The Grotesque Left: Kathy Griffin Shows How Far Liberal Women Have Sunk

Warning: Lewd language.

I hope every woman who voted for President Obama because of the Right's alleged "war on women" got to see Kathy Griffin's performance on CNN on New Year's Eve.

In a new low for CNN (though perhaps not for Griffin), the comedienne gave Anderson Cooper a kiss on his crotch on live international television.

Even if he weren't gay, Cooper's response was exactly what you'd expect, like that of a man whose personal business was being attacked by a piranha or one of the creatures from "Aliens."

Memo to all women who voted Obama: Remember during the recent campaign when the Left had women dressing as genitalia and talking about the glories of late-term abortions, and we conservatives pointed out that liberals were the ones waging a real "war on women" because they wanted women to behave like prostitutes?

Meet your role model, Kathy Griffin.

Griffin clearly had something on what passes for her mind throughout the broadcast. The first sign of trouble was when, out of the blue, she told Cooper, "I'm going to tickle your sack. You can say sack. That's not bad."

Cooper played naive and pretended he thought Griffin was making a Santa Claus reference: "I don't know what you're talking about. I have no sack of gifts here."

Griffin then evidently began making some obscene gestures and asked the camera operator to pan lower so the audience could see them. Cooper tried again to get the conversation back to a PG level by referring to a sack of gifts, to which Griffin said, "You’re calling your privates your Christmas presents? ... That’s typical hot guy. 'Let’s open up the Christmas presents.'"

By the time midnight rolled around, Griffin apparently had decided she was going to celebrate the victories of feminism no matter what. When Cooper did a brief segment on how residents of Eastport, Maine, have a New Year's tradition of kissing a statue of a sardine, all bets were off.

Griffin took a dive right on camera, prompting a nervous Cooper to ask, "Did you drop something?"

"No, I was kissing your sardine," Griffin replied.

I'll spare you the rest of the gory details, but Cooper tried to pull her to her feet, and Griffin tried to get back down on her knees -- twice -- explaining fairly graphically what she intended to do before CNN finally cut to another anchor.

Griffin's behavior, sadly, isn't surprising. She was one of the celebrities who was very visible during the campaign talking about women's rights and how evil Republicans were going to stop women from killing the babies that would inevitably occur because the government wouldn't pay for condoms.

She has a long history of lewd and disrespectful behavior, yet she keeps getting invited back to all the liberal shows. She was on again with Cooper the very next day, joking about how naughty the two of them had been on New Year's Eve. I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't crop up on "The View" in the next few days to tell the girls all about what her assault on Cooper was like.

And that's another thing. The Left pretends that men are always the aggressors toward women, yet here is one of the Left's prima donnas literally attacking a man on live television. Even for men who aren't gay, that would be creepy and alarming.

But this is what liberalism wants women to be: predators who exist for the purposes of having sex without consequences or social condemnation.

Women's liberation began in part because women were ashamed when men treated them as sex objects. Now, feminism has liberated women from men and morality in order to make them ... proud of being prostitutes.

Yeah, you've come a long way, baby.



109 thoughts on “The Grotesque Left: Kathy Griffin Shows How Far Liberal Women Have Sunk

  1. It's a sad day when a gay man has more moral fiber than you ms. Griffin. America, we are in trouble!


  3. Hey, I'm a liberal and I'm a little tired of her carings on.

    Her voice is but a malady.

    But, compared to El Lardo, she sounds like an angel.

    When woman truly have equality and don't have to be called

    Feminazis by this this bulbous, puke faced clown the world will have righted itself..

  4. She's a nasty ass skanky biotch. Where's bloomberg and his storm trooprrs ( not cops, code enforcement)

  5. Kathy Griffin showed everyone what she does best and proves what she really is since she was paid for it! She's a low life Pig!

  6. Kathy Griffin is a very sick person.

  7. She's a pig ...

  8. Sandra Fluke's position as a super-slut is definite being threatened by Griffin.

  9. Just think, the raunchier Griffin gets, the more popular she becomes and the more money she makes. Aside from her lack of moral integrity, it does not compliment her nor our current social atmosphere. The disintegration of American values is starting to look like the aged dinosaurs. Don't become one of its' victims', you still have choices.

  10. It is pretty disgusting. I never watch Anderson Cooper and I don't like Kathy Griffin.

    So I was saved from seeing this crap. It should have never been allowed on tv. Much of what is seen on tv..........especially LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE tv is filth.

  11. Bah. Like most "Liberal" women, Kathy Griffin is a skank.

    You can say skank. Sure, it's bad.

    But its accurate.

  12. N.O.W. plus the N.A.A.C.P. as well as the .A.A.R.P. are ALL totally liberals Progressives, and thus anything any liberal does or says is A OK with them, but anything a Conservative says or does, is wow, right up there by Hitler and Stalin!

    They are all as phony as the day is long on our side of the moon! They have given lessons in phonyships to all those "Poverty Pimps" the Lame Media keeps trotting out regularly!But of course they ALL got their know how from the original masters of phony the ACLU, best known as the Anti-Christ Lawyer' s Union!

  13. She's probably got six diseases and two more we never heard of. As the saying goes: "I wouldn't screw her with your d**k."

  14. She's a comedianne?

  15. Disgusting

  16. Why does "Political Outcast" sponsor stories "also on the web", such as "Why women love one night stands" and "Cathy Guisewite:Underwear situations" ? I always see these offensive gutter-pop articles featured just below the article I'm reading.

  17. Wow. No class whatsoever. None.

  18. Sadly... since no one of real insight watches CNN... no one of importance saw this old cow of a female comedian trying to stay relevant in today's shallow world of entertainment!

  19. It just shows how far our society has fallen. This woman is so disgusting and lewd anytime I see or hear her on tv it's an automatic channel change.

  20. OMG- when I was reading this article, I kept on thinking it was about Kathy Lee Gifford- I was beyond shocked! No that I know the difference between Griffin and Gifford, I am still shocked, but not quite as before. In any case, her behavior is reprehensible and not funny.