in agreement with God in that area, but that’s impossible because Satan is the opposite of God in every single way. He and God, by necessity, cannot agree with each other. If gay sex is good, then that means God’s original creation of males and females for each other was bad. It means that Satan wants male-female marriage/sex, and that God wants gay sex. If that were the case, God would have created one gender only.

We Christians cannot approve of gay marriage (and the gay sex that that implies), just as we cannot approve of any sin, or else we’re just as guilty of that sin (Romans 1:32). Of course we can be friends with gays; gayness itself is not what is sinful; it is falling to the temptation of acting upon that gayness.



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  • Rick

    Rick riccardo @inbox.com The word “gender” is used as if it means sex. Gender is a grammatical term. Using gender, the way it is in this article, shows leftist terminology creeping into the writer’s vocabulary. Be careful, once one start to using leftist meanings of words, one start to think like them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bruce.brenan Bruce Brenan

    While you are right on most of your points in the article, I don’t think the GOP should cowtow to the gay community which wants more than just the legal ability to get married (such as the complete legal ability to adopt, and to have their lifestyle taught in public schools as “OK”, and even to have people, like pastors, prosecuted for opposing their agenda), just to gain the support of said community. If you want to use that reasoning, there are probably a few other moral issues we can fold on as well…. before you know it… the GOP really has become the Democratic party except for fiscal policy. And that won’t win them any more elections than they have recently. You really need to rethink your first paragraph.

    • KJ

      Let’s just make this plain and simple. Morality should not be legislated by the government, period. Morality is learned from responsible parents, family, and the teachings of God’s word. Morality is between the individual and his/her God. Thus, Republicans need to recognize that this is not only a fight which they can not really win, but it’s a battle which they should not be undertaking.

      Everyone has personal views about gay marriage. But no government should condemn or condone morality which God will ultimately judge.

      • ort

        By your logic, we shouldn’t jail pedophiles or rapists either. Those people see nothing wrong in their behavior, but society does. We get our laws from God, as they are based in the 10 Commandments. You can’t say “no government should condemn or condone morality”, and that is patenty wrong. There would be a free for all, as anyone and everyone could act on their most base and depraved desires.

        • KJ

          Pedophilia and rape deprive another person of their liberties and therefor may be regulated by the rules of man. You must have some knowledge of the philosophers who enlightened our founding fathers to create the Constitution as they did in order to grasp the concept perhaps. For example, Locke’s perception of God given liberties surrounded life, liberty, and property. He was but one great luminary whom the Constitutional authors drew upon.

          The laws drawn by man are separate but not distinct from the laws of God. To confuse the two ultimately puts government on the path of undercutting God and usurping the role of God just as the Obama administration believes that it knows what is always right and is willing to trample upon the separation of powers and states’ rights afforded by the Constitution.

        • ort

          If my home is broken into, and the new flat screen tv I bought with the money, is stolen,(thou shalt not steal) then the thief is depriving me of my right to buy things and enjoy their use. He doesn’t have the right to do so.

          Just as sexual deviants do not have the right to turn societal norms, God given I might add, around because they refuse to accept basic anatomy and physiology. Biology, anatomy and physiology all refute homosexuality. Homosexuality destroys the family unit, and ultimately, society. One man and one woman join together in marriage and have kids. That is how it has been since God created Adam and Eve.

          Societies, whether they realize it or not, are following God’s laws in the concepts of their own laws. That doesn’t sit too well with some, but nevertheless that is how it is.

      • mac7692

        Morality is always legislated by government. It is just a matter of whose morality gets legislated. Whether it is the immorality of the desensitized humanist, the moraity of the antichristian, the christian or perhaps another religion. Say, islam, where there are no discussions, they just cut your head off as an infidel offending their god, allah. Regardless, someones level of morality (or immorality) is always a source of our legislation. If we did not legilate morality, murderers should run free, theft should not be punished, and rape should be an acceptable part of sexual endeqvors, but thenof course, YOUR MORALITY says otherwise, so YOU see this as ridiculus. Or in reality, what you want legislated is your own sense of morality, which includes these actions as unacceptable, but excludes others i might deem unacceptable,.

        • KJ

          Where to begin… ? I agree that morality is all too often legislated. That is the crux of my argument against the federal government trying to do that to the nth degree. I really don’t have the inclination to write a tome explaining the reasoning behind the formation of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. But I can fairly assure you that Madison, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and many of their fellow patriots were taught in the scholarly wisdom of philosophy which imbued them with sufficient knowledge to provide the foundation for our republic in harmony with the laws of what Jefferson referred to as “the Creator” (and whom we refer to as God) and the laws of man so as not to usurp that which is the dominion of God. If you could only fathom the true brilliance evident in the creation of the Constitution, then you might have more respect for the concepts of American freedom.

          Presume not to know my heart, my morality, and my relationship with God. Judgement is not yours to render. I trust in God far more than I trust your assessment. I stand by what I’ve written before that the government similarly should not presume to know what is in HIS heart or what might be HIS will beyond the laws given to man directly by God (and by the teachings of Christ presuming that you’re Christian). The supreme laws of nature follow (which leads us to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”). Note that everything else the founding fathers wrote into the Constitution judiciously legislated boundaries for the government without adding to the moral teachings of God or nature. You will better understand their thinking by reading The Federalist papers.

