Missouri Proposes Law Requiring Students’ Parents To Inform Schools About Their Guns

Generally, conservatives understand that taking people’s rights away is not protecting them. Liberals however equate complete control with safety. If they can just know everything about everyone of us, where we live, how we raise our kids, what foods we eat, etc., they’d be able to keep us and everyone else safe.

A Missouri state senator has proposed a bill that would require parents to inform their children’s schools as to whether or not they own guns, and if so, where they are stored. Maria Chapelle-Nadal, a Democrat, thinks these parents should be held accountable if their firearms are not stored “properly.”

What is “proper storage?” Does that mean guns have to be completely disassembled and stored in a locked safe far from where the ammo is stored? Are they going to have to hire inspectors to come and search those homes whose owners have registered their guns with the school district? If the inspector sees something suspicious like a Bible, the Constitution or an American history book, will he have to say something to a mental health professional about possible mental illness?

Who knows? The bill isn’t law yet, but this is always the direction that the government goes. It wants complete control. If their goal is citizen disarmament, they’ll use anything to achieve that end. Federal legislation, police, military or now, schools.

Registering weapons with the school and even telling them how and where they are stored will not prevent a Newtown-style massacre. Going out on a limb and assuming for the sake of argument that the media narrative is correct regarding Newtown, Mrs. Lanza could have easily “registered” her guns with Newtown Elementary when Adam was allegedly a student there. She could have told them where and how they were stored in her house. But that wouldn’t have stopped someone or Adam himself from getting them and bringing them to the school.

Not everybody is on board with this bill. Not even some school principals in the area according to a local CBS affiliate:

 “One St. Louis-area principal isn’t too thrilled about the idea. He says it may help police more than the school district. He also says the school could blame a parent for guns in their houses that they don’t even know about, with guns sneaked into the home by their kids.”

 Liberals want complete control over people. They’ll sell it any way they can, but “safety” seems to be the preferred selling point.



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  • Doc Savage

    Please forgive the Senator, she was a flower child and LSD effects remain with a person throughout their lives. These effects manifest themselves if she continues to use other illegal drugs. Only someone under the influence of drugs could come up with this asinine idea. Politicians should under go psychological and drug testing before them assume office. it might help reduce this BS

  • Doc Savage

    I am using the Harry Reid defense, if she accused me of defamation of character. That is ” I heard it from someone, who got it from someone and they got it from a reliable source”. Harry used that one when he was spreading lies about Romney

  • Miko

    I was at the park the other day. I saw many kids playing with toy guns. When will they be outlawed?

  • Miko

    I don’t believe any gun owner in America will shoot an ATF agent when they come for your guns!

  • Howard

    Another liberal without a brain. Who in the hell elected this idiot. I thought Missouri had some “common sense”. I would hope that you people in Missouri would send this woman packing as soon as possible. In the mean time I might suggest that she see a psychiatrist.

    • Mudpuppy

      “Another liberal without a brain.” That would be pretty much all of them.

  • battle

    Hopefully these radicals get voted out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1680429904 MaryEllen White

    I bet home school will expand!! Be a cold day in you know where before they would ask a child of mine those kinds of questions!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Caile/1306232320 John Caile

    Two words for the school and the fascist liberal bureaucrats: F and U

  • worried

    you are going to have to make a choice. to fight for or lose you freedom? i know what i am going to do. my father did and so will i, if i have to. we either stand togather or we will become servants to a dictator. he is destroying this nation as we speak now.. guns are only a part of it. we are going to have a civil war as soon as we bankrupt this country. no one seems to have the courage to stand up and put a stop to all the spending. when interest goes up and china call in their debt, that is when the —- hits the fan.

  • David

    I agree – it’s nothing but confiscation of all firearms from the law abiding citizens. Why don’t they get to work and find a solution to the unemployment? That is far more important than guns which have been around for years.

  • Philip Ballman

    There is another issue at work here. The police should be in Blue uniforms not Olive Green as the Military to condition the people to public law being enforce by men in military garb. Let it be blue at least, if they want to wear tactical equipment. So one can sort out who is and isn’t military. It’s not right for citizens to not be able to distinguish military from police in time of unsettling behavior. It also makes them look silly. Mostly fat men with four guns and 500 rounds on their person and looking like military wannabes. Some have served many have not it is sort of diminishing to our military men and women in uniform and very confusing and meant to be.

  • David

    Liberals have NO understanding of history. Those who do have some understanding or knowledge of it know the perils that befall a defenseless population. A former Assasin for Yassar Arafat, who has converted to Christianity, has publically statedin the United States that each Islamic Mosk is in fact a storage place for explosives and weapons. The state of Oaklahoma recently by a Court Order raided an Islamic Mosk there and found a large quantity of both explosives and weapons. I saw only a single item about is on web news. From the same source there are 300,000 Chinese Troops in Norhter Mexico and 100,000 more in southwest Canada. Also 50,000 white Russian Elite troops monthly entering the United States who speak English as if they grew up in North Dakota. These men weill be wearing U.S. Army uniforms. A German National told me in October 2011 that “the news in this country (the United States) is censored. The New York Times published an article declaring the same information. And Congress literally does nothing to defend the population or the Constitution.

  • Matheus Grunt

    That’s another infringement on the rights to keep and bear arms. It’s an illegal tactic and question.

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