Student Sex Change Challenges All Girls College

What do you do if you are the nation’s oldest all female private college and one of your female students is about to be given a penis as part of a sax change surgery?

Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina was founded by Moravian Church in 1772.  It is the oldest all female college in the US and the 13th oldest of all colleges in the nation.  It has a student enrollment of around 1100 students.  The only male students allowed are those involved in the teacher education graduate program.  They must be 23 years or older, not allowed to live on campus or have any participation with the traditional undergraduate campus.

One of their female undergraduates that lives on campus, is undergoing a sex change.  In February, she is scheduled to have gender reassignment surgery, giving her a penis and finalizing her transformation into a man.

Now, school officials are not sure what to do.  Do they maintain their 250 year old tradition of no male undergraduate students?  If they do, are they placing themselves in a position for a federal discrimination lawsuit?  Under Title IX of US law, it is illegal for schools to discriminate on the basis of gender, however, religious schools are exempt from specific sections of the Title.  Since Salem College is still affiliated with the Moravian Church of America, they may qualify for those religious exemptions.

To help them decide, they posed the question to faculty, staff and resident students, but the results of that questioning has not been revealed.  A number of alumni heard about the questionnaire and were upset that they weren’t asked for their opinions.  Some of the alumni did express concern that if the student was allowed to remain on campus, that the board of trustees would give in to pressure and allow the college to become coed.  Annie Webb, a 2005 graduate of Salem College, sent an email reading in part:

“Unfortunately, the feeling from other alumnae with whom I’ve spoken is that there is very little trust in the board or the administration to maintain Salem’s women college status.”

Charles Blixt, chairman of the board of trustees responded to Webb’s email:

“The board will not consider becoming a coed institution,” he told the Journal. “This is the oldest women’s college in the country, and we intend to remain so.”

When asked what the trustees plan to do about the transgender student, Blixt responded:

“I don’t know whether we will decide on anything or develop a policy on transgender students.”

A number of other women’s colleges already have official policies that cover transgender issues, but Salem does not have such a policy.  I bet they wish they had one now.

So what would you do?  They have policies that state that no males can be undergraduates and they are not allowed to live on campus.  Therefore, I would believe that they would be justified in expelling the gender changing student.  After all, she had to know about the school’s policies before undergoing her transformation and therefore knowingly violated school policy.  Even though this sounds right and should be legal, today’s liberal courts would not see it that way, I’m sure, and rule against the school if it does go to court.



64 thoughts on “Student Sex Change Challenges All Girls College

  1. Let her/hi/it go to another school and stop holding this College to ransom. Enough

  2. Aii GIRL Colleges are Illegal and Violate Discrimination laws as do ALL Boy, ALL White and ALL BLACK Colleges.
    The NAACP is an Illegal Racist Organasation

    • Not when founded by a religious entity

      • Does the college accept federal funds (including federal student loans)? If so, the feds will have a say in the matter whether they like it or not, religious or not (unless it's Muslim). But, then again the only discrimination they like is when it's against white males so they will likely get a pass.

  3. A penis in an All Girl college would be at a premium and could easily work his way through school. Unless he had Erectile Disfunction. In which case he would be able to collect Social Security Disability.
    NOT a joke, I know of someone collecting disability for ED

  4. My daughter is an undergrad student at Salem, I just spoke with her. She states this is untrue. There was a student that had surgery on the upper body, however there are no plans for additional surgery while they're an undergrad student at Salem. Her comment back to me was "There are no penii on campus & there will be no penii on campus!"

    • Penii? Really? From a college student? Because, when sloppily pronounced, it sounds like it could end in 'us' like cactus?

      • Really? You take more issue with a child using a nonstandard plural with their parent than you do with the possibility that this whole article may have been based on an untrue, exaggerated issue?

  5. As thhe article says the student knew the policy of the college prior to the sex change operation, and therefore is subject to dismissal. There is no reason for the student to file a suit. In fact, the student should change colleges of their own initiative, and save the college the stress of dismissing her/it/he.

  6. She's still a girl. This may be a strategy to make institutions call girls who go through these operations boys. They can't kick her out bc she is a male bc she is not a male. Perhaps they can kick her out bc of her mental illness.

  7. Is she going from Soprano sax to Baritone sax? (Incorrect spelling in the first sentence).

    But seriously, she was born female. She will always be female. Adding parts won't change that. People like that have mental issues.

  8. If she wants to become a shemale it's no skin off me, as long as my taxes aren't footing the bill. When this girl turns herself into a shemale, the school should make "it" move out of their college.

  9. conservative patriot says:

    Have a little compassion. Can you imagine the confusion of not knowing what sex you are? Whom should you proposition? What color boxers or thongs should you purchase. Which student is as freaky as you and how will that he/she respond should you have the urge to merge.? Are not these questions sufficient to push one over the edge? Imagine having to add where to attend school to the mix. Oh my God, a perfect storm will be building, sufficient I am sure for this nut to grab some sort of weapon and end the life of some poor innocent who made the mistake of going to the same school as this cuckoo. Have no fear, obama is here. He will think of some new tax to add to the schools who do not allow free sex changes whenever the mood strikes the idiots attending.

    • And where's the aclu in all this madness ?? I thought they would have already been threatening lawsuits by now ! ! But would they say this student is a man or a woman, and how would they argue to keep her/him in the college ??

  10. This is complicated. First of all the process of gender change is over two years before the operation. Was the College informed about this students intentions at any time prior? If so the College is at fault for not acting upon and advising the student to transfer. If the student did not give prior notice of that she had been undergoing counseling and taking treatments that promote masculine hormones, then she has committed and apparent fraud. The next problem is in what year is she now in? Is this her final year? If so can she postpone the operation until after graduation.? If not, she should be allwed to graduate but her diploma should be in her female name. After graduation she could apply to the College for a diploma in her masculine name. Whether or not to issue the diploma could be a matter of new discussions with the the faculty and the Board of Trustees and if and how a revised diploma will compromise the fat that Salem is a womens college. Tehy should also have legal counsel to navigate through this problem.