          My moral beliefs have nothing to do with my conviction that all freedom based governments grounded in Judeo Christian teachings should refrain from creating morality-based laws beyond what exists at the core. To do more is to usurp the authority which is God’s alone and to put it in the hands of man. When this was famously done in Nazi Germany for example, the result was cataclysmic. Man may legislate ethics but should not replace or try to augment God’s will in the arena of morality.

        • mac7692

          You just don’t get it all legislation is a form of morality, whether one considers it a good or bad form of morality. passing legislation making homosexuality legal is legislating morality. Making a law that says you cant legislate morality is a violation of the law itself as it legislates morality. Morality is nothing more than a standard of accfeptable behavior, and thus all law IS LEGISLATING MORALITY (A STANDARD OF BEHAVIOR), REGARDLESS OF WHOSE STANDARD (OR LACK THEREOF) IT IS.

        • mac7692

          Sorry about previous post, didn’t realize cap lock was on.
          What are the supreme laws of nature and where did they originate? Do you believe in inalienable rights, and if so, how do we establish that those rights are inalienable? Any ideas?

        • mac7692

          btw, straight off the web…. stop the semantics please

          ethics plural of eth·ics (Noun)


          Moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior.

          The moral correctness of specified conduct.

          morality – morals – ethic – moral

    • http://www.lesbiansinmysoup.com/ Katy

      So you opposition is not to gay marriage, but to the OTHER things that “the gay community” wants?

  • Bert

    The GOP and all politicians should stay out of Churches and The Bedroom. Love is a very personal matter as well as a person’s relationship with the Lord or any other religious belief.

    • ort

      There is man’s way, and there is God’s way. God has made His way clearly known, and when man goes his own way, the result is the wages of sin, which leads to death.
      You call it “love”, and I am assuming you mean homosexual sexual activity. It most certainly is not, it is hedonistic and animalistic. It is an abomination before Almighty God who made them “male and female”.
      The rectum was made for one purpose ONLY, and that is for the elimination of wastes and gas from the body. It is not, nor has it ever been, a sexual organ. It cannot handle such activity, as it wasn’t designed for that.
      Homosexuality is a deviant activity, done by sinful humanity, apart from God’s express will.
      You need to be able to differentiate between love, and lust. It is obvious you cannot.
      So don’t try to legitimize that which God abhors.

      • Bert

        I am NOT disputing that, what I am saying is that POLITICIANS who want to get people to vote for them should stay out of Churches,different Christian Faiths, vs Muslems, vs Hebrew , what people do in their bedrooms and concentrate on the needs of the country to maintain itself as a constitutional republic.

    • chetohimler

      @Bert..drinking is a personal matter, driving is a personal matter, doping is a personal matter, pedophilia is a personal matter, self gratification is a personal matter, porno is a personal matter, rape is a personal matter, etc….at some point it becomes a social problem.

      • ort

        Exactly. All this degenerate activity has brought our society to a new low. These pervs have to be reigned in. I’m thinking, however, that it might possibly be too late.

  • Gary Smith

    Family Dynamics by Gary Calhoun

    Children’s parents are their primary role model.

    What boys learn from their father.

    Boys learn what a man is from their father.

    Boys learn to be a man from their father.

    Boys learn how to relate to other males from their father.

    Boys learn how to treat a woman from their father.

    Boys learn how a man parents a son from their father.

    If there are female siblings boys learn how a man parents their daughters from their father.

    What boys learn from their mother.

    Boys learn what a woman is from their mother.

    Boys learn what a man is to a woman from their mother.

    Boys learn how to relate to other females from their mother.

    Boys learn how to treat a woman from their mother.

    Boys learn how a woman parents a son from their mother.

    If there are female siblings boys learn how a woman parents their daughters from their mother.

    What girls learn from their mother.

    Girls learn what a woman is from their mother.

    Girls learn to be a woman from their mother.

    Girls learn how to relate to other females from their mother.

    Girls learn how to treat a man from their mother.

    Girls learn how a woman parents a daughter from their mother.

    If there are male siblings girls learn how a woman parents their sons from their mother.

    What girls learn from their father.

    Girls learn what a woman is to a man from their father.

    Girls learn to be a woman to a man from their father.

    Girls learn how to relate to other males from their father.

    Girls learn how to treat a man from their father.

    Girls learn how a woman parents a daughter from their father.

    If there are male siblings girls learn how a man parents their sons from their father.

    Those are some of the most important things that parents (a mother and a father) teach their children.

    None of these are possible in homosexual relationships.

    Those are some of the most important things that parents (a mother and a father) teach their children.

    None of these are possible in homosexual relationships.

    None of these are possible in homosexual relationships.

  • Randy Beard

    When the Light-(GOD) is Removed out of our Lives,( SATAN)-Darkness always comes in. We all should know that Light always Over-Comes Darkness. Negative can Never Attract Negative in any form of Chemistry, this is by God’s Design for all things, What our Creator Devised for our Well Being, we are trying to Destroy by our Own Evil Desires…

  • Mudpuppy

    The GOP doesn’t need the support of the queer community. The only way they are going to get it is to cave to their agenda. But, then again, caving is what they do best anyway.

    This article, while good, was a convoluted, weird way of stating the bleeding obvious: males are meant for females and females for males. That’s the way the parts fit. Like Time magazine said years ago: Men and Women are Different! Well, duh! Why are we even having this discussion?

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