Is Congress Too Full of Lawyers?

Congressional approval is at an all-time low, somewhere around 9%.  The overall feelings expressed by most Americans is that they don’t accomplish anything worthwhile and are so rich and elite that they no longer have any connection to the common working man.

In a recent poll, people indicated that they liked cockroaches, root canals and colonoscopies more than they liked their congressmen and women.  There are all kinds of reason for the low approval ratings, but perhaps one man may have stumbled on to one of the key reasons Congress seems so disenfranchised with the American people.

Chris Wilson believes it’s because there are too many lawyers and not enough farmers, cowboys and military people serving in Congress.  To prove his point, he turned to the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress which contains a short biography on every person that has served in the US legislature from 1789 until present.  He then downloaded the over 12000 bios into a searchable database and started doing word comparisons such as ‘lawyer’, ‘farmer’, ‘cowboy’, ‘Army’ and so on.  The results are displayed in a bar graph that is itself searchable.

For example, type in ‘lawyer’ and look at the chart and you’ll see what Wilson means.  Put your cursor on any of the green bars for more information about the lawyers in that particular Congress.  Notice how the number of lawyers in Congress is steadily increasing in recent years.

Now type in ‘farmer’ and see what happens. Better yet, type in ‘Army’ and look at the results?  The number of people serving in Congress that were in the Army spiked after the American Civil War, World Wars 1 & 2, Korea and Vietnam.  However, the number has been steadily declining since around 1975.  Military men are well trained, disciplined and make excellent leaders.  They also tend to have a better understanding of national security, the US Constitution and the Second Amendment.

I spend half an hour typing in one word after another and saw some interesting things.  Of all of the words I typed in, I saw that the number of lawyers is increasing to what I believe to be a dangerous level.  Have you ever read a legal document with all of the language that no one but they can understand?  If they do the same thing in Washington, DC, no wonder nothing gets done and when it does, no one’s sure exactly what it meant and it ends up getting challenged in court.

I think it’s time to start electing more common people like farmers, ranchers, cowboys, store clerks, nurses and especially more former military people.  Now that I think about it, I propose a new bill for Congress to consider that restricts the number of lawyers that can serve in Congress and that number must be less than 1% of the total 535.  Once that quota is filled, no other attorney will be allowed to run until a slot opens.

Did you know that in early colonial days, being an attorney was consider to be a profession of ill repute and some communities would not allow them to live within the city limits.  Perhaps we need to take a lesson from those colonial days.



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  • Bill Walker

    To the life of me, I don’t know why people vote for “Lawyers” into office. It is illeagl for lawyer to hold public office by the Constitution of America. Any person that has sworn to the British Commenwealth and recieves the letters “esq” to their name is of nobility. We as people of America shall not be ruled by the “Charter of King of England”, but we and our farthers before us have failed to stop this illeagl act.

  • scrambo

    i defer to shakespeare….first thing we do is kill all the lawyers…

  • Matthew Jacobs

    Their called Sharks for a reason. They hide in the darkness ,strike from underneath, then retreat for you to bled out because they are risk avoidance.

    Example: $500 Billion was cut from the Military Budget with another $500 Billion reduction to follow from Sequestration, another $500 Billion taken out of Social Security.

    All this is done in the shadows with not ONE CONGRESSMEN’S FINGERPRINT found on any of it. No one to blame, no one to ask why, no one taking responsibility. The come out of the dark depths strike with a mortal wound and retreat to a safe distance, never to be seen by their prey.

  • pbsambo

    Fire all the idiots and start from scratch, but limit the number of lawyer. Limit the years they can serve. It wasn’t meant to live of the citizens sweat and hard labor. You see representatives for over 25 years that are rubber stamps. They accomplish very little for the districts they represent, but people still vote for them because access to the ballot is limited.

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    We need to ignore all of the other battles, and go for State’s Rights. That returns control to the common people on the local level, and that is what all issues need from Social to Finance. Nullifications are moving rapidly, and we need to look at nullifying everything we do not like that the Federal Government is foisting off on us. If people get active on the local level, and seek to return our states to State’s Rights, they will find that our election process is not as much of a problem.

    • Matthew Jacobs

      The best course of action then is to start a movement for a major rewrite of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3. This is the Commerce Clause that has been used by the Federal Government as the vehicle to gain so much influence over what should be State Issues.

  • Evelyn Alexander

    OK. Where’s the chart you’re talking about? Sorry but I don’t even see a link.
    BTW, I do agree with you. I started seeing this imbalance and the ramifications many years ago. Just one important thing to add to your insights… a good defense lawyer knows how to redirect focus, stall, and “muddy the waters”, creating confusion, doubt, etc. in the minds of the jury. And what have we been seeing a lot of in recent years? Just some food for thought…

  • Solid_Facts

    I propose something even better.

    It is an obvious conflict of interests for those who make law, to be the same people who will make their living enforcing or defending that law in court, if they should lose their next election. They will write laws that will insure them the greatest fees, should they ever be forced to return to the courtroom.

    Therefore, lawyers should be expressly prohibited from serving in any lawmaking capacity, at any level of government. Then laws could be boiled down to two pages, instead of 2000 or more pages and ordinary people could understand them. Of course, instead of requiring 2 attorneys, 8 interns and 4 days in court, to argue the case, the same case would only require one attorney and 20 minutes in court, so the attorneys wouldn’t get rich from those laws, since they didn’t write them to be so convoluted that it would require all that extra time and research.

    • Mudpuppy

      That would be great, wouldn’t it? Sure would make our lives easier. Not going to happen, though. Too much money to be scammed.

  • Tank

    It is true. This whole country is run by lawyers now. All they want to do is talk about getting things done because they never actually DO anything, just talk about it… Plus, most of them have never had a real job, so how would they ever know the will of the people or how to relate to regular folks. They don’t have to in their eyes… They are better than us, and they have to control us….

  • Gurley L Martin

    ALL of The CREATIONS of God {especially people; ALL People: the muslin & jew, too} Are Each ONE as an Individual – Just as IMPORTANT as – ALL – The Others “Be It So”.

    • Mudpuppy

      The Muslims aren’t as long as they remain Muslims.

  • Mudpuppy

    I found the link. Don’t know if it’s the one he used, but here it is:

  • beijingyank

    You know it was a lawyer that made it legal for these rogues to use insider trading to pad their overseas bank account. Sure would like to check the books of the Vatican Bank. Rumor has it (Bob Chapman Investment Daily) you can find most of Congress there; including Chief Judge Robert’s account of a cool billion dollars. Everything is easy when Geitner is at the Treasury.

  • Jim Corbett

    Education is important. Shakespear’s quote “first kill all the lawyers” came from those plotting to overthrow the government and seize absolute power. They knew if they killed those educated in freedoms, rights and the rule of law rather than whim of a ruler, they would have an easier time becoming ruthless dictators. You can look it up.

  • GQ4U

    John Adams was a lawyer. John Adams was a Founder. John Adams was a patriot. John Adams represented British Soldiers in the Boston Massacre trials. John Adams stood for justice. John Adams upheld the truth. John Adams risked everything standing up to tyranny. John Adams had high morals, a good heart, strong principles; a man of wisdom, a skilled leader. A man who offered sincere debate as opposed than beguiling lectures.

    Lawyers can and do confuse issues, but being a lawyer is not the problem. The problem is we are represented by men and women of LOW character.

    PS: I am NOT a lawyer and do not particularly like lawyers; most seem arrogant & selfish.

  • Robert Alexander

    Lawyers and an alegience first to the STATE… no man can serve two masters, so what do you surmise?

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