My Bank Laughed When I ask It to Raise My Debt Ceiling

If I went to my bank and asked for a loan without the equity to back it up and the ability to pay it back, I would not get the loan. If I told them that I could print some money to help with the pay down of the loan, they would most likely have called the police on me.

When you’re a politician, you’re almost legally untouchable. When you get elected to office at the federal level, there’s almost nothing you can’t do if you can get enough people to agree with you. It’s a matter of taking a vote. It’s that simple.

We’re seeing President Obama sidestepping the Constitution by threatening to issue 19 executive orders that would further restrict law-abiding Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

If you don’t like what the Constitution that you took an oath to uphold, ignore it and legislate like a dictator. If you don’t have enough money; just print some more. If you want to take control of the healthcare of every person in America, pass a law based on 2700 pages that few congressmen or the president ever read. It doesn’t matter what it says since bureaucrats will eventually write the rules. It’s all for our good, don’t you know.

If you want to make sure every person in America gets to participate in the American dream, force banks to loan money to people who don’t have the means to pay it back. No problem. Create agencies for people who can’t repay them. When these government agencies go belly up, print more money.

This video by Tim Hawkins says it better than anyone else. You’ll laugh and cry at the same time:

This can all be done because there are few boundaries when it comes to government.

There’s a particular scene in the 1946 film The Best Years of Our Lives1 that stars Frederick March, Myrna Loy, Dana Andrews, and Teresa Wright that demonstrates the problem of feel-good economics.

March’s character, Al Stephenson, is a loan officer at a bank. Stephenson gets his job back at the back. He greets a customer who turns out be a returning solider like him. The would-be farmer wants a loan:

“[March’s character] asked him what kind of collateral he can provide. The young veteran looks back with a blank stare; he has no collateral. Al explains the bank needs to have some kind of security, a guarantee of sorts so they know they can get their money back. Dejected, the vet still could not understand why he was being refused. Al is painfully uncomfortable telling the young vet all this.

The bank officials are made to look like money grubbers for not loaning money to this genuinely sincere ex-G.I. The bank was right. Al, as much as he believed in the would-be farmer, was wrong. If he really believed in the man’s abilities and the soundness of the business venture, then he should have loaned him some of his own money. It was easy for Al to loan money that wasn’t his. There was no risk to him.

Congress and the President don't care about debts and deficit spending. It's not their debts and deficits. All they have to do is raise the debt ceiling. Some in the liberal brain trust are saying that there is no need for a debt ceiling. The sky's the limit.

Try that at your bank and let me know how far you get. I bet you either get laughed out of the building or men with white coats are called to drag you out.

  1. The film won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director (William Wyler), Best Actor (Fredric March), Best Supporting Actor (Harold Russell), Best Film Editing (Daniel Mandell), Best Adapted Screenplay (Robert Sherwood), and Best Original Score (Hugo Friedhofer). []



69 thoughts on “My Bank Laughed When I ask It to Raise My Debt Ceiling

  1. America should have never voted for a man who had so many ties to Marxist,Socialist,Communist ,the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations such as the Weatherman in the first place. Obama never made it any secret as to what he would do to change America and why. When he was senator in the state of Illinois,he faulted our Constitution because it did not mention "wealth distribution." AUDACITY of HOPE: "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." Today, because of so many ignorant voters, America has 45 key U.S.Muslim Brotherhood front organizations and a president who said ," I learned more from Saul Alinsky's 'community organizing" than i did in all my years at Harvard Law School. PROJECT VOTE/ACORN proved that because it was such a huge success Obama was right. " It is fortunate for the governments that the people they administrator don't think." Adolf Hitler. i think this had more to do when his winning when it came to blacks and other ethic minorities. "When the people find they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic." George Washington. Check out the 2008 and 2012 exit polls and you will find that like any good Shepard,Obama knew his sheep.

  2. You have it backwards. What if you already got the bank loan or credit card balance and now decide not to pay it back? That would hurt your credit rating.

