American Socialism Working – 1 in 4 Kids on Food Stamps

Around 1900, progressive socialists laid out a plan to convert America into a socialist nation.  There were three key factors that they knew they had to overcome and they also knew that it would take at least 100 years slowly overcome them.

First, America was a strong Christian nation and no Christian nation could ever accept socialistic ideas or forms of government.  That meant they had to actively work on undermining the strong Christian influence in the American people.  Part of that plan was to infiltrate churches across the nation with progressives in Christian clothes.  Their missions were to subtly question Christian doctrine and place doubts in the minds of the people.

Were the miracles of Christ real or were they just embellishments to make him into something he wasn’t?  Was Christ really born of a virgin or did Mary have sex with Joseph before their wedding and covered it up with the story of the angel’s visit?  Is homosexuality really wrong?  Was the Bible really God’s Word or just a compilation of writings of a number of people?  The Bible is such an ancient book, is it really relevant to today’s society?

Just as Satan did in the Garden of Eden, progressives began planting seeds of doubt in the churches over 100 years ago and look at how liberal the Christian church in America has become.  We allow women pastors, gay clergy, divorce rates for Christians are no different than the secular world, Christians are living together and having sex before marriage and hardly anyone believes in absolute truth any more.

Some of the latest polls indicate that perhaps fewer than half of all Americans claim to be church going Christians.  Goal number one has almost been realized!

Second, they also knew they had to destroy the strength of the family unit.  The bond between husband and wife and their kids was strong.  It was the center of moral and values teaching.  Many businesses were family owned and passed down from father to son.

Many of the same tactics used to weaken the Christian influence also worked to weaken the family.  They introduced the ideas of divorce made easy instead of working out the problems or turning to Scripture.  They taught situation ethics in schools where kids learned to blame their parents for all of their problems and then resent them for it.  In the 1960s and 70s, the openness of sexual promiscuity flooded the families.  Adultery and pre-marital sex permeated through the Church like yeast in a batch of dough.  Even Christian leaders fell to the temptations that were hurled at them, causing them to fall in disgrace.  The number of pregnancies to unwed mothers also spiked as did the use of illegal drugs.

The socialists infiltrated the public schools early on and began changing what was being taught.  Today, kids aren’t taught anything about family values.  Instead, they are being taught how to subvert the authority of their parents and do their own thing.  Planned Parenthood even teaches teenage girls how to get an abortion and work around parental notification laws.

When I was kid, families on television had a strong father figure, a stay at home mother who kept house and kids that respected their parents.  Today, most families are dysfunctional and never represent a traditional family.  Fathers are made out to be stupid idiots or they left home years ago.  Mothers are single, working and trying to cope.  Often, it’s the kids who are made to look smart and in control and only letting their parents know what they want them to know.

Then you have the same-sex issue that completely destroys traditional family values.  A homosexual relationship can NEVER be the same as the relationship between a man and woman and the procreation of their offspring.  Homosexuals have to use unnatural means to try to accomplish the same thing, and it just doesn’t allow for the same wholesome bonding and upbringing of children.  A recent report reveals that children raised by homosexual parents are 35% more likely to fail in school than those raised in a traditional family.

Today, the marriage rate is dropping and so is the birth rate.  Goal number 2 has been accomplished.

Third, the progressive socialists knew that they had to make the people dependent upon the government for their very existence and livelihood.  Instead of turning to the church or family for help in times of need, people have to turn to the government.  The government becomes their savior and benefactor and before they realize it, the government becomes their master and they become slaves.

Did you know that the vast majority of welfare and assistance programs, including Social Security, were implemented by Democrats?  Oh yeah, in case you didn’t realize it, the progressive liberals around 1900 were also Democrats and made the decision then to use the Democratic Party to accomplish their takeover of America.

Under Barack Obama, the most openly socialistic president the nation has ever had (FDR and LBJ are numbers 2 and 3).  Under Obama, a record number of Americans have gone on welfare, disability and food stamps.  A recently released report by the USDA, revealed that just over 1 in 4 children are on food stamps.  Oops, my bad!  They’re not called food stamps anymore because that had an unpleasant connotation.  Today it’s known as SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  Doesn’t that sound so much better and acceptable than food stamps?  Who wouldn’t want to be part of such a nice sounding program?

The US Census estimates that there are about 73.9 million children, 18 and younger, living in the US.  The USDA report says that 19.9 million of those children are part of SNAP.  That’s 26.9% or just over 1 in 4 kids that are already being raised to be dependent on the government.  Many will learn that they stand to lose their SNAP and other welfare benefits like Medicaid and other assistance programs, if they get a job.  In order to break even on what they’d lose to what they’d gain from working, they discover that they have to get a job that pays $4-$6 an hour more than minimum wage and those jobs are hard to find, especially in today’s economy.

Therefore, it’s not worth it to them to get a job because they’d lose more than they’d gain.  It’s easier to just sit back and ride on Uncle Sam’s dime than to go out and earn their own nickel.

Goal number three is almost there and America is on the verge of disappearing forever.  The progressives started working on this over 110 year ago.  They said it would take at least 100 years to accomplish.  Seems they were pretty close to be being right on.  And if the next four years of Obama are anything like the last four, all three goals will be realized before the next election in 2016, if there is one.



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  • Michael S. Smith

    Maybe it is because of Conservative policies and that instead of trying to improve the economy by putting more money into it instead of cutting spending that is creating more poverty thus creating a need for more people to have to use Food Stamps. Socialism HA I only wish!

