Obama’s War on Kids

During the presidential campaigns last year, we often heard references to the war on women and occasionally we heard about the war on immigration.  But no one spoke about the war on kids, which is being waged big time by President Obama and his fellow Democrats.

There are thousands of kids in America that have been orphaned for one reason or another.  They live in homes and orphanages throughout the nation.  Many of these homes and orphanages rely on donations to help them provide a shelter, food and clothes for the kids.

But if Obama had his way, virtually all of those donations would dry up and disappear.  He wants to drastically reduce the amount of donations that can be used as tax deductions.  Doing so would cause the homes and orphanages to shut down and the kids would be turned over and become wards of the government.

Wild Bill for America explains it best:

Many socialist governments have large government run orphanages that amount to nothing more than storehouses for unwanted kids.  There is little care and concern for the kids and they are often treated quite harshly with little chance for adoption.  Is this what lies in store for America’s parentless kids?  It is if Obama is allowed to continue on his plan to destroy the economy and the American way of life.

When I saw this video, the words of Jesus came to me when He spoke of the little ones in Matthew 18:5-6;10:

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones.”



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  • fliteking

    Great article.

    • sparky

      obama cares about no one but his safe and the dumbacrats all are asses.the u.s. is going too hell, trun back to GOD and his SON now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.slamalot Steve Slamalot

    Centralized Power. The Government owning humans is always a good precedence. This completes a grand argument that Government can stamp a UPC code on your forehead for inventory and warehousing purposes. Glorious indeed. All heil the collective. They will come for you next,.

  • paxcat

    While this all sounds rather Dickinsonian, it is not true. Most children who are so-called orphans are wards of someone or something. Most are wards of the state in which they live and therefore are taken care of by that state’s DSHS. While most group homes do take donations, they are also supported by tax dollars and in my state, DSHS may pay up to $7000 per mo per child staying in a group home, so actually these homes become pretty big “cash cows!”

  • marineh2ominer

    The ONLY children Obamass is concerned about are muslim children , as is true of ALL Imams .

    • Mike6

      I bet if Obama had been informed that the four brave Americans trapped in Benghazi were muslims or blacks HE would have send gunships to help right away

  • davienne

    Barry doesnt care about anyone but himself… the usefull idiots that rally behind him will are expendable… all thru history, proves it…. hitler got scared of his brown shirt army and had them all murdered…
    donald young… larry bland … nate spencer… murdered because they knew of his homosexuality….dawn stasiewicz… the obamas dog trainer…. lia soeroto [his sister] murdered in 09…. just to name a few…

    • Mike6

      Larry Sinclair is lucky to be alive. Our Pravda media will not touch him, not even Rush, Hannity or Glenn Beck. I heard the Sinclair video and found it believable, about what happened in that Chicago parking lot in 1999, in the Five Star Limo. Larry said that he has the supporting documentation.

      • davienne

        yeah … really lucky… he was on the Rusty Humphries show about a month ago.. he said he has had to move again and his family has had to move.. because of suspicious people hanging around and death threats…

        • Mike6

          Larry Sinclair called the DNC in 2007 to tell them that Obama was not the man they thought he was, but the DNC would not talk to him. Several weeks later, someone called Larry from the DNC and asked him if he had told the press about what happened in that Chicago parking lot in 1999, in that Five Star Limo. Larry said no, but later changed his mind and told his entire sordid story to the media. Since then he has been threatened, sued by the DNC, and our pinko media will not give him the time of day.

  • gnafuasusual

    This president is cruising for something that he never dreamed would happen. If he were a real American, he would know what happens to that kind of crap. Americans are no longer allowed to adopt Russian children! So, the unwanted or orphaned children just sit in their poop and cry all day in Russia. It’s coming to the U.S.A. if we allow it.

  • http://twitter.com/DonBahn1 Don Bahn

    What about the abortions Obama wants paid for by tax dollars? and the tax burden his excessive spending is placing on each and every child?