  3. Please, What is frickin' Wrong with you Americans???!!!!

    Are you so numbed & dumbed down & uneducated???!!

    Re: " exercise their Second Amendment rights."

    idiots desinteresses!! Seriously??

    As one of the finest Presidents your Country ever had stated oh so eloquently:

    "..And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought
    are still at issue around the globe—the belief that the rights of man
    come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God."

    "Our Rights" are not some how oddly secured by the Paper of a Constitution...When in fact the Constitution merely enumerated SOME of the UN-A-Lien-Able G*D Given & Granted Rights, Liberties & noble pursuits that GOV'T was not to impede or trample upon.

    (Please research what a "Lien" is & then start using the Word Properly & correctly" It's NOT "Alien-able").

    The Constitution was instituted as a STOP or a clearly keenly outlined document specifically limiting the powers that the Gov't could wield or assume.

    "We the people" Breathed into the creation of Gov't & imbued it with certain rights & powers that "We the People" still yet retain!!

    No Rights are derived from a is abject ignorance & imbecility that would regards this matter as such.

    Example: If I have a progeny, a creation of my wife & I's: A Son or a Daughter.

    And I "Give" them the right to "Drive" My Vehicle. They can Drive it. they can never claim to hold Title or a LIEN on it as an "Owner". I retain that right to drive it AND I still OWN the vehicle. it is only despotic satanic hubris that wold cause my creation-progeny to usurp my authority and lay CLAIM to the ownership of my Vehicle and the right I conferred to them to Drive it. It would also be a thimbrelig for them to some-how defraud me of my right, the title of ownership to my vehicle & then turn-around & subjugate ME to their control, whims, dictates, & desires.

    THIS very thing is what the American "Public" has not only allowed & NOT vigorously fought against (They fear SLAPPING their Children even in Public!!) but also they have, with abject insanity, co-dependently fostered & encouraged upon themselves!!

    The Constitution does NOT "Guarantee" We the People anything. It is a Document that sets limits on a Collective group of people that would set about to rule...& since Power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely, it was inherently designed to limit the tendency for despotism....not grant or guarantee or give any single person "rights".

    Americans KEEP Playing this "Game" with their own founding documents & lack the holy perspective to stem the tide of tyranny because of it.

    Americans are haughty & froward without any humility but plenty of hubris.

    But then again??...It was American Churchianity-inanity that has sought to destroy the Law of G*D as not being relevant nor staid nor to be ever properly inculcated, venerated, & esteemed.

    Well, there you have it America!! You've denied & trampled upon the ever-lasting Holy Law of G*D (The Creation in tyrannical rebellion against their Creator) and now you are being trampled in like fashion by YOUR "creation": Gov't.

    The Little head of the Fed (Much like on any un-ennobled crass-pursuing man) is clearly ruling over & causing madness to replace logical, noble thought and perspective.

    Your "Appetite" for the profane has merely fattened you for the slaughter.

    I submit a read-up or study on this "Little Head", "Little Horn" & the aspects of the Hypothalamus (Size of a thumb-nail nestled in the midst of the Brain & what it controls & urges men to do) in relation to the Thalamus Superior (AKA: Frontal Lobe) along with the "Little Head" below the belt and the troubles it causes when it "Controls" juxtaposed to what the little head in Washington DC is doing to the rest of the Country that USED TO BE a Lighted City upon a Hill.

    it is all an abject object lesson of what, when not properly submitted in the manner that it should all be, happens when things get turned up-side down & people call Good "evil", Light "Darkness" and then embark upon an enthronement of "SELF" as the god of their pursuits & life.

    Americans have given themselves over to their lusts & hubris....rejecting G*D & his Laws & ways & now nothing remains except for judgement upon the land.

    Hosea 4:
    "Hear the word of the Lord, ye children of Israel, for the Lord shall
    enter into judgment with the inhabitants of the land: for there is no
    truth, and there is no mercy, and there is no knowledge of God in the
    land. Cursing, and lying, and killing, and theft, and adultery have overflowed, and blood hath touched blood.

    Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth in it shall
    languish with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of the air:
    yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be gathered together. But yet let not any man judge: and let not a man be rebuked: for thy people are as they that contradict the priest. And thou shalt fall to day, and the prophet also shall fall with thee: in the night I have made thy mother to be silent. My people have been silent, because they had no knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will reject thee, that thou shalt not do the
    office of priesthood to me: and thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I also will forget thy children. According to the multitude of them so have they sinned against me: I will change their glory into shame. They shall eat the sins of my people, and shall lift up their souls to their iniquity. And there shall be like people like priest: and I will visit their ways upon them, and I will repay them their devices. And they shall eat and shall not be filled: they have committed fornication, and have not ceased: because they have forsaken the Lord in not observing his law. Fornication, and wine, and drunkenness take away the understanding. My people have consulted their stocks, and their staff hath declared
    unto them: for the spirit of fornication hath deceived them, and they
    have committed fornication against their God."

    Oh, I Know You Joel Olsteen Types will offer "But that is the OLD Testament, it was done away with!!".

    Yeah, So Learned yous Americans are.... I see how your new Churchianity replacement theology is working for yous.


    Do away with G*D, His Law, His Bleu-Print for Living...

    Yeah, I see: How's it all working for yous now??!!

    Keep parroting your "Constitutional Rights"....while denying G*D in even this momentous battle of who rules who.

  4. Your not going to laugh very much if you can't make your paymnet and they come to reposess your car, refrigirator or trailer you live in.

  5. You must not have told the bank you were just trying to be were not going to spend more, you already spent the money you just need a way to pay for it.

  6. OK, unseal the records showing that Obama applied for student grants reserved for non-citizens. Unseal the records showing that he filed affidavit swearing that he was a foreign citizen. Even, get a foreign birth certificate. Even, get the Hawaii official in charge of his Hawaii birth certificate to swear on a stack of Bibles that the internet copy of the birth certificate is a forgery. Get the House to vote articles of impeachment.

    Do all this and OBAMA STILL WILL NOT GET CONVICTED IN THE DEMOCRAT SENATE. So, a pointless exercise at this point. The constitution has only one way to get a President kicked out of office - an impeachment by the House followed by a conviction by the Senate.

  7. Where are the men in the white coats??? There is just such a person at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC.

  8. give the bank an executive order there is a lot of them flying around

  9. Why do we continue to allow criminals to shape our laws and steal our money?

  10. What needs to be done is change the laws to make the Treasury Secretary responsible for paying back all of the money plus the Interests that he /she borrows in the name of the taxpayers, this would put a stop to all of the borrowing the Government does (in the name of the taxpayers) and force the government to live within it's means just like all of the people of the United States has to do

    As long as the taxpayers are held responsible for paying back all of the loans and the Interests on these loans that the Government and specifically the Treasury Secretary takes out (allegedly in the name of the taxpayers) , our nation will always be in debt, unless the Congress wises up and actually abolishes our main debtor the Federal Reserve and then our Treasury or specifically our United States Mint can be allowed to print our dollars in the same manner in which they print our coins, all Interest Free, as long as the United States Mint prints just enough money to keep even with our Gross Domestic Product to ensure Inflation does not result in that manner, we don't owe anything to anybody, and our nation can be prosperous once again.

  11. Progressive Republican says:

    It's a good thing this kind of small-minded cowardly whining didn't get this kind of press after WWII. Otherwise not only would we STILL be paying THAT debt off, we'd've been a third world country by 1960. There would've been no space program, no freeways, a lot fewer airports and hospitals and schools...

  12. Battalion of Americans says:

    Federal versus personal. No comparison. Government gets $$ from the people who pay taxes. Ergo, banks lend to people when people can pay. Governments have treasuries to pay loans. And Vab, Obama WAS AND IS president. THE PEOPLE spoke. Romney choked.