    • raynbene

      Yours is the typical thinking that has gotten us into this mess, caused soley by socialism, the welfare state, liberals and democRATS – cutting spending by big government causes poverty ?? God help us ! ! And you probably agree with your hero nanzi pelousy, that people getting unemployment ‘creates jobs’ – – –
      Check what’s been happening in Greece and Europe to see what we will become if we let this madness continue . .

    • jkdriss

      You are demonstrating typical liberal ignorance of how an economy produces wealth. Want socialism? Go to N. Korea and see what it is really like.

    • The Big Easy

      @–m.s.smutt—————COMRADE——You sound like one of those ADULT DIAPER BOYS that has a very heavily soiled ADULT DIAPER that is ooooooozzzzzzzing out all over your ADULT DIAPER BOY BED and yourself.You should get your ADULT DIAPER BOY MOMMIE to give you a CHANGE and be sure that your ADULT DIAPER BOY MOMMIE wipes all that ADULT DIAPER DRIBBLE from your mouth————What a puke————————-

    • Ruggedlark

      You know not of how an economy works.

  • Ford

    Those that sat in the back of the class and then dropped out of school,now can’t figure out how to feed their families.

  • Margie Kuznitsky

    I worked for welfare for 25 years. Most of the children receiving food stamps are those born of illegal alien mothers here in the USA. More than likely, they are also receiving money and free medical. Guess who gets the money and food stamps in their name?

    • Worrywart

      And the good folks who have paid into the system who may at some time need a little help, they are turned down. It infuriates me.

  • Buck

    Isn’t it strange that every time the poverty hating ” demonrats ” get control of the country the poverty rate SKYROCKETS to new heights , and then just as a ” conservative ” administration gets it ALMOST back to where it was our progressive press get them BACK in power where they can extend it again , why would the press do this ? Surely not because those controlling it like their puppetmasters need POVERTY as a CONTROL factor . This can’t be a conspiracy because it is a REALITY .

    • Carol J

      Too many of the media personnel are not American. Check out how many were born in Canada.

  • XX

    Interesting that Mitt Romney was not elected because people did not want the teachings of the LDS church to influence the leadership of this country, even going so far as to say LDS are not Christian. Yet if you look at the teachings of Christianity the writer points out that we have lost in order to bring about a socialist society, you will see that the LDS church has never watered down what Christ taught. We have taken attacks, slurs, lies, been beaten, killed, fired from jobs, even told we are a cult, and through it all we have held the line as Christ drew it, not changed it to be comfortable with any current social view.
    Women in the clergy? A paid clergy? Homosexual clergy? Premarital or extra marital sex? Fractured families? Christ said no to all of these and we maintain that. Fathers as leaders in the home and Church? Women as mothers and wives honoring their husbands and helping them? Teaching children respect and obedience? Moral restraint and responsibility? Marriage before sex? Sex with spouses only? Husbands loving their wives and families and sacrificing to take care of them? Clergy that is called and serves without pay? Christ said yes to all of that and so do we today.
    By staying away from the polls, the fundamentalist and other Christians sought to stand down during the heat of battle; in their spiritual cowardice they helped elect the godless wonder that is stealing our nation. By not voting at all, they did not escape their responsibility to choose, and their choice was a man who is against everything they say they believe. They helped sow the wind, and they elected to reap the whirlwind. It is too late to mourn the loss of our Christian nation now, they lost it as soon as they caved under the pressure of a corrupted society.

    • Worrywart

      Mitt Romney was a vote for FREEDOM. Plain and simple. Nothing more, nothing less. I voted for freedom. Freedom lost.

      Obama has not even been sworn in yet and the pieces continue to chip and fall.

  • ste1021

    Get them while they’re young, Obama, get them while they’re young.

    • Tom54

      That’s what he predisessor did. Adolf Hitler.

  • cyber_hackster

    Obama’s plan is working just fine – as he planned

  • fliteking

    This must make it difficult to steal money directly out of the childrens pockets, huh liberals?

    • Mudpuppy

      They have no consciences. They are pure evil.

      • fliteking

        Agreed Pup, Agreed

  • Mudpuppy

    We’ve gone from “Father Knows Best” to “Married With Children”. For the record, I enjoyed Married With Children even though I knew what it was doing and that the obamaphone types would be too stupid to see that. I was too young for Father Knows Best, but I did see some re-runs. I like to watch some of the movies and TV shows from the ’50s and early ’60s because they are wholesome and I see what we have lost. Yes, they don’t have the wiz-bang tech and surround-sound of today’s shows, but they are good. I see that and then what we have today and I can’t help but think we are doomed. I hope not. I hope there is a chance we can yet turn the tide.

  • Greg137

    Remember, that it was Pelosi that said the food stamps were a type of economic prosperity…. Seriously she is a nut.. To whoever voted for that helium-headed broad, Americans everywhere say, “Go drive your car off a cliff, and make sure that you are insside of it when you go off the edge, you pinheads!”

  • cmjay

    These FOOD STAMPS kids are also causing HAVOC at the MALLS, HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS or just CRUISING the neighborhoods

  • Melvin Polatnick

    Twenty five million American adults cannot change a twenty dollar bill, all are forced to collect food stamps along with welfare checks. The less retarded understand how to find work as hookers or drug dealers to earn a lttle extra cash.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    Just pay and forget it! You will do nothing about it!

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