    • Mike6

      Obama voted three times to NOT to allow medical help to babies in Chicago who survived botched abortions, and that is an outrage. I heard a nurse on Hannity describe how she cuddled such an unfortunate aborted baby until it died. She was still so shaken up the poor thing could hardly speak.

      • http://www.facebook.com/winona.wacker.1 Winona Wacker

        And, don’t forget Michelle Obama’s job in which she denied poor women medical aid! She doesn’t care either about anyone but herself!

        • Mike6

          Moochelle does not care if American construction workers are living out of their cars and FEEDING THEIR KIDS DOGFOOD.
          Chicago Democrats are dreaming about running Moochelle for President in 2016, which will mean she will have to cut back on eating all those fine steaks because she is getting fat where it shows the most.

  • Dean


  • Colonialgirl

    Obozo doesn’t care; He and the Mooch will STILL give each of their kids $7500 or a total of $15000 so they don’t have to pay taxes on it. We have a cheap Chicago thug in the White House that is as crooked as they come.

  • http://www.facebook.com/winona.wacker.1 Winona Wacker

    I greatly doubt if Obama even cares for the two girls he claims are his! I still think they are rented actresses, who are trotted out for photo ops and the media.
    Anyway, he hates ALL children, or he wouldn’t be backing abortion on demand, even to murdering children who have made it through the murderous methods of partial birth abortion!
    His crocodile tears about the Sandy Hook children should have been a warning to all Americans!
    He simply doesn’t CARE!

  • Gram Joy

    This concern over not being able to adopt Russia’s kids is fine with me. We have thousands of American orphans here. We need to raise the age of prospective parents so they can adopt here. I don’t know all of our rules or laws but they need to be changed to free loving people to adopt. My daughter and husband want to, but he is 50 and she is 44. They are well off and can afford to provide a Christan home in the country with horses, dogs and cats to play with.

  • ounbbl

    Don’t they say Obama-Cares? Each of them would just need one way ticket voucher to head for the White House – its front yard is a good spacious place for them sleep on, if it is also good for any prevert Pride Parade for celebrated coplation ceremoney.

  • Tim Newton

    This black satan sure as heck doesn t care about the unborn baby either.The most defenseless people our of culture

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barney-Murrell/100002684651114 Barney Murrell

    It is not Obama who wars on children but conservatives who do so, and have since the birth of the nation.

    From 1776 onward America has, in general, been guided by plutocrats and their conservative philosophy of small government that promised ethics, morality, and justice, but delivered instead pain, misery, and injustice to all but plutocrats and others at the economic top; and has therefore proven unsuitable as the governing philosophy for all Americans.

    A weak federal government encouraged southern conservative states to become American traitors by withdrawing from the Union in order to perpetuate slavery and state rights (they are at it again). Low pay and lack of a “safety net” encouraged child labor and efforts to end it were called “communist” and “socialist,” and still they try to destroy middle-class and low-income families with exaggeration and prevarication in articles similar to this one

    Visual proof of conservative encouraged – by small government ideology – racism and child labor can be seen in “lynching photography in America” and Lewis Hines “Child Labor in America 1908-1912.”
    http://www.historyplace.com/unitedstates/childlabor/index.html – Hines photos
    http://www.americanlynching.com/pic2.htm – lynching photos
    http://withoutsanctuary.org/main.html – lynching photos

    U.S. veterans have not been spared from conservatisms heavy hand of oppression as a search on “Bonus Army” shows how, in the summer of 1932, Republican President Hoover used tear gas and the Army with fixed bayonets to run WWI veterans and their wives and CHILDREN out of Washington after thousands of desperate veterans from around the country refused to disperse after being denied early payment of a bonus promised them for their WWI service.

  • fredh

    Why should we care about children, when the mothers do not care about them.85% of all mothers are in the workforce, their careers are more important then being a mother. Just like women have murder over 55 million babies. Working mothers have allow government to be their papa, because the divorce rate is so high, children are growing up with out a father. Women now out number men in Americas workforce